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How To Get More Views on Twitter and Improve Your Reach


April 22, 2024 | 9 min read

All Twitter or X authors have the same primary goal—to reach the largest possible audience on the platform. Thus, it is bothersome for an author when their tweets don’t get as many views as they hope. This article will show you how to get more views on Twitter.

Twitter has over 350 million monthly users, all there to enjoy content on the platform. So, your approach most likely accounts for why you don’t get the desired views. This post teaches you how to get views on Twitter seamlessly using simple strategies.

Twitter’s bird and X logos printed on a brown background.

How To Get Tweets Noticed on Twitter, Now X 

Since Twitter introduced revenue sharing for content creators on the platform, everyone is now a creator. The percentage of creators has now exceeded that of viewers, and the number continues to grow.

Additionally, creators intensify their efforts to publish more content on the platform to earn more. As a result, there is so much high-quality content on the platform. This volume makes it difficult for average tweets to appear on timelines. 

Moreover, with Twitter’s reading limits, tweeps can only view a limited number of tweets daily. So, for tweeps to notice your tweets, your tweet must satisfy X algorithm’s requirements and appear at the top. 

Fortunately, this section shows you how to get tweets noticed on Twitter. It highlights tips that help you impress Twitter’s algorithm to put your tweets on top of people’s timelines. 

1. Use Media Content Frequently When Posting on X

Media content like photos, GIFs, and Videos are very appealing and captivating to X audiences. Remember, most social media users are not patient readers. They’re always scrolling their timelines, searching for videos and pictures to explore. So, as much as possible, use media content when posting on X. 

Even when you want to share a micro-blog post, it helps to add related media content. For example, a simple graphic image that blends or summarizes your post will help attract viewers. In fact, curiosity about the image can encourage some viewers to read the entire tweet, even a thread. 

Additionally, media-accompanied tweets earn more engagements. Increased engagement, in turn, will encourage Twitter’s algorithm to share your post with wider audiences. Thus, more people beyond your contact will notice your tweets. 

2. Use Trending and Relevant Hashtags to Post New Content

There are always trending topics on X with trending hashtags. Twitter uses hashtags to curate posts into topics of various interests. Sometimes, a specific topic and its hashtags become popular and trends on the platform. 

Twitter’s algorithm usually pushes posts under trending topics to the top of timelines to elicit engagement and improve users’ experience. The algorithm determines posts under these topics based on the keywords and hashtags they contain. 

You can promote your tweets by using Twitter trending hashtags. This way, the algorithm will recognize and classify your tweet under the trending topic. Consequently, it’ll appear at the top of timelines, allowing more people to notice your tweet. 

Also, using trending hashtags allows tweeps to find your post easily when they search for information on the platform. People usually search for information about topics using their trending hashtags. Your posts will more likely appear at the top of such searches when they contain these hashtags. 

Nevertheless, always use relevant hashtags in your tweets. Don’t just stuff trending hashtags into your posts, even those with unrelated content. That will prove counterproductive. 

3. Tag More People, Especially Famous and Influential Tweeps

Besides using popular Twitter hashtags, you can also tag people to your posts on X. When you tag or mention people on your post, Twitter notifies them of the mention. Additionally, the algorithm will also share your post with their contact and audience. 

You can tag anyone with a public X account. So, tag famous and influential people in relevant content to leverage their audience. That is another effective way to get more people to notice your tweets.

A close-up image of a screen shows analytics of a social media account.

How To Increase Your Reach on Twitter

The surest way to get more views for your post is to increase your reach on Twitter. With an extended reach, your post will immediately fly, reaching a wide audience on the platform. 

With a good reach on X, you won’t need to promote individual tweets. Instead, each tweet will help promote your account, making you famous on Twitter. Thus, this section considers two tips to help improve your reach on X. 

1. Get More Active Twitter Followers To Increase Your Reach

Your Twitter followers are your primary audience on the platform. Twitter considers your followers to be tweeps who subscribe to your tweets. So, when you post a tweet, your followers are the first people to see the post. 

Obviously, then, your follower count is the primary factor influencing your reach. A Twitter user with 1,000 followers automatically has more reach than one with 100 followers on X. So, the first step to increasing your reach is to increase your follower count. 

