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Twitter Reading Limits: How Many Tweets Can You Read Daily?


November 17, 2023 | 8 min read

It is no news that Twitter’s ownership and management change came with new updates on and off the platform. Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, it has rebranded as X, now charges for verification, and has intensified policy implementation. So much has changed on X that we keep learning about the changes daily until now. This post, however, focuses on the Twitter reading limits, highlighting the changes to how many tweets users can read daily. 

Twitter reports that tweeps post more than 5,000,000 tweets daily. With so much information entering the system daily, it is no wonder they call Twitter an information hub. As a result, you can never run out of new posts to discover on X. However, Twitter sometimes limits how many tweets you can read daily. Why the rule, and what is the Twitter read limit for your account? Let’s find out!

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Is Twitter Limiting Reading Posts? Why Impose Twitter Reading Limits

Here’s a fact about X, formerly Twitter: you’ll never want to leave when engaged on the platform. That is a good record for Twitter administrators, so you would imagine that they’d do more to maintain this. Of course, you’d not consider reading limits a proper move, but there are now reading limits. So, why is Twitter limiting reading posts when there’s so much information to share on the platform? 

The new owner and former CEO of Twitter explained the reasons when he announced the limits early in July 2023. He stated on his handle that this was a move to curb increasing data scraping and system manipulation. Additionally, he presented the limits as “temporary limits” without stating the effective date. However, evidence shows that Twitter had already implemented the limits before the announcement. That is because the announcement responded to tweeps complaining about error messages when browning Twitter earlier that day.

When you remember that Twitter’s new owner is a businessman at heart, you’ll understand why this change occurred. Also, recall that he banned third-party clients using Twitter’s API. So, while Twitter will facilitate free information sharing on the platform, only it will command its management on the platform. That is why there are Twitter reading limits – to address extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation on X.

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What Is the Twitter Daily Read Limit? Is It Reasonable?

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The Twitter reading limit varies for different account types on the platform. Moreover, there were multiple changes to the limits soon after Elon Musk announced them on his handle. So, it is understandable to investigate the Twitter daily read limit. The changes resulted from the fierce responses of tweeps to the new rules. 

During the initial announcement, Musk stated the following reading limits based on account types:

  • 6,000 tweets daily for verified accounts.
  • 600 posts per day for unverified accounts. 
  • 300 tweets daily for new unverified accounts.

However, two hours after this announcement, he tweeted an adjustment to the limits. In the tweets, he outlined that verified accounts could read 8,000 tweets daily. On the other hand, unverified accounts could read 800 tweets, while new unverified accounts could read 400 posts daily. Somehow, even this didn’t seem enough, as he made and tweeted another adjustment just three hours after this tweet.

From his final tweets on the rate limit, below are the current reading limits for various X accounts:

  • 10,000 tweets daily for verified accounts.
  • 1,000 posts daily for unverified accounts. 
  • 500 tweets daily for new unverified accounts.

Considering the reasons for the Twitter read limit, it is fair to describe the limits as reasonable. The adjustments leading to the current limits also show that X administrators still consider users’ interests. What is more, this rule intrinsically protects users by protecting their data. Moreover, the number of tweets allowed for each account type is more than enough for moderate social media consumption daily.

Because the reading limits ultimately hitched usage, the company revamped the feature shortly afterward. It only appears now if the app notices unusual activity.

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Is Twitter Broken? Why Can’t I Browse Tweets on X

Elon Musk met lots of negative responses to the drastic changes he made to Twitter since its acquisition. It was so intense that many people gave Twitter, now X, a break. On the other hand, many others have kept waiting for it to crumble. That seemed to happen in March but especially early in July when thousands experienced accessibility issues with the platform. At that time, many kept asking, “Is Twitter broken?” In fact, the hashtag #TwitterDown became a trending Twitter hashtag. 

However, Twitter’s new owner and then CEO clarified the issue with Twitter later that day. He tweeted that Twitter was implementing a new rule – reading limits for X accounts. Therefore, the error message indicates to tweeps when they exceed their daily reading limit.

Twitter only effected a daily reading limit for verified and unverified accounts. When users exceed their reading limit, an error message appears, preventing them from browsing more tweets on their timeline. You can still perform other X functions after exceeding your X read limit. That is evidence that Twitter’s system is still effective and not broken.

If you love exploring tweets on the X platform, you may need time to adjust to this rule. However, the rationale for the rule is reasonable and even affects your data safety. Moreover, it allows you to explore and enjoy other Twitter features. For example, rather than browsing tweets alone, you can now take time to look at comments and replies. Twitter comments and replies are great conversation sites to learn and enjoy entertainment. You can also join and participate in communities and chats. There’s much to enjoy on the X platform, so keep exploring!

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Why Is Twitter Not Working On My Device? How to Troubleshoot

Statista says there are over 300 million active Twitter users each month, posting millions of tweets and videos daily. Even looking at your Twitter analytics, you’ll agree that Twitter runs a large and overwhelming system on the internet. Nevertheless, you’ll seldom hear accurate reports of a full system failure. That is why many people like the social media platform; it is reliable. 

However, you may sometimes find Twitter not working on your device. What can you do to restore functionality? There are several reasons why this could happen. It would help to first discern the possible cause of your issue before attempting a fix. Thus, this section outlines some common causes of Twitter downtime on your device to help you troubleshoot.

Twitter Not Working Due to Downtime From the System Servers

Twitter connectivity issues may not always come from your device. Though rare, Twitter servers can experience downtime, especially regionally. Millions of users always interconnect on the system servers simultaneously. That may overwhelm the system and cause server downtime. 

When this happens, you’ll be unable to log into your X account from any device. However, you needn’t guess to discern X server downtimes. You can verify using an online monitoring service for websites like Downdetector. This tool reports the status of web servers to discern if your device or the web has issues.

Poor Internet Connection and VPN Can Cause Twitter To Stop Working

The instability of your internet connectivity can make Twitter stop working on your device. When X servers are fully functional, your internet connectivity is next to check. Even when using a wired connection, check whether the internet connection is stable. You can verify by running another app that requires an internet connection or visiting another website on a desktop. If the alternate app or website opens properly, your internet connection is not responsible for the Twitter downtime.

Check for its proper functionality if you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to browse Twitter from a desktop. VPN blocks can cause Twitter to stop working on your device. To verify, disconnect from the VPN and try accessing Twitter without it. If it works, then your VPN is responsible for the downtime.

Twitter Won’t Work on A Device With Accumulated Cache

A cache is a temporary device memory that helps a browser and app load faster. However, when caches accumulate excessively, they negatively affect the app or site, causing connectivity and functionality issues. So, Twitter may not work properly when your X cache fills up on your device or browser. 

When browsing X from a mobile device, you can easily clear Twitter’s cache from your device settings. Conversely, you can clear the Twitter cache from your browser if you access Twitter from the web version. Afterward, clearing your cache, Twitter will load slowly the first time but become fully functional when opened.

Besides your Twitter cache, you can also clear your entire browser cache and cookies to enhance X functionality. Some tweeps also clear the tweet data from their account. Although this does not impact your account functionality, it helps to organize your timeline. Further, potential Twitter followers can browse your timeline fully without exhausting their Twitter reading limits. 

You can use TweetEraser to bulk delete tweets and likes from your timeline. This Twitter management software makes mass tweet deletion seamless, even with a free subscription. It also allows you to filter your X data to preserve relevant tweets when mass deleting. So, start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today with TweetEraser.

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