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Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Five emojis on a jotter wearing different expressions.

Twitter, now X, is a microblogging platform with 335.7 million users. Most of these users are active and vocal on the platform. Many use the app to express their opinions and share their thoughts. Therefore, Twitter sentiment analysis is an indispensable tool for individuals or brands seeking insight into human thought patterns. Sentiment analysis or … Read more

Understanding Twitter Follower Demographics: A Complete Guide

Every X user aims to grow their follower base and boost their engagement rate. However, the path to achieving this goal is understanding your audience and leveraging this information to convince them. Twitter follower demographics are a powerful weapon that tells you everything you need to know about your audience. Like other social media platforms, … Read more

Download Twitter Post

A white X logo on a black square button on a black background.

Twitter, now X, has become a popular platform for sharing opinions, interests, and moments. You’d have encountered posts with content you want to keep or reshare at some point. Unfortunately, you didn’t know how to keep them. The best solution to this problem is to download Twitter posts on your device. But how do you … Read more

Twitter Mass Block

A person clicking the touchpad on a laptop placed on a table.

Your Twitter homepage, or For You timeline, recommends posts to view. Here, Twitter’s algorithm curates posts from your interests and selected topics, not only from people you follow. However, this may expose you to tweets from users whose content you don’t enjoy. You can remedy this with a Twitter mass block.  When you block a … Read more

Twitter App Alternatives

A smartphone folder containing social media app widgets.

In October 2022, Elon Musk bought Twitter, making it a private company. This purchase led to many changes, including the rebranding of Twitter to X. Other reforms include the introduction of Twitter Blue and rate limits. Due to these alterations, some users yearn to know the Twitter app alternative so they can migrate. Twitter is … Read more

How To Delete All Tweets and Start Fresh

An illustration of someone disposing of an item in a waste bin.

Twitter, now X, creates a place for everyone to express themselves freely. However, some posts can put anyone in a sticky situation and make them find ways to erase this record. Similarly, a user can remove old posts to create room for a new brand. Fortunately, understanding how to delete all tweets can help. Twitter, … Read more

Twitter Dark Mode—What It Is and How To Use It

A hand holding an iPhone displaying head emojis on a dark background.

Having an enjoyable experience on Twitter or X is something we all anticipate. At the very least, the Twitter dark mode can contribute to that. Although it is a popular feature on several devices, many people still don’t understand its benefit to the social platform. The dark theme allows you to unlock a new level … Read more

How Does Twitter Work for Beginners? 

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Twitter, now called X, is one of the most successful, effective, and exciting social media platforms. As a result, businesses are now finding their place on this platform to expand their reach and grow. But even though the platform is easy to register on and use, you need proper guidance to enjoy it. So, how … Read more