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Twitter Business Account: A Master Plan For Your Brand

Tweet Eraser Team

August 25, 2023 | 11 min read

Why should you have a Twitter business account? For starters, the platform has 196.3 million monetizable daily active users. Also, on average, users are on the Twitter mobile app for more than five hours every month. It is the place to build brand recognition and establish yourself as a familiar face in the digital space. Not only does this help establish trust with your target audience, but it also provides opportunities to connect with customers.

As first impressions are crucial, you must set up your account properly. This guide contains easy-to-remember and practical pointers to help you start on a high note. It also has a list of successful and active brands on X, formerly known as Twitter, to spark your creativity.

A tweet from a Twitter business account.

What Is a Twitter Business Account?

A Twitter account for business is necessary if you are an organization or a brand. Why can’t you use the regular account? Well, there are several features unavailable to regular profiles. You need these professional tools to increase your visibility on the platform.

Run Advertisements
With a business account, you can start running advertisements to reach your target audience and acquire new customers. There are several targeting tools to ensure the right people see your promotions on the platform. You can boost who sees your advertisements by showing them to users with similar interests. There’s also the option to promote specific tweets to increase the opportunities for engagement.

Twitter Analytics
You can track your account’s performance through Twitter Analytics. The social media platform gives you the data to help you identify if you’re on the right path. With this information, you can learn from your mistakes and improve your strategies to make them effective.

Profile Spotlight
The social media network provides a profile spotlight feature to display important information at the top of your account. If you have a physical store, add its location to your Twitter profile. Users who visit your account will see a small location card. It contains your business website, address and the store’s timings and status. People can use this to find your business or contact you for assistance.

This social media network allows you to convert your personal profile to a business account for free.

How To Create a Twitter Business Account?

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The first step in how to create a Twitter business account is to have a personal profile. Why? As highlighted in the previous section, you need to convert your account. This is how to create a personal account on Twitter:

Personal Twitter Account for Android, iOS, and Web:

  1. Open the Twitter homepage on a desktop and select Sign Up. If you’re using a smartphone, download the app. Open it, and the app will ask if you want to sign up or skip this process. Tap Sign Up to start creating your account. 
  2. In the next screen, you must share your name, email address or phone number, and birth date. You can use your brand’s name. However, it shouldn’t exceed 50 characters.
  3. After you provide your personal information, X, aka Twitter, asks if it can collect your data. This is to personalize your online experience on the platform. If you’re okay with it, you can agree to let the platform use your data.
  4. You may have to prove to the social media network that you’re a human. You’ll have to solve a few puzzles to proceed to the next step.
  5. The social media network will send a code to your email or phone number. Type this code.
  6. Now, you need to make a password for your Twitter account. Select Next after you complete this step. If you can’t click the Next button, check your password. It has to meet the platform’s requirements.
  7. Pick a username relevant to your brand or organization. Getting a username from another user is hard or even downright impossible. Your username shouldn’t exceed 15 characters. 
  8. Select the default language for the platform. You also have to select your interests and follow another Twitter user.

After you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll have a personal profile.

A personal Twitter profile of a user.

Convert Your Personal Profile to a Twitter Business Account

Now, you want to change to a Twitter business account. The process is quite simple, regardless of your device.

  1. Go to your home feed, i.e., the page where you get a timeline of tweets from other users.
  2. Desktop users must click More on the quick navigation menu on the left. Android and iOS users must only swipe right to bring out this menu.
  3. Look for the section Professional Tools. Under it, you’ll find Twitter for Professionals. Select this settings option.
  4. Click the Agree & Continue button.
  5. You now have to choose the category that describes your brand perfectly. If you can’t find a suitable category, use the search function.
  6. When the platform asks which account type, pick Business as it is relevant to your brand.

The social media network will ask if you want to set up your profile properly. For example, it allows you to change your account information. You can follow more accounts and topics on this page or add a spotlight to your profile. Jump to the next section to learn how to set up your business account and make it look professional.

How To Set Up Twitter Business Account?

Changing your account type from personal to Twitter for business is not enough. You must ensure your profile visitors will follow you or keep an eye on your account for new content. This means you capture their attention the moment they open your profile. Here’s how to set up a Twitter business account to get it up and running as soon as possible.

Select the Right Profile Photo for Your Twitter Business Account

What’s the first thing you see when you open a Twitter account for business? Your eyes gravitate towards the visual elements: the profile and header images. Optimizing this section can go a long way. Users will always see your profile photo next to your tweets, retweets, and replies. The safe option is to pick your brand’s logo and keep the size within 400×400 pixels.

Advertise With Header Images

The header photo is a free social media marketing space for your profile. You can change this section depending on what’s going on in your business. Have a sale coming up? Add a poster informing users about the discount with a header photo. What if you’re hosting an event this weekend? Include the poster as your header image. Remember, it shouldn’t go beyond 1500×500 pixels.