However, accumulating Twitter followers is insufficient, especially when expanding your reach beyond your primary audience. You must seek more active Twitter followers to achieve this. 

Active followers engage with your tweets as you share them on your timeline. This increased engagement will influence Twitter to share your tweets with wider audiences, thus increasing your reach on the platform. 

2. How To Get More Views on Twitter With Increased Engagements

Have you ever wondered what makes a tweet trend on X? It’s simply the level of engagement it receives. So, if you want to reach more people on X, get more engagements for your tweets. The more engagement your tweet earns, the more Twitter shares it with wider audiences. 

Earning active followers is not the only way to garner tweet engagement. You can promote your tweets for engagements using many other techniques and strategies. 

For example, you could lace your tweets with a controversial opinion to earn engagement. You could also post with relevant hashtags to impress X’s algorithm. Also, reply to comments and extend the conversation in the comment section to boost your tweet engagement.

A neon signage on a dark wall shows zero Likes on a conversation box.

How To Get More Likes on Twitter

Likes are the most common form of engagement on Twitter. However, these are not simply indicators of approval from your engagements; they are as powerful as any engagement. 

Your Twitter Likes count towards your total engagement and influence your engagement rates. Thus, as you accumulate more likes, you indirectly promote that tweet and your account in general. So, let’s learn how to get more Likes on Twitter to help build your account. 

This section will share two tips that can help you earn more Likes for your tweets. 

1. Post Rich and Captivating Content To Earn More Likes

The quality of your content is the primary motivator for getting tweeps to like it. The Like button is an easy way for tweets to share their approval of your post. However, they’ll only like what they approve of. So, when drafting tweets, spice them up to enrich them and make them appealing. 

You could also focus on sharing evergreen tweets on your timeline. An evergreen tweet does not lose its practical value over time. Tweeps love such tweets for their practical value and timelessness. So, they easily like such tweets not just for approval but also to bookmark them. 

2. Follow a Content Calendar and Post at Appropriate Times

Despite the size of your audience, you’ll not always get the same volume of Likes for each post. Each audience has a unique time for optimum tweet engagement. So, study your audience using Twitter analytics to learn when they engage with your tweets the most. 

From this study, you can create a content calendar and post tweets when your audience engages them the most. That is another effective way to earn more likes. Your content calendar should also show the best tweet types to post at specific times. It should tell you when to post visual content or a Twitter post.

A 3D image of a cube with the Twitter bird logo and some feature buttons floating around.

Should I Use a Twitter Followers Booster To Earn More Twitter Views?

Using a Twitter followers booster to earn more views depends on individual preference. However, it is an effective way to get more Twitter impressions. There are both advantages and disadvantages to using this service, so consider these carefully before deciding. 

For instance, one major advantage is the immediate improvement in your Twitter views. Since your followers constitute your primary audience, boosting your followers will immediately improve your tweet impressions. Also, depending on the service you employ, it may increase your engagement and engagement rate. 

On the other hand, boosting your followers is a direct violation of Twitter’s spam policy. So, Twitter can suspend your account if they discover you’re using this service. Additionally, if you employ a poor company, you may not receive fake or inactive followers. 

Therefore, if you want to use this service, carefully weigh your options and choose a reliable company.

A person with a black phone views their Twitter timeline.

Why Do My Tweets Get No Engagement on X?

Your tweets get no engagements on X because they are not visible on the platform. That is the most common reason for poor engagement on Twitter. People cannot engage tweets they do not see. 

There are several reasons why people may not notice your tweets. For instance, they may not appear on their timelines because they fail to meet the algorithm’s requirements. You could also have a poor follower count, which would translate to poor reach on the platform. You can fix this problem by following the tips in the earlier sections above. 

In some rare cases, however, your tweets may have good impressions and visibility but low engagement. Such low Twitter engagement rates are a result of accumulating inactive Twitter followers. So, launch an account maintenance exercise to rid your account of inactive followers. 

Another way to maintain your X account is by clearing irrelevant data to keep your profile fresh and attractive. After learning how to get more views on Twitter, you should do this next. 

Choose TweetEraser to help you erase your X data seamlessly. This Twitter management tool allows you to bulk-delete tweets and likes with a single click. It also helps you import it into your archive. 

This tool is fast and secure and does not promote ads while in use. So, choose TweetEraser and start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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