Looking for more ways to clean up your Twitter timeline? Discover how to regain control of your online presence and safeguard your X, formerly Twitter, profile with Tweet Eraser’s blog articles.

What Are Twitter Bots: Unveiling Fake Accounts on X

On October 18, 2023, X introduced a beta program called Not a Bot to reduce spam by targeting bots. It charges new and unverified users from the Philippines and New Zealand $1 annually. Since the launch of this program, everyone wanted to know – what are Twitter bots.  If you are also thinking about this, … Read more

Forgotten Twitter Password: How To Recover Your X Account

It is common practice to keep your Twitter, now X, account logged into your daily driver. That allows you to keep tabs on activities on the platform through notifications. It also helps you to access the platform faster without needing to log in with your password each time. But after enjoying this for some time, … Read more

Soft Block: Twitter’s Lenient Restriction

Twitter, now X, allows everyone to make meaningful connections. Many people use the platform to promote their brand and meet new people. However, relationships can turn sour, and the need to avoid annoying people may arise. At the same time, you may want to keep tabs on these people while restricting them. Thankfully, Twitter provides … Read more

Twitter Spaces: Engaging in Live Audio Discussions on X

Ever since the inception of Twitter, now popularly known as X, the corporation has rolled out lots of features. Users go to bed and wake up to new and exciting features that keep them glued to the app. Interestingly, the Twitter space is one of the features that Twitter users love. The corporation launched Twitter … Read more

Download Twitter Video: Discover Each Useful App and Website

People share some super interesting videos on Twitter all the time. But watching the videos alone is not always enough. There is sometimes the need to download these videos for further use. For instance, you may wish to repost a video on your other social media accounts. Also, you may show the video to someone … Read more

Reverse Image Search Twitter: Finding an Image Source on X

Twitter, now called X, is a popular social media information hub. Because of this, its users circulate tons of information on the platform daily that is hard to track. This information comes as texts, links, videos, and images. Plus, so many information-sharing features on the platform make it difficult to track original sources. So, how … Read more

Twitter Limits: Understanding the Restrictions on X

Twitter, now called X, is a superpower among social media platforms. There are millions of users on the platform per time, performing several activities. So, it takes a powerful system and servers to ensure the smooth running of the platform at all times. More than that, effective regulation has been pivotal to Twitter’s success. As … Read more

Twitter Bookmarks: Create a Catalog of Your Favorite Tweets

With Twitter bookmarks, you can save any post (formerly tweet) you want to read at some other time. It can be a recipe you want to try for dinner or a deep dive into an exciting topic. This feature, launched in 2018, is a way to like a post without leaving a trace.  After Elon … Read more

Is Twitter Broken? Has the Platform Lost Its Performance?

Twitter, now called X, has recently experienced several unexpected changes. The takeover in October 2022 and the subsequent rebranding have triggered these changes. These updates have enjoyed different degrees of reception, with many issues arising from these additions. Because of this, there are many questions about the social media platform’s integrity. But is Twitter broken? … Read more

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