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How To Delete a Tweet: Removing Posts From Your Timeline

An image of Twitter’s bird and X icons drawn in white on a brown background.

Change is the only constant thing in life. This fact is evident in all facets of our lives, including our social media interactions. As our likes and preferences change, our social media presence reflects it. Sometimes, this change requires you to remove old posts conflicting with your new preferences or opinions. If you’re on Twitter … Read more

How To Delete Twitter Search Suggestions: The Whole Process

A photo of three Scrabble tiles on a table, spelling the word “SEO.”

Twitter is a social media space that welcomes and promotes freedom of expression. However, there are few restrictions to the kind of content allowed in this space. But since values differ among individuals, you can find really weird and troubling content on Twitter. This unwelcome content can even appear among your search suggestions! Sadly, even … Read more

Upload your Twitter archive

  After you reached successful the TweetEraser statuses page and your last most recent tweets has been loaded you’ll see at the top of the page the stauses menu.     Before you can upload your Twitter archive into TweetEraser you have to request your archive from Twitter. Just go to your Twitter account settings, … Read more

Get started with TweetEraser

On almost each of the pages of TweetEraser you’ll find top centered a button called “Sign in with Twitter“. Just click that button and use your Twitter credentials for a login. TweetEraser will forward you to the Twitter login page. TweetEraser itself does not need your Twitter account credentials. Please have a short look about … Read more

Welcome to TweetEraser

Nowadays every good web application should offer at least some kind of Howto’s. Some people are using a blog to provide their visitors with hopefully useful information. For TweetEraser, I would like to use the possibilities of a blog to provide you with – well, hopefully useful information – around why and how to use … Read more