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How To Get Popular on Twitter: Tips for Blowing up on X

Ochai Emmanuel

September 29, 2023 | 12 min read

The social media landscape is becoming awash with popular influencers that have gathered large numbers of followers over time. This occurrence is not alien to X, formerly known as Twitter. But as someone new to the platform, you may have several questions about this phenomenon. You may be curious about how these individuals got so prominent on this social media platform. Besides this, you may want to know how to get popular on Twitter.

Generally, popularity on most social media platforms entails obtaining significant followers. In addition, the amount of engagement a user enjoys also describes their popularity. But again, several strategies help users boost their presence on X when applied correctly. These include consistency in sharing useful content, steady interaction and activity, excellent content-sharing techniques, and other activities. This article describes the tricks around how to get popular on X and also highlights various areas of the platform’s landscape.

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How To Get Popular on Twitter Fast: Helpful Techniques for Dramatic Growth on X

Usually, it takes different durations to grow accounts to popularity on Twitter, also known as X. This duration usually depends on your activity, visibility, overall strategy, and other dynamic factors. Your overall implementation of these strategies also greatly affects your fame in the long run. Many X users have questions and wish to know how to get popular on Twitter fast.

How To Get Popular on X by Sharing Useful and Relevant Content

Relevance is the primary ingredient for achieving popularity on Twitter, aka X. Sharing content people find useful prompts others to follow you and engage your posts. Resultantly, you’ll receive the popularity you desire. Relevant content is important because most people open X to join trendy conversations and useful discussions. They also browse the platform to enjoy the content they’re interested in. 

Therefore, you’d be advantageous if your content appeals to your Twitter followers and potential audience. Also, you would be more likely to become popular if your content adds value to your audience. This phenomenon holds water even if you focus your brand on current occurrences, sales, or product reviews and tutorials.

If you’re unsure of the kind of content that draws this popularity, utilize your Twitter or X analytics. Analytics project the topics and discussions that draw the most interactions and best appeal to an audience.

Besides this, you can explore trending topics from your recommendations. An excellent way of doing this is by targeting hashtags and keywords that best apply to your niche and industry. Incorporating these trends into your growth strategy on X helps you keep up with the current industry topics. Consider this strategy if you ever wonder how to get popular on Twitter. 

Get Popular on X by Sharing Posts Consistently

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While sharing relevant and useful content remains essential to growth, a steady social media presence is also critical. This strategy produces a simple yet impressive effect on growth and attaining popularity on the social media platform. A regular flow of content creates a unique space for you on your audience’s timelines. 

A content calendar helps immensely with your journey to consistency. It helps to plan your post ideas and ensures you share content during strategic times and events. While setting up a calendar, users must target windows where their target demographic is most active. This increases the chances of getting your content across feeds since people share millions of posts daily on Twitter.

Strategic timing helps overshadow competitor tweets, pushing your posts across to your audience. If you’ve inquired about how to get popular on Twitter, this is a valid way to go.

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How To Get Popular on X With Visual Content

If you’re thinking about how to get popular on Twitter, the kind of content you share also plays important roles. The correct use of visual content is one hack for obtaining massive popularity on X, formerly known as Twitter. This is because many users pay more attention to visuals while browsing the social service. 

Including GIFs, pictures, and videos helps your content stand out. To make your posts more appealing, you should use a mix of various media content. You should also use more memorable content, especially when sharing images. With pictures, you should always utilize templates to pass your information better.

In addition, use illustrations to make complex ideas and data more understandable. During the design, you must carefully pick your fonts. Fonts play bigger roles than you may imagine. You should also make your images more accessible and size your pictures more appropriately.

Gaining Popularity on X by Interacting With Others

When considering how to get popular on Twitter, prioritize making meaningful connections. While it is essential to make posts, it is also critical to interact with your followers and your potential audiences. Again, attempt to focus more on people with interests in your industry. For instance, reposting popular influencers, engaging big names in your field, and replying to others are excellent ways forward.

Besides massively interacting with others on X, aka Twitter, try harnessing your existing customer base and clientele. You can find your existing customers on the platform by uploading their email addresses here. From there, you can contact them by reaching out, routinely checking up, and conversing with them. You can also embed your Twitter profile into blog posts on your website, encouraging visitors to follow you.

How To Get Popular on Twitter by Running a Followers Campaign

Most users prioritize achieving popularity on social media platforms like X without breaking the bank. While this is possible, investing money into the cause is sometimes essential. A followers campaign is an important option in this case. Although not an effective standalone strategy, it effectively augments organic growth.

These follower campaigns on X help users promote their accounts to specific audiences. Here, the company only charges for conversions. You’ll only pay when a user follows you from the ads. Short campaigns work better to push your momentum when it comes to gaining more followers and boosting your popularity.

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How To Get Popular on Twitter Business Landscapes: Boosting Your Brand’s Visibility on X

Social media platforms like Twitter or X have become major locations for growing brands and businesses. However, growing brands on X entails attracting a customer base and convincing them to purchase your service or product. One important aspect of growing a brand on the platform is attracting attention and boosting popularity. But you may wonder how to get popular on Twitter business landscapes.

Running Discounts and Specials

People enjoy discounts on products they buy, no matter how small the discounts may be. So, the attention you’ll get around your brand for running discounts on X may surprise you. These specials and discounts are one proven way of getting your brand more attention. Another thing: these specials and discounts are easy to publicize.

For one, you can capitalize on different holidays, events, and seasons to promote your brand this way. For example, many brands organize summer sales and Easter promos, using these seasons to make their brands and businesses more popular. Again, you can use events like the Oscars, the Grammys, and the Word Cup to promote specials that again foster your brand awareness.

You don’t need extraordinary discounts when thinking of how to get popular on Twitter for your brand this way. Here, minor slashes within designated windows prompt many people to patronize your brand. Subsequently, retaining these customers would mean more revenue for you.

Trends and Hashtags

Trends and hashtags are other essential elements for boosting engagement and popularity for your business on X, formerly called Twitter. Although many people may consider these trends and hashtags pretty tricky to integrate into brand growth, they aren’t. The secret to maximizing their use is finding the relevant ones and using them in the right numbers.

Regarding trending hashtags on Twitter, aka X, you must use the platform’s analytics to identify hot ones. Again, you must pick trends that relate to your industry and ones that people may be interested in. The next essential item is their use and implementation. Remember that trends and hashtags do not assure popularity on Twitter. However, their correct implementation and other strategies increase the chances of better results.

When considering how to get more popular on Twitter with hashtags, you must try to be minimal with their use. While many experts insist on fewer hashtags in posts, Twitter recommends no more than two hashtags in a tweet. Similarly, you must carefully filter the trends you jump on. This way, you’d avoid conversations that can dent your brand.

Building Your Business’s Popularity by Getting Recommendations

If you’re concerned with how to get more popular on Twitter, consider getting recommendations. Recommendations play a huge role in building brands and fostering popularity on Twitter, now called X. Obtaining these recommendations and mentions from notable influencers, popular brands, and individuals is an excellent way to boost your business. Again, you must consider several factors when going down this route.

For example, influencers focusing on your industry will provide a more useful audience to you. Besides that, these influencers likely have followers with common interests. Thus, you should work with popular accounts in your field rather than any popular account you find. You may have to pay for popular users to share your brand on their timelines. But if you decide it’s a worthy investment, consider trying it.

Recommendations do not just work exclusively. You can also recommend your Twitter or X brand to your audience on other platforms. These recommendations could draw a crop of people already interested in your business to your profile on X.

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How To Get Popular on Twitter as an Artist: Boosting Your Artistic Influence on X

Recently, more artists are taking their craft to Twitter, now called X. One can link this occurrence to the new ownership that has begun incentivizing creators by sharing the ad revenue. But besides that, the newer features characterizing the social platform have made it an attractive domain for creatives. So, you may have asked how to get popular on Twitter as an artist. Well, there are several helpful strategies to help.

Gaining Popularity on X as an Artist by Showing Your Personality

Your personality is essential to your brand; people realize this fact. That is why people usually have an interest in the personal affairs of public figures and brand owners. Thus, you can’t fault the genuine curiosity in your private life. Instead, you must try to show your personality to attract more popularity.

Nonetheless, you must remain careful of what you share. For instance, sharing ideas, links, your work, jokes, helpful information, and valuable content boosts your transparency as an artist. In return, people would find you more personable and begin to look out for your posts. Your personality should always be a plus when thinking of how to get popular on Twitter.

Describe Your Art

As an artist, your profile must clearly indicate your craft. Your audience and potential followers must first see your artistry because this is when they decide. Your picture, bio, and posts must accurately and concisely describe your work.

Your header image should be adjustable, following recent developments with you. Importantly, avoid grammatical errors on your profile. Well-written content gathers more integrity and prompts more people to take action.  

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Using the Geotagging Feature

The geotagging feature on Twitter, also known as X, allows users to indicate their geographical locations when sharing posts. Ultimately, this feature is useful for boosting engagement and gaining popularity on the platform. As an artist, you may find this feature immensely helpful since it links you to the location, making you more visible to users around the area.

For example, you may attend a musical show or an art exhibition in a small town. Sharing your location with your tweet makes you more findable to your followers in that specific location. But besides this, other features on X allow you to gain more exposure and fame in return. Features like pinned posts, hashtags, and lists greatly influence a user’s exposure and subsequent recognizability.

Using Positivity to Garner Popularity on X as an Artist

Although your journey as an artist may not be as seamless as one would imagine, you should always breathe positivity. Of course, you may sometimes feel the urge to complain about the stress and the lack of results. However, being negative puts you at risk of losing your brand. Considering X as your strong version and remembering that people mostly care about what you do keeps you in line.

When thinking about how to get popular on Twitter, you must avoid making problematic posts that draw backlash. While this sometimes occurs unplanned, the valid option remains to delete these posts before they cause further problems. In some cases, deleting a single post is not always enough. Luckily, TweetEraser offers a valid choice when you need to delete bulk posts.

When using TweetEraser, you only need a few clicks to delete your bulk posts. This third-party web application filters and clears tweets from the archive, performing highly-specific tweet deletion tasks. It is the go-to option since it does not spread promotions on user timelines. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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