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How To Get More Followers on Twitter: Useful Tips and Tricks


July 4, 2023 | 12 min read

Gaining followers is one of the most effective ways of growing your influence on any social media platform. It is one of the first factors that count when measuring someone’s relevance on a social media service. Twitter is no different when it comes to the importance of followers. This is because massive followers indicate fame, importance, and significance. However, achieving this can be tricky; thus, the concerns about how to get more followers on Twitter.

In growing your followers, many factors come into play. For instance, you must first create a brand and understand the audience for your brand. Then, you must target the audience and interact with them. This would involve frequently sharing posts, engaging with content, publishing threads, employing popular hashtags, and optimizing your tweet times. Well, this guide exhaustively touches on how to get more followers on Twitter, explaining all the elements involved.

An illustration of the Twitter logo with the following button and the verification checkmark.

How To Get More Active Followers on Twitter: Growing Your Followers From Scratch

Of course, you can always purchase Twitter followers from different services online. However, the hard part is getting organic, active, and engaging ones. You must grow your account from scratch to get active followers on this social media platform. This way, you can attract a crop of tweeps with a genuine interest in your content. What are the ways on how to get more active followers on Twitter?

A picture of a person holding a phone displaying Twitter’s account on the Twitter website.

How To Get More Followers on Twitter by Building a Unique Brand Identity

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Building a brand identity is one of the most important ways to gather active followers on Twitter. It allows you to draw other users with the same interests to engage with your content and follow you. A brand identity entails picking a specific idea or a defined niche and promoting yourself based on that idea and niche. It is the foremost thing to implement if you’re concerned with how to get more followers on Twitter.

For instance, your brand could be about hosting talk shows and podcasts covering trending news and contemporary issues. This way, you can attract users interested in current trends and issues, grow your engagements, and gain more followers. 

Building a brand identity offers better rewards as opposed to not having one. This is why people who jump around, pushing different agenda while not having a defined direction, find genuine growth hard. Your brand personality should be the first thing you work on if you’re thinking about how to get more followers on Twitter.

A picture of a person holding a phone displaying the Twitter logo on a blue screen.

How To Get More Followers on Twitter by Tweeting More Often

Many people underestimate the importance of sharing posts consistently on the platform. However, Twitter is a conversational platform. Therefore, many users visit it each day to keep up with interesting conversations and give their opinions on others. Therefore, consistently posting content that aligns with trends in your niche is essential for users looking to expand their reach. 

This is another idea that users looking for how to get more followers on Twitter should consider. Although there is no set number of posts, tweeting twice or more each day pushes the odds in your favor. This metric sustains the bustle and maintains your relevance while growing your followers. 

In addition, you can boost your Twitter followers by involving other popular accounts in engaging and fun conversations. This way, you’d present yourself to their engaged audience, garnering more popularity. Frequently sharing posts is an essential element for people with questions on how to get more followers on Twitter.

Besides posting more often, tweeting at strategic times also provides several advantages. To exploit this, you must target when people are most active on the platform. Usually, this is around 9 AM on weekdays. Nonetheless, these times differ by industry and follower demographics. 

A picture of someone on a table with a laptop using Twitter on their smartphone.

How To Get More Followers on Twitter by Engaging Better Using Replies and Retweets

Although engaging your Twitter followers and other users can be quite a task, it is essential for gaining growth. This should be an essential item on your agenda. It is essential for users with concerns about how to get more followers on Twitter. This is because it launches you from your corner into their feeds and notifications, increasing their probability of following.

You can engage other tweeps by replying to their tweets, pushing original content, and sharing relevant tweets from others. Apart from retweets and replies, users can use Twitter Chats and Spaces to engage their audiences while optimizing relevant content. Twitter Chats are a big deal because they’re public discussions with Industry figures that focus on specific topics. 

On the other hand, Twitter Spaces allow users to interact via live audio conversations. Here, tweeps can join the spaces, listen to other users, and share their thoughts. All these elements should come into play for users looking for how to get more followers on Twitter. 

A photograph of a person holding a smartphone displaying the Twitter logo on a blue screen.

How To Get More Followers on Twitter by Sharing Visual Content

Many metrics assert that tweets with visual content enjoy more likes, retweets, and engagements than those without. This is because this mix of content is more likely to catch a person’s attention. So, regarding how to get more followers on Twitter, it is important to add some life to your Twitter posts. You can add content such as images, animated GIFs, and videos. 

Many social media specialists prioritize images and animated GIFs regarding visual attachments. These are to help boost visibility and increase engagements. Therefore, here are some ideas to consider when creating visual content:

  1. Design infographics like data visualization, bar graphs, and pie charts for large data.
  2. Summarize text-based tweets into images with photo editing apps like Adobe Spark and Venngage. Additionally, Canva lets users design graphics for Twitter posts.
  3. Make videos for How-To posts, snippets from long-form content, and greetings. 
  4. Always use memes, GIFs, and large images when suitable. 

Twitter cards are also popular among social media enthusiasts. Accordingly, this help to capture more information visually, deal with the bulk text, and maximize engagements. Overall, visual content is an effective option concerning how to get more followers on Twitter.

A photograph of a figure in front of a chart arrow on a white table.

How To Get More Followers on Twitter With Hashtags

Other Twitter elements, Hashtags, help to boost visibility and engagements, increasing the chances of garnering more followers. When you use these elements correctly, you can effectively increase the probability of getting a retweet. Also, it is best to use three hashtags in tweets to optimize visibility. Tweets containing excessive hashtags appear spammy and can be quite distracting. 

Here, you can employ Twitter Analytics to create metrics that work for you. You can also track keywords and hashtags to understand how many people use them and the specific conversations. In addition, several hashtag analytics tools help users figure out which ones attract more followers. You can also understand the best performance hashtags, then use them for better effect. 

This is another essential recommendation to consider for your concerns on how to get more followers on Twitter. Using this feature in confluence with other strategies will surely get you the needed followers.

A picture of a concrete hashtag statue inside a shipping container.

How To Get More Followers on Twitter by Running Contests

Organizing contests is another way to boost your relevance and engagement and grow your followers on Twitter. It doesn’t have to be something extraordinary. You can post a photo and place a reward for the best or most-liked caption. However, this is not sustainable for people concerned about how to get more followers on Twitter for the long haul.

Nonetheless, it still offers some level of efficiency. To do this, first set the goals you wish to achieve, then choose the prize to give out. Next, publicize and promote the contest. You can work with an already-established influencer to help with the publicity. Run the contest for a fixed period and pick the winner. 

One advantage of running contests on Twitter is they draw a lot of attention to your profile. If people realize that a contest is credible, your only concern will now be to maximize the incoming traffic. 

How To Get More Followers on Twitter for Free: Growing Your Influence Without Breaking the Bank

Apart from energy, time, and consistency, growing followers on Twitter requires some financial capital. You can perform these actions to grow your account for free; nonetheless, you will face some limitations. Most analytics tools that track hashtags and trends and follow growth warrant subscriptions. However, users may be interested in how to get more followers on Twitter for free. 

A picture of an iPhone screen displaying the Twitter app in the App Store.

How To Get More Followers on Twitter by Asking Family and Friends To Follow

When considering