Also, the platform may crop the edges of this image when it has to display it on different devices. This is because of the variations in screen size. When creating your header image, leave 60 pixels of space on the top and bottom of the photo. This way, you don’t have to worry about the crop accidentally removing vital information.

Make the 160-Character Bio Count

As there’s little space in your profile bio, you must ensure it makes a powerful statement. From a glance, visitors should know what your business is all about. Also, it should give them a reason to follow your Twitter business account.

Include a Link to Your Website

Twitter allows you to take engagement outside its platform. An easy way to direct visitors to your brand’s website is to include it in your profile. You can link to your homepage if you want people to look at this page. If you have a landing page, add a link to it on your profile. Or, a blog or a page about your company also works. Also, make sure the link you use is unique. This way, you can track how many people visit your website after going through your Twitter account for business.

Add Location Profile Spotlight

A spotlight is a card on your Twitter business account. It contains helpful information for your profile visitors and customers. The location profile spotlight is a handy tool for your followers. You can include your address and let users know about the timings of your business. They can get directions to your physical store or contact your business.

Pin a Tweet to Your Profile

Use the pin a tweet feature after you post a few times with your Twitter account for business. It allows you to showcase your best posts. Or, you can use this feature to talk about ongoing sales. You can tweet and pin the post if you have exciting news, like opening another store. A pinned tweet appears on top of all your posts. You can leave the same post on your profile for months. However, changing it every month is a good practice as it helps keep your account looking fresh.

3 Best Business Twitter Accounts You Must Follow

If you’re looking for inspiration on what you can do with your profile, follow other Twitter professional accounts. You can learn a lot from these organizations, like how to engage with your target audience. Below are the three best business Twitter accounts you must follow:

A Wendy’s fastfood restaurant.

Wendy’s Business Twitter Account

Generally, brands like to play it safe as they don’t want to get on the wrong side of the public. Although there is nothing wrong with this approach, it doesn’t leave a lasting impression. After all, given how fast content moves on Twitter, you want to ensure people remember you. Wendy’s business Twitter account walks a fine line with its unapologetic and humorous tone.

The fast food chain has an authentic and unique voice, loved by its customers and Twitter users. You don’t have to try to walk the same path as Wendy’s. Instead, it shows you how to engage with your users creatively and consistently.

A collection of Netflix originals that Netflix uses for its header images.

Netflix Business Twitter Account

If you want to master engaging with your target audience, the Netflix business Twitter account shows you how. Their profile always has a pulse on conversations on X, formerly Twitter. They retweet tweets from other accounts, especially when it is relevant.

Let’s say a user created a meme about a show everyone’s watching on Netflix. You bet Twitter will retweet or quote tweet this post. Not only do you get user-generated content with this technique, but it also boosts engagement. As a result, you form stronger connections with your followers. Also, Netflix changes its account’s header image depending on what is new on its streaming platform.

Starbucks iconic logo on a wall.

Starbucks Business Twitter Account

With more than 10 million followers, the Starbucks business Twitter account is a gold mine. Like Wendy’s, Starbucks also stays true to its messaging style. It’s hard to say this account belongs to a multinational chain because of how friendly the profile is. The team behind this profile knows what to post and how to engage with their target audience.

When they launch new beverages, they tweet it and pin the post. They use what’s trending on Twitter to add a dash of creativity. For example, when the Barbie movie came out in 2023, Starbucks matched the film’s color scheme. A bold approach will help you stand out and gain more followers when done correctly.

How To Add Twitter Business Account To Verified Organizations?

You must verify your business account to run advertisements on the platform. Although you can subscribe to Twitter Blue, it doesn’t provide safety features to protect your brand’s identity. For instance, once you become a part of Verified Organizations, you get protection against impersonators.

Accounts who pretend to be your brand can damage your online reputation. There was a tweet from an Eli Lily copycat. This affected the organization’s reputation while spreading the wrong information to its customers. If you want to avoid this, here’s how to add a Twitter business account to Verified Organizations:

  1. Visit Twitter’s Verified Organizations sign-up page.
  2. You need to provide information like the name of your business, Twitter handle, full name, official email address, and website.
  3. The platform will ask you to pay the subscription fee, after which it starts the verification process.

If X, formerly Twitter, approves your profile, you’ll get a yellow checkmark. Also, your profile photo’s outline changes from a circle to a square. The platform provides Twitter Blue and increases limits for tweets and direct messages. This makes it easier to provide customer support.

In 2019, hackers accessed former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account. They posted almost two dozen controversial tweets. As this is a small number, it is easy to remove these posts quickly. What if cybercriminals lock you out of your account for a day or two? They can post hundreds of tweets that will damage your reputation.

On top of that, how will you delete all these posts? TweetEraser is your solution, as it can remove thousands of tweets. You can choose what you want to delete from your profile, and it won’t leave a trace. Protect your Twitter account’s integrity with TweetEraser today!

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