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TweetEraser now on 280 characters


November 12, 2017 | 1 min read

As you know, since a few days Twitter has rolled out the new feature, which allows to write tweets with up to 280 characters, to all Twitter user world wide. More information about that you’ll find e.g. at Mashable. Or just do a Google search like twitter, 280 characters.

One maybe think if that new feature might be useful or not. According to Twitters own statistic there are not that much user who using this feature right now. And if we really need more than 140 characters per tweet from @realDonaldTrump – well that’s at least contentiously.

However, from now on TweetEraser is on a technical level able to handle your tweets longer than 140 characters. In detail that means you would be able to import tweets longer 140 characters using all functionalities like Upload Archive, Reload from Twitter or Get Latest Tweets.

All of your searches or predefined search filter will now automatically search within your long tweets as well. The same counts for your favorites.

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Bulk delete past tweets with one click
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Bulk delete past tweets with one click
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