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Twitter Account Suspended: Discover All the Details

Ochai Emmanuel

July 3, 2023 | 11 min read

Like other social media platforms, Twitter has provided several rules and guidelines for users to adhere to. These rules regulate users’ conduct on the platform, ensuring that people respect others. The guidelines also ensure that users do not share content that poses harm. Consequently, the social media service places different measures against events of guideline violations. Thus, users can get their Twitter account suspended if they go against these rules and policies. 

However, many users go against these guidelines daily, making various violations. Now, what happens when Twitter finally suspends their accounts? What is the next move to make? On the other hand, other users could be unsure why they noticed Twitter suspended their account. This is a valid concern since the platform accepts appeals from such users. This guide discusses this issue in depth, touching on the remedies. 

A picture of a person holding a smartphone with Twitter’s blue welcome screen displayed.

Why Is My Twitter Account Suspended? All the Possible Reasons

It is common to see someone ask, “Why is my Twitter account suspended?” Most of the time, people are genuinely shocked when the platform suspends their accounts. They could be unsure about the action that violated the company’s policy leading to such measures. However, the platform could resort to suspension for several offenses. Here are the most common issues that can get your Twitter account suspended. 

A picture of an iPhone displaying Donald Trump’s suspended Twitter account.

Abusive Tweets or Behavior Can Get Your Twitter Account Suspended

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Twitter suspends accounts that violate the company’s policy on abuse. The process starts when other users report an account for abuse. The social media service investigates the issue and concludes. If the company finds out the reported user is guilty, it immediately suspends the account. 

For instance, you can suspend your Twitter account temporarily or permanently when you threaten other users. Behaviors like inciting, glorifying, and expressing desires for violence or harm could warrant suspension on the social media platform. The social media service also considers impersonation abusive behavior and sanctions it accordingly. 

Also, Twitter suspends accounts that interact and affiliate with violent and hateful entities. Promoting these entities could also warrant permanent or temporary suspensions, depending on the issue’s gravity. Hateful conduct is another reason why a user gets their Twitter account suspended. Hateful conduct includes targeting people based on race, origin, ethnicity, disability, religious affiliations, and gender. 

The social media platform would also suspend accounts promoting violent crime perpetrators. It also removes accounts of terrorists, violent extremists, and mass violent attackers. Twitter suspends the accounts of individuals that encourage or promote suicide or self-harm. In addition, posting sensitive media on the social media website puts your account at risk of suspension. This includes media that is gory, violent, or sexual within the restricted features on the platform. 

Using the platform to promote illegal or regulated goods and services could draw a suspension. This could include selling, buying, or aiding transactions that involve illegal products and services. Pushing regulated products on your profile could also temporarily or permanently warrant account suspension. 

Engaging in Spam Can Get Your Twitter Account Suspended

Most of the suspended accounts on Twitter are spammy or entirely fake. These spam accounts create security concerns and risks for the company and its users. These kinds of accounts exist in violation of the Twitter rules. Sadly, it can take the company a while to detect and deal with them. It involves creating bulk accounts or using automation to mass-register accounts on the platform. 

Spammy accounts are a major concern on the platform because they amplify and disrupt conversations. These accounts also pose problems because people can artificially employ them to inflate followers and engagement. Also, commercially-influenced spam could be a problem for the social media service. This kind of spam aims to draw attention and traffic to products, services, websites, or accounts. 

Conversely, the social media service can mistakenly get an authentic Twitter account suspended for spam. In such cases, the platform accepts appeals, working with that individual to revert the suspension. Here, users must prove their authenticity to regain access to their accounts. 

Security Risks Can Cause Twitter To Suspend Your Account

If Twitter suspects an account is compromised or hacked, it suspends it until the user can secure it. This action protects accounts under some security risk, reducing malicious activity that the compromise could create. 

Luckily, security risks that get a Twitter account suspended do not keep the account locked for long. As soon as users can secure their accounts properly, the platform allows them access. For instance, if someone from another location attempts to log into your account, Twitter will immediately suspend your account. This suspension protects your information from hackers. Eventually, you will receive instructions on how to recover access to the account. 

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How To Recover a Permanently Suspended Twitter Account

Permanent suspension is the most severe penalty for violations of Twitter guidelines. When the platform suspends accounts permanently, it removes those accounts from view and also disallows those users from creating other accounts. When this happens, the social media service notifies the users. It explains which policies they violated and which content posed the violation. However, users often wonder how to recover the permanently suspended Twitter account. 

If you have a Twitter account suspended, filing an appeal is the foremost way to recover it. After an appeal, if the platform reviews and realizes that the suspension is valid, it upholds it. Otherwise, it reverts the suspension, giving back access to the user. There are a few steps to appeal a permanently suspended account. Here is how:

  1. First, open the Twitter website on your computer’s browser and log into your account. 
  2. If your account is still available, click the “Continue to Twitter” option.
  3. Open another browser tab and visit the Twitter Help Center Appeal page
  4. Input your problem description on the “Account Access” page.
  5. Enter the required personal information in the form provided.
  6. Upload an identification image if needed.
  7. Complete the Google reCAPTCHA verification and click the “Continue” button to submit the form. 

