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Delete All Tweets: Why Your Online Reputation Is in Danger?

Tweet Eraser Team

June 19, 2023 | 10 min read

Twitter makes it a breeze when you want to share your opinions about anything. Type out what you want to express, and everyone can read it in a few seconds. But, if you posted something without thinking and want to take it down, this isn’t as easy. Yes, you can remove one post at a time, and the social media network has instructions on how to do so. What if you want to delete all tweets from your profile? Well, you can’t go through each post to remove them manually. 

How can you delete all tweets, and is there an easy, one-click process to do it? Are there any free third-party services, as there aren’t a lot of posts to remove? Is there anything else you should consider about deleting tweets in bulk?

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Can I Delete All My Tweets?

If you have thousands of posts, you’ll wonder, “Can I delete all my tweets?” Unfortunately, you can’t do it through Twitter. In fact, the platform’s solution to delete all tweets is to create a new account and start fresh. The downside of doing this is losing out on all your followers, lists, direct messages, and much more. Sure, you can ask your followers to follow your new account. But there’s no guarantee everyone will make the switch.

Another problem with creating a new account is connecting it to third-party services again. Setting up all these services again is time-consuming. Besides, you lose all the data they collected. 

But, if you don’t mind doing this again, you can deactivate your Twitter account. Remember not to log in for the next 30 days after you start this process. In the end, Twitter will delete your account. As a result, it removes all your posts from your profile. Also, your Twitter username will be up for grabs.

Fortunately, you can use several third-party services to delete all tweets. But why should you rely on them? For starters, you don’t have to start from scratch. To be specific, you can continue using the same account. 

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How To Delete All Tweets on Twitter for Free?

Bulk delete past tweets with one click

Not everyone wants to pay to delete all tweets from their account. What if you posted 100 times on the platform? While several third-party services charge a premium, they also have freebie packages. However, this tier of how to delete all tweets on Twitter for free doesn’t have all the bells and whistles.

It makes sense if you want to remove all the posts once or use this service occasionally. Out of all the third-party services, TwitWipe is truly free. You don’t need to pay to use their delete feature. But, if you like, you can donate to help the developers.

Using TwitWipe is easy, as you can remove every tweet with a few clicks. Log in to your Twitter account, and you’ll see “TwitWipe this account” appear on your screen. Click it and wait for the app to work its magic. 

But, TwitWipe does come with some downsides. For starters, it deletes every post from your account. There’s no option to create a safelist or only remove tweets from a specific date. Once you start the process, it removes everything. 

Unlike other third-party services, TwitWipe takes a lot of time. Due to the popularity of this website, many people always use the delete feature. You’ll have to wait for some time before all the tweets disappear from your account.

As it struggles with removing retweets, it’s better to delete them manually before using this service. Also, the delete feature may stop working out of the blue. Luckily, when you run the service, it picks up from where it left off.

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How To Delete All Tweets Immediately?

As denoted in the previous section, TwitWipe takes a long time. Is it possible to delete all tweets immediately? If you want to learn how to delete all tweets, yes, — but you need to use other third-party services. TweetDelete, TweetDeleter, CircleBoom and Twitter Archive Eraser are reliable options.

They allow you to delete all tweets from your account. It’s not necessary to use their premium plans for this feature. But, there are limitations to how many posts you can remove, as highlighted below:

  • TweetDelete – 100 Tweets and Likes every month
  • TweetDeleter – 5 Tweets, profanity filter, and five keyword searches
  • Twitter Archive Eraser – 50 Tweets every month

However, if you want to remove all tweets, i.e., 500 tweets or more, you must get the premium package. Depending on the plan, these third-party services can delete thousands of tweets. Twitter has a technical limitation, due to which it only shows 3,200 tweets at a time. It doesn’t mean the platform removed the other posts. Rather, you can’t see them on your timeline.

So, if there are more than 3,200 tweets, you cannot delete all of them. These third-party services will only remove what’s visible. In this situation, you’ll need to upload your tweet archive file. This file contains all your posts since you created your account.

With this feature, you can remove only a handful of tweets from a specific date. 

How To Delete All Tweets and Replies Automatically?

Deleting all tweets can be quite a chore, even with third-party services. You have to use them regularly to find and remove your posts online. What if your goal is to learn how to delete all tweets and replies? But you don’t want to use the third-party service to do it every time. 

