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How to Unsubscribe From Twitter Notification Channels

A gray board on a table with the words “GOODBYE FRIENDS” and a heart symbol below.

X, formerly Twitter, is a popular social platform with many exciting features. You can subscribe to someone’s tweets and other features to enrich your Twitter experience. But what happens when you no longer want to enjoy such features? This article shows how to unsubscribe from Twitter features and the platform.  Emails, push notifications, and text … Read more

Did Twitter Delete My Account? How You Can Tell

A person holds a phone with Twitter’s sign-in page displayed on the screen.

Experienced Twitter users understand that only Twitter itself can permanently delete an account. To initiate this process, they temporarily deactivate the account, leaving Twitter to handle the rest. If you’re considering this option, you might be curious about the timeline. You may find yourself asking, “Did Twitter delete my account yet?” Other users ask this … Read more

Twitter Code Generator App: The Best Option for 2FA on X

A person holds a phone and types a message from the keyboard.

The Twitter code generator app facilitates two-factor authentication (2FA) for logging into an X account. It is one of the most effective ways to secure your account from hackers. Moreover, any Twitter, aka X user, can use this method for 2FA, whether you are a premium subscriber or not. However, two-factor authentication is relatively new … Read more

Microblogging Twitter: Getting the Best Experience

A woman using a silver-colored MacBook with a water glass on the table.

Twitter emerged as one of the first microblogging platforms in the early 2000s. Its predominantly text-based nature allowed users to share short text posts and messages. However, the platform has greatly evolved since its launch. So, what are microblogging Twitter features, and how have they changed over time? Unlike traditional blogging services, microblogging involves content … Read more

Twitter Account Recovery: How To Regain Your Status on X

A close-up view of a sign that says “Recovery.”

X, formerly called Twitter, is an integral tool for connecting people worldwide. However, users often find themselves locked out of their accounts for different reasons. Anyone can find themself in this predicament. Luckily, a Twitter account recovery can get everything back on track and allow you to connect to your audience. If you cannot access … Read more

Auto Delete Tweets Swiftly and Efficiently

A calendar on a mobile device showing dates.

Twitter, now known as X, is a micro-blogging platform where you can share thoughts. However, your posts have far-reaching impacts and consequences. As such, you may need to prevent your tweets from triggering people. While regular tweet deletion is a good option, automation is even better. But can we auto-delete tweets? Inappropriate tweets can dent … Read more