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Delete Twitter Likes: Removing Post Faves on X

A photo of a car beside a graffiti reading “ALL WE NEED IS MORE LIKES.”

X, formerly called Twitter, saves users’ likes on a dedicated profile section. Initially, this section was perpetually public, and users could not hide it from public view. However, people can now hide their likes tab on the platform. However, removing the likes you don’t want on your profile is sometimes preferable instead of removing the … Read more

How To Delete a Tweet: Removing Posts From Your Timeline

An image of Twitter’s bird and X icons drawn in white on a brown background.

Change is the only constant thing in life. This fact is evident in all facets of our lives, including our social media interactions. As our likes and preferences change, our social media presence reflects it. Sometimes, this change requires you to remove old posts conflicting with your new preferences or opinions. If you’re on Twitter … Read more

How To Save Tweets: The Ultimate Guide

A picture of someone viewing Twitter feeds about a topic on a black Android phone.

While some tweeps use Twitter for essential information, others use the platform for entertainment. Either way, Twitter users may find interesting tweets they like to save for some other time. Users can save tweets to share them on other platforms as well. While this may seem simple, many tweeps still need clarification about how to … Read more

How To Delete Twitter Search History: Creating a Clean Slate

A photo of a person viewing a Twitter profile on a black smartphone.

Twitter records search histories to generate content suggestions for the next time users make searches. While this may make navigation easier, some information is best kept secret. Hence, the need to delete them. Unfortunately, many users are still clueless about how to delete Twitter search history. Deleting the search history works in different ways. For … Read more

Twitter Video Download App: How to Efficiently Save Videos

A closeup image of the Twitter logo on a smartphone’s screen.

We see a lot of exciting videos every day as we scroll through our Twitter feeds. These videos come in different resolutions, sizes, and lengths. Unfortunately, the application does not allow users to save these videos directly to their devices. Instead, several third-party applications offer this service to Twitter users on devices like Personal Computers, … Read more