These apps allow you to automate these functions and be at peace. You can set up triggers to determine when to remove the tweets and replies. For instance, you can base it on specific keywords and phrases. Every time your tweets or replies contain these words, it will remove them from your timeline.

It’s a handy way to keep yourself in check in the online space. After all, what you say on Twitter may be used against you. It may not happen now, but it can be an issue in the future. Why take the risk if you can delete all tweets? Let’s say you weren’t in the best state of mind while writing your tweet. At that moment, everything made sense. However, when you look at it later, you wonder why you put out the tweet.

Another trigger is how often you want the service to clean up your profile. Once a week, every month, bi-annually or annually? Pick the range and let the app do the work. You can also go by tweet count if this is what you require. Whatever your requirement, you can remove all tweets automatically. 

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5 Things To Remember Before You Delete All Tweets 

Even though third-party services allow you to delete all tweets, there are some things to remember. They can prevent headaches in the future. 

  1. For starters, you should know that once you delete a tweet, it is gone forever. What does this mean? The tweet will no longer be available on Twitter. Whether it is the website or the app, it won’t exist. When you delete a tweet, it also erases the post’s analytics. Also, you can’t restore them.
  1. However, there’s always the possibility that deleting the tweet won’t erase it forever. Let’s assume a Twitter user copied a portion of your tweet. Or they took a screenshot of your post. Similarly, if you use third-party services may save your tweet in some way. It’s also possible that your posts may still show up in search engine results. In these instances, there’s still a copy of your tweet. 
  1. Before you go ahead and delete all tweets, you should download your Twitter archive. This way, you don’t lose everything, even if you remove your tweets. The Twitter archive contains all sorts of information about your account, especially your posts.
  1. When you use paid third-party services for automation, it’s only active as long as you’re a subscriber. The app will stop its service if you’re no longer a paid user. Let’s assume you didn’t download your Twitter archive. Instead, you were relying on the third-party app to save your tweets. When you’re not a subscriber, the app will wait for a certain period depending on the terms of service. Beyond this period, it deletes the copy from its servers.
  1. Avoid using multiple third-party services to remove your posts. It can cause many issues, such as the app being unable to save the tweet. 

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Why Should You Delete All Tweets?

Why should you delete all tweets from your timeline? What purpose does it serve? Let’s say you’re applying for your dream job. You go through multiple interviews, and everything is going well. However, during the final interview, the employer brings up a tweet they disagree with. They don’t want to damage their reputation, so they decide not to hire you. It’s always better to clean up your social media activity before applying for a job. 

Delete All Tweets to Repurpose Your Account

Repurposing your Twitter account is another reason to delete all tweets. For instance, you started learning how to cook professionally. Now that you have years of experience, you started a restaurant. You did post helpful tips about cooking initially. Now that you have a business, you want to make the most of your account. Although you can continue tweeting, the tone and messaging may look inconsistent. You can remove all your old posts rather than starting from scratch and building your followers. 

Delete All Tweets and Protect Your Privacy

What if you posted several times about your personal life on Twitter? In this example, let’s assume you had much to say about your previous relationship. The platform was a great place to vent as you were going through a rough time. However, now that you’ve grown as a person, you no longer resonate with those feelings. Also, you’re starting a new relationship and don’t want your current partner to see those old posts. You can remove all your posts and forget about them forever. Or, simply, you want to delete all tweets to protect your privacy. And you don’t want everyone to know what is on your mind every day.

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Is It Safe To Use Third-Party Services To Delete All Tweets?

It’s a question you must ask before you use any third-party service to delete all tweets. After all, you are giving these apps access to your account. For example, what happens if these services suffer from a hack? Is your data safe from cybercriminals? Or are they selling your data to other services?

Before you use any service to delete all tweets, always vet them. Check for reviews from other Twitter users on search engines and forums. Check the level of access these services require before allowing them to integrate with your account. Understanding what you’re signing up for is a good practice, especially in the digital world.
What if your account was part of a hack and the cybercriminals posted hundreds of scams? Also, Twitter may shadow-ban or suspend your account due to this activity. Instead of dealing with this situation, you can delete tweets in bulk with TweetEraser. The built-in filter makes finding these types of posts a breeze. Ensure your online reputation is not at stake by cleaning your timeline today!

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