The social media service will review your appeal and give you a verdict. Sometimes, it will keep your Twitter account suspended permanently, removing access. If the violation was a major one, the platform could prevent you from being able to create other accounts. While Twitter permanently suspends accounts for certain policy violations, it implements temporary restrictions for less grievous policy violations. 

How To View Suspended Twitter Account: Accessing Tweets From Your Penalized Account

In dire situations, Twitter removes permanently suspended accounts from view. This means that other users can no longer access the user’s profile and initially published tweets. However, there have still been several inquiries about how to view a suspended Twitter account. There have also been questions about the possibility of accessing tweets from such accounts.

A photograph of someone holding an iPhone showing their Twitter feed.

Using Bookmarklets To View Suspended Accounts

Bookmarklets are one of the most helpful elements for viewing content from Twitter accounts suspended permanently. These elements are additional commands added to the bookmark feature of web browsers. Bookmarklets contain minuscule instructions that run when a user clicks them. You can store them as a hyperlink on a webpage or as a URL on a bookmark.

Fortunately, you can add a specific browser bookmarklet to view tweets from suspended Twitter accounts. You can complete this process in a few easy steps; here is how:

  1. First, open your preferred web browser on your computer and click the three upright dots in the browser’s top right corner. 
  2. Hover your cursor on the “Bookmarks” option, and click click “Bookmark manager” from the drop-down menu that appears. Another page will appear.
  3. Again, click the three dots at the top right corner of the new page. 
  4. Choose “Add new bookmark.” A dialog box will appear, prompting you to add a bookmark.
  5. Enter any name in the “Name’ bar in the dialog box.
  6. Enter this command in the link bar:  

javascript:q = “” + (window.getSelection ? window.getSelection() : document.getSelection ? document.getSelection() : document.selection.createRange().text); if (!q) q = prompt(“Please enter a Twitter handle”, “”); if (q!=null) location=”*/” + escape(q).replace(/ /g, “+”); void 0

  1. Save the bookmark and drag it under the address bar for quick access.
  2. Open a new tab and click that bookmarklet. You’ll see a text bar prompting you to enter the Twitter handle. 
  3. Enter the Twitter handle of the account and click enter. The page will redirect you to the search result on the Wayback Machine, where you can view that account.

Viewing a Twitter Account Suspended Recently From Google Searches

Google searches can still display results from a Twitter account suspended recently. However, only accounts and tweets that the search engine indexed before the suspension will appear in the results. Again, users can only view the cached versions of these pages. Also, they cannot interact with them in any manner.

To do this, run a quick Google search of the account or specific tweets it made. From the search results, click the tiny downward arrow beside some results and click the “Cached” button that appears. Your browser will immediately load these pages. 

A picture of a smartphone showing Twitter's blue screen in a blurry background.

How To Delete Suspended Twitter Account: Removing Canceled Accounts From the Platform

Instead of allowing suspended accounts to lie dormant on the platform, some Twitter users opt to erase these accounts. Therefore, questions exist on how to delete a suspended Twitter account. But there remains the issue of the possibility since they might have lost access. Luckily, there’s a way around it. 

So, here is how to complete this action:

  1. First, file an appeal to Twitter. 
  2. If the appeal does not help, visit the Twitter account access page in the Help Center. 
  3. You’ll see a drop-down menu on the account access page with different options. Choose “I’d like to deactivate or close my account.”
  4. Choose the reason in the next drop-down menu and submit the form. 

Twitter will contact you with more instructions on the next course of action. After a little tug of war, you should be able to delete your suspended Twitter account permanently. After regaining access, you can delete your Twitter account if it still has certain restrictions. 

A picture of a person holding a phone with the Twitter logo on its screen.

How To Make Another Twitter Account After Being Suspended: Beating the Ban

Usually, when Twitter suspends a user’s account permanently, the social media service bans them, preventing them from creating new accounts. Subsequently, any attempt to create a new account subsequently results in an immediate ban. Users have often wondered if there are ways around this ban. Therefore, several inquiries have been made about making another Twitter account after being suspended. 

After banning you from the platform, Twitter keeps track of your activities by taking note of your IP address. Thus, it trashes any account opening request from that IP address. Luckily, there are ways around this. 

First, change your IP address. You can do this by rebooting your router or resetting it. If you use an office intern connection, you can ask technical support to toggle the IP address. You can also beat the Twitter ban by getting a new email address. You shouldn’t use the same email from the Twitter account suspended permanently. 

Also, use a new phone number when creating another account. Using the same number from the old account quickly notifies Twitter of your identity. Also, you should use the new information when creating the next account. 

When dealing with account suspension, tweeps may want to remove tweets that may have posed violations of Twitter rules. However, picking these tweets out one after the other may be a painstaking process. And this is where TweetEraser, a bulk tweet deletion tool comes into play. At TweetEraser, we have designed a simple web tool to filter and remove tweets in their numbers. This third-party application loads archives, helping users with complicated deletion tasks. It is ideal for tweeps intent on cleaning their profiles. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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