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Delete Tweets: Erasing Unneeded Twitter Posts

Ochai Emmanuel

June 15, 2023 | 10 min read

We have all made social media posts that we aren’t proud of. In these circumstances, we often consider removing these kinds of posts. They may be posts we find embarrassing or inappropriate or those we don’t want to share anymore. Many users wonder about how to delete tweets. Twitter’s straightforward interface makes this process easier, allowing users to remove these posts more effectively.

Apart from getting a tweet deleted, users are also often concerned with deleting tweets in large numbers. While this is possible, it requires third-party applications that usually charge subscription fees. Also, there are other concerns about viewing deleted tweets. This guide discusses these issues, providing relevant recommendations that you may find helpful.

A picture of an iPhone displaying the Twitter app in the iOS App Store.

How To Delete a Tweet: Removing a Twitter Post Effectively

Tweets could always come back to bite us in the back. This has happened before, especially with public figures. For instance, several celebrities have had to deal with controversial tweets they made even a decade earlier. So, sometimes it’s wiser to delete tweets before it seeps back into the public domain. Now, there is a question about how to delete a tweet.

A photograph of a smartphone with Twitter's blue screen on a brown cardboard box.

Fortunately, an option on Twitter allows users users to delete tweets they make. This option accompanies every tweet you publish and instantaneously erases that tweet from your profile. To perform this action, open the Twitter application on your device, or visit the website. Log into your account and find the tweet you want to erase from your profile. 

This could be an old tweet or one you recently made. You can effectively find recent tweets on your profile timeline. You can also trace some tweets from your notifications. You can access your older tweets by using the Twitter advanced search

After opening this tweet, tap the three dots icon on the top right corner of the page. Several options will appear from there. The first option, “Delete Tweet,” will appear in red with a bin icon. Choose that red option, and the app will ask you to confirm the action with another tiny window on the screen. Tap the “Delete option, and the social media platform will immediately remove that tweet from your profile. Luckily, you can use this same process to delete tweets on all versions of the application. 

However, having a tweet deleted on Twitter may not be the end of the story. Search engines like Google may have cached the tweet. For this reason, the tweet may still pop up on search engine result pages. 

How To Delete All Tweets: Cleaning Up Your Twitter Account

Bulk delete past tweets with one click

Sometimes, having a single tweet deleted may not be enough. For example, some conditions may push someone to delete all their Twitter posts. This could be due to privacy concerns. It could also be to convert account functions, like a personal account, to a business one. Either way, Twitter does not have a provision for deleting tweets in bulk. Therefore, several questions have sprung up about how to delete all tweets.

An illustration of the Twitter logo with the like, retweet, share, and verification icons.

How To Completely Delete Tweets With TweetEraser

TweetEraser, a third-party web application, allows users to delete all the tweets on a Twitter account. It helps users clean their profiles by filtering and deleting tweets in bulk. Although it lets users choose and delete tweets, it is still useful for getting all tweets deleted from an account. The web app’s free plan allows users to delete up to 3,200 tweets. Therefore, users with less than 3,200 tweets on their profiles would not have to use the higher subscription plans. 

To use this app, visit the Twitter website and log into your account. Next, go to the TweetEraser website and authenticate with your Twitter account. Provide authorization to your account by clicking the “Authorize app” button. The web app will ask for your email; you can input it if you’re okay. After completing the authorization process, click the “Import Twitter Archive” option on your dashboard. 

The next page will display a chart containing your activity on the platform. Here, you can change the number of tweets displayed on one page on the web app. You can also click the top checkbox above the individual tweet checkboxes to select all the items from the results. Finally, click the red “Delete Tweets” button on the dashboard. TweetEraser will immediately remove all your selected tweets. You can repeat the process if you have leftover tweets. This process could take quite a while, but it moves to completion.

Users with over 3,200 tweets on their profile must purchase subscription plans. The standard Eraser costs $7 monthly, while the Premium Eraser costs $10. Both plans offer ad-free usage, more filters, and allow deletion on multiple accounts. 

How To Delete Tweets With TweetDeleter

TweetDeleter is one of the most popular third-party web applications that tweeps use to delete tweets in bulk. It has many features that Twitter users find helpful, and its interface provides smooth usage. TweetDeleter has a free plan allowing users to delete up to five tweets monthly. It also offers Standard, Advanced, and Unlimited plans for $3.99, $4.99, and $5.99, respectively.

To use this application, visit its website and authenticate with your Twitter account. Next, go to the pricing page and purchase a subscription plan. Visit your dashboard to see a list of all your tweets. Click the “Select All” checkbox and hit the delete button. The app will instantly delete tweets from your profile. Luckily, the web tool comes in very handy for users looking to get all their tweets deleted. 

