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How To Delete Tweets for Free: Clean X Timelines at No Cost!

Ochai Emmanuel

July 4, 2024 | 8 min read

It is good practice to regularly maintain your X or Twitter profile, keeping it attractive and appealing to visitors. Sometimes, this maintenance may require deleting old, irrelevant, and redundant tweets. To help you with your profile maintenance, learn how to delete tweets for free. 

Permanently deleting tweets on X is easy. However, the difficulty comes when you want to bulk-delete tweets. You’ll need an intermediary app for this action, some requiring paid access. But do not fret; this guide will show you how to erase multiple tweets for free!

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Why People Delete Tweets on X

Account maintenance is one of the key reasons people delete tweets on their accounts. However, Twitter does not limit the number of tweets to keep on your profile. Instead, X only archives older tweets after a certain benchmark. So, why do people remove tweets while maintaining their accounts? 

There are many reasons why tweeps erase tweets from their account. Consider a few discussed below.

1. Deleting Tweets for Lack of Engagement

While some tweeps simply share tweets for fun, others do so with a target goal. For example, creators tweet primarily for engagement, which helps them monetize Twitter. For such tweeps, a tweet becomes useless when it does not attract the desired engagement.

Similarly, celebrities and famous people on X also prioritize the engagement of their tweets. They often delete tweets when they do not meet their projected engagement level.  

2. Deleting Tweets To Protect Privacy

Like on all social media platforms, your activities on Twitter contribute to your digital footprint. And while tweeting on X, you may accidentally share some personal information. Deleting such tweets helps protect your privacy and prevents cyber attacks. 

Additionally, you may also have a family member follow you on X. Deleting your tweets helps you conceal embarrassing posts you previously shared on the platform, protecting your privacy on Twitter. 

3. Deleting Tweets To Prevent Conflict and Controversies

People change, and so do their ideas and beliefs. This change usually reflects on their social media profile as they switch sides on social and political issues. Thus, some tweeps delete old posts to prevent conflict when their ideas and allegiance change. 

Also, you may post harmless tweets that may accidentally plagiarize another author’s content or defame someone. It’s often best to delete such tweets to prevent a Twitter DMCA or penalties from X.

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How To Delete Tweets for Free on Twitter

If you want to delete one tweet, you can do that directly from the X mobile app or web version. Twitter allows you to permanently delete a tweet from your account anytime. You can remove it at your convenience, whether a new or old tweet. 

You can also use the platform to delete a few tweets for free. However, you must delete them one at a time, as X does not support multiple tweet deletion. 

The process for deleting tweets on the X platform is the same for the Android and iOS mobile apps. You can also use the same process to remove tweets from the X web version. 

Follow these five steps below to delete a tweet for free from any X platform: 

  1. Tap Profile on the navigation menu to open your profile page. On mobile devices, you must tap your profile avatar in the top left corner of your homepage to reveal this menu. 
  2. Navigate your Tweets tab to find the tweet you want to delete.
  3. Click the overflow icon in the top right corner to reveal a menu. 
  4. Select Delete post from the top of the list. 
  5. A dialogue box with two options will appear on the screen. Tap Delete in the red highlight to confirm your choice and remove the post. 

These steps are simple, and you can use them to erase a few tweets from your timeline. However, using a bulk-tweet deletion tool is best if you want to delete many tweets. Not to worry; you can use many tweet deletion tools for free. The next section explores some.

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How To Mass Delete Tweets for Free

You already know that Twitter does not support mass tweet deletion. So, what do you do when you want to erase thousands of tweets or your entire X timeline? 

Fortunately, you don’t have to follow the painstaking process of deleting your tweets individually to clear your timeline. You can use third-party apps to bulk-delete tweets from your account. 

True, many of these apps require paid access. However, some have limited free access, while others are completely free! Therefore, this section will show you how to mass delete tweets for free with third-party tools. 

1. How To Delete All Tweets at Once for Free With TweetEraser

If you’re wondering how to delete all your tweets at once for free, TweetEraser is the perfect tool. This tool is efficient and easy to use. Though a paid tool, TweetEraser offers a limited free plan that allows you to delete 50 tweets monthly for free. 

So, if you only have a few tweets on your timeline, you can use TweetEraser to clear your timeline. Additionally, if you rarely tweet, you can use the free plan to delete all tweets for free monthly!

However, you must update and download your Twitter archive to effectively use this tool for tweet deletion. 

Below are the seven steps to delete tweets in bulk using TweetEraser:

  1. Open TweetEraser on a new website tab. 
  2. Sign in with your Twitter credentials. 
  3. Follow the prompt to authorize this app on your X account. 
  4. Type in the authentication code received in the field provided. 
  5. Click Login on the TweetEraser page. 
  6. Go to the Tweets tab on the webpage and upload your archive file. 
  7. Tap Delete tweets and confirm your choice to delete all your tweets! 

However, if you are a serial tweeter looking to delete thousands of tweets, you must use a premium plan. You can opt for the TweetEraser Basic, Advanced, or Expert plans. These premium plans allow you to delete more tweets per month.

You’ll also enjoy other features like scheduling tweet deletion and excluding tweets when deleting all your tweets. Moreover, these plans are affordable; the most expensive plan costs only $6 monthly!

2. How To Delete All My Tweets for Free With Circleboom

You can also use Circleboom to delete all tweets on your timeline for free. Circleboom is a popular Twitter management tool for managing an X account, especially a Twitter business account

Many tweeps love this tool because it adheres to Twitter’s rules and guidelines and ensures the security of users’ accounts. So, with this tool, you can erase the 3,200 tweets on your timeline for free. Circleboom is an easy tool to use, and you can also use it from your iPhone. 

If you want to explore this app, follow these six steps to delete your tweets with Circleboom: 

  1. Open Circleboom on a web browser. 
  2. Click Connect with Twitter in the blue highlight. It directs you to authorize the app on your X account. 
  3. Once connected, the webpage opens to your Circleboom dashboard. Then, tap the bin icon in the navigation menu to open a sub-menu. 
  4. Select Delete Last 3,200 Tweets from the menu. 
  5. Tap Delete my Tweets from the approval box on the right part of the page. 
  6. Click Delete Tweets on the dialogue box that appears to confirm your choice. 

These steps show how to delete all your tweets for free to clear your timeline. However, with the paid plan on Circleboom Twitter, you can upload your X archive and delete more tweets. You can also use this tool to mass delete retweets from your X account.

A close-up image of an iPad showing the Twitter app on the App Store.

Does Twitter Allow Third-Party Apps for Tweet Deletion? 

Yes, Twitter allows third-party applications to delete tweets from your account. Although Twitter does not recommend using these applications for bulk-tweet deletion, it allows them.  

These applications work on Twitter’s Application Programming Interface (API). Therefore, it is safe to use them to manage your X account. Twitter will not penalize you for mass-deleting your tweets using these applications. 

You’ll find many of these applications online with hefty price tags. However, many others offer free tweet deletion services. This article has shown you how to delete tweets for free using some of these apps.

We recommend TweetErasrer, the best tweet deletion tool online. Though a free access tool, this app offers bulk tweet deletion. The application is very effective, secure, ad-free, and easy to use. The paid plans provide more exciting features that allow you to manage your X account effectively. So, start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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