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Delete All Tweets for Free: Finding the Best Apps for You

An image of an eraser painted in red and blue on a white background.

Twitter is an exciting social media platform with unique features that differentiate it from other apps. For example, you can post up to 2,400 tweets on your accounts daily to engage your followers. But despite the many exciting features on Twitter, now called X, the platform lacks some features that can improve it. For instance, … Read more

Apps To Delete All Tweets: Best Tools to Clear Your Timeline

A photograph of a hand holding a phone showing Twitter’s bird image on the welcome page.

Times change, as do people, even Twitter users. So you may have once cherished and promoted an idea through tweets on Twitter, now X. However, it’s understandable if you no longer share that view and want no traces of it on your account. Unfortunately, Twitter keeps your last 3200 tweets live. So, ignoring your previous … Read more

TweetEraser search filter

Probably you might thing “How to use search filter” WTF – how complicated could it be? Well, I think isn’t complicated at all. But at least I would like to tell you a bit about what kind of search options are available and how you could improve your search results by using them. After you … Read more

TweetEraser System Settings

Currently there are not that much settings at TweetEraser.  The most important setting will allow you either to delete your tweets directly or put them into a queue and let them being deleted by a recurrently running system job. Go to the settings page and lets have a look at the top panel. There are … Read more

Welcome to TweetEraser

Nowadays every good web application should offer at least some kind of Howto’s. Some people are using a blog to provide their visitors with hopefully useful information. For TweetEraser, I would like to use the possibilities of a blog to provide you with – well, hopefully useful information – around why and how to use … Read more