How To View Deleted Tweets: Accessing Your Erased Twitter Posts

Have you ever mistakenly deleted the wrong social media post? In situations like these, it can be tricky to remember the exact phrases you used for the posts. Unfortunately, tweeps make this mistake every day and ask questions about possible remedies. Thus, there often are inquiries about how to view deleted tweets. Luckily, several helpful ways of viewing tweets you’ve deleted from the platform exist. Let’s dive into that. 

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How To View Deleted Tweets From the Google Cache

Google’s cache feature provides an effective avenue to view your deleted tweets. It allows you to search for your recently deleted tweets and view their cached versions in the search engine. How does this work? Just like computer applications, web browsers save cached versions of pages to help them load faster. The browser then pushes the cache when someone requests that page. This cached version sometimes remains available, even when that web page is no longer on the internet. 

This loophole means that you can view deleted web pages from your searches. Luckily, this also applies to social media websites like Twitter. Due to the platform’s popularity, Google caches its pages, including tweets. So, a quick Google search of the tweet after deletion could still pull it out. To do this, go to your Google search bar, input, and search your account’s username with the phrase “Twitter.” 

The search results will contain your recent tweets and may contain deleted ones. Usually, the cached version of a web page would carry a downward-facing green arrow. If you see this next to your tweet, click that arrow, and a “Cached” button will appear. Click the button, and your browser will take you to a cached version of that tweet. There, you can get a basic view of the tweet with all the media attachments that accompany the tweet.

Again, this technique mostly works for recently deleted tweets, as the search engine cache loses the data shortly afterward. There are several other more efficient ways of viewing deleted tweets from years and decades ago. Most of these involve using third-party applications and websites. Nonetheless, browsing the cache is an effective way to set eyes on one after getting your tweet deleted. 

How To View Deleted Tweets With the Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is a powerful archival tool on the internet that crawls around, saving snapshots of different web pages. Also known as the Internet Archive, the Wayback Machine saves millions of web pages, including that of social media websites. Therefore, it is a resourceful tool for users trying to view their deleted tweets, although there is no guarantee. 

To use this app, first, go to Twitter and copy the profile link of your account. Then, visit the Wayback Machine’s website on your computer’s browser and input the link before clicking the enter button. Remember to use the full URL for the app to draw your results. The archive will load and display a calendar if there are copies of your Twitter account. The calendar would show dates by days, months, and years. Also, it will highlight the days on which the machine took snapshots of the page. 

So, you would have to find the date you made the deleted tweet and load a copy of your account as it appeared on that day. You will see a snapshot of your account and can scroll down and view your deleted tweets. Although this machine does not archive all pages on Twitter, there is still a chance you’d find yours.

How To Delete Tweets Free of Charge: Using Free Web Apps

Most third-party applications for deleting tweets require subscriptions. However, many Twitter users may want to cut that cost by hunting for free tweet deletion tools. This could entail using the free versions of these applications and enjoying limited features. That notwithstanding, there are ways to delete tweets free of charge. Let’s talk about them. 

A photograph of a mobile phone displaying several social media apps, including Twitter.

How To Delete Tweets for Free With TwitWipe

TwitWipe is is another web application that allows users to delete tweets entirely from their accounts. The app also removes all retweets, likes, replies, mentions, and media. TwitWipe is easy to use and offers great convenience for people trying to get all their tweets deleted. This could be to switch ownership or change purpose. 

To use this web app, visit the website on your desktop browser. Next, click the “Get Started” button at the top right corner of the screen. On the following page, scroll down and click the “Sign in using Twitter” button. Sign in by authenticating your Twitter account. After signing in, click the “TwitWipe This Account” button, and the app will complete the rest of the process. 

Remember that you cannot recover your tweets after getting rid of them using this application. Therefore, you could always back up your tweets before clearing your account. Luckily, the app is all free and does not require subscription plans.

How To Delete Tweets for Free With Twitter Archive Eraser’s Free Edition 

Twitter Archive Eraser offers a free community edition that lets users delete up to 1,000 tweets per week. This tweet deletion application permits users to filter their tweets by keywords, date, tweet type, and kind of media. Unlike other tweet deletion tools, the archive eraser is a desktop app running on Windows and Mac.  It is a highly used tool among users trying to delete tweets.At TweetEraser, we’ve designed a simple, easy-to-use web application to filter and delete tweets in bulk. With this app, tweeps can quickly import, load, and perform highly-specific deletion tasks. This tool is optimal for users who want to clean their accounts and start again. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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