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Download Twitter Video: Discover Each Useful App and Website

Ochai Emmanuel

November 27, 2023 | 6 min read

People share some super interesting videos on Twitter all the time. But watching the videos alone is not always enough. There is sometimes the need to download these videos for further use. For instance, you may wish to repost a video on your other social media accounts. Also, you may show the video to someone else. But how do you download Twitter videos?

X, formerly called Twitter, does not allow users to download videos directly from the app or website. However, several third-party applications, browser extensions, and websites offer this service with varying flexibility and quality options. Therefore, this guide discusses the alternatives for saving these media files from the platform, including those within messages.

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How To Download a Twitter Video With Third-Party Websites

Many third-party services on the internet have made specific actions easier on social media platforms like Twitter. For instance, people with concerns about how to download a Twitter video can easily employ useful sites for that purpose. Fortunately, most of these sites work similarly and only require the post links to download videos. Let’s dive into details on two of these options.

Using the Twitter Video Downloader

The Twitter Video Downloader is a straightforward website that allows people to save Twitter videos and GIFs to their devices. This website offers versatility, allowing users to download videos on their desktop computers and mobile devices. It provides an excellent avenue to save videos trending on Twitter for later access.

Users can always save videos in five quick steps:

  1. Open Twitter and copy the URL to the post containing the video. You can copy the link from the address bar or the share button. 
  2. Return to your web browser and open the Twitter Video Downloader website. 
  3. Paste the link in the bar with the label “Paste Tweet URL Here.” 
  4. Then, click the blue Download button on the right. The website will load the video and show a preview with several resolution options. 
  5. Click the “Download Video” button beside the resolution option you wish to download. The website will open another quick preview, allowing you to download the video.

Employing the SSS Twitter Video Downloader

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The SSS Twitter Video Downloader works just like its previous counterpart. It requires that users paste links, which it then processes and provides a download option. Like the others, this website cannot download videos from private accounts with protected posts on Twitter.

Here are three steps for using this website:

  1. Go to Twitter and copy the link to the video of interest.
  2. Launch a web browser on your device, open the website, and paste the link in the area provided.
  3. Hit the download video button and choose an option from the resolutions available. The website will immediately download the video to your device.

An alternative to downloading videos is bookmarking the post on Twitter, especially if you only intend on viewing it later. But you may also need to repost the video to get more followers on X or Twitter.

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How To Download Twitter DM Videos: Employing a Useful Alternative

Besides saving videos you see on the timeline, you may need to save those in your direct messages. However, many users are not familiar with how to download Twitter DM videos. Of course, social media platforms possess features that effectively secure messages between users. Because of this, directly saving videos from direct messages can be tricky, unlike other platforms.

The major alternative in this case is to screen record the video from the message on your device. Here are four steps for this:

  1. Open the X or Twitter app or website on your mobile device or personal computer and log into your account. 
  2. Next, head to the message of interest and select the video you wish to save.
  3. Start recording your screen as you play the video and save it to your device when it’s finished recording. In this step, ensure your internet connection is smooth for seamless results.
  4. You can also edit the resulting video to crop the video and optimize the timing.
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Using a Twitter Download Video App: Saving Videos on Your Mobile Device From X

While browsing the platform on a mobile device, using a Twitter download video app is sometimes more convenient. Fortunately, multiple apps work on both Android and iOS devices to download Twitter videos. While they function similarly, they possess different features, efficiencies, and speeds.

Using Android Twitter Video Download Apps

Several Android-compatible applications for downloading Twitter videos are available on the Google Play Store. These apps, which mostly do not require subscription fees, are highly efficient and straightforward. 

For example, the Video Downloader for Twitter is a viable option that people can use for free. The Android version of the Twitter Video Downloader is another option to consider.

Employing iOS Apps To Download Videos From X

iOS users can also download videos from Twitter or X using applications they can install on their mobile devices. This phenomenon offers an improved convenience because many people access the platform from their iPhones. 

The TW Save application is a popular alternative among iOS users. But unlike their Android counterparts, most of these iOS apps require subscription fees for enhanced or ad-free experiences.

An illustration of the Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook logos on a white platform.

How To Save a Video From Twitter Using Browser Extensions

Browser extensions offer another critical option for saving videos from X, formerly called Twitter. These Twitter or X downloader extensions help save media files such as pictures, GIFs, and videos. Still, there is the question of how to save a video from Twitter using these extensions.

While most people prefer browsing social media platforms like X on their mobile devices, others prefer their web versions. Of course, these websites offer almost the same functionality. For this reason, many third-party services also present their services to web users. Generally, most browser extensions function similarly, allowing users to perform actions from the Twitter website. 

Extensions like the Twitter Video Downloader and Video Downloader Plus are some of the most common options. Despite the platform’s rebranding from Twitter to X, they are still functional. Here is how to use them:

  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store and search for “Twitter Video Downloader.”
  2. Choose and install one extension from the list of options you’ll see.
  3. Open the Twitter or X website in the same browser window. You’ll see tiny download icons on each video as you scroll.
  4. Hit the download icon on any video you wish to save, follow the prompt, and complete the download.

Besides allowing users to download Twitter video, third-party websites and apps perform other tasks like deleting posts in bulk. For instance, TweetEraser allows users to filter through their posts, performing highly specific deletion operations. This web service lets users import their archives before deleting their archived posts. Due to its convenience, it offers a valid alternative. So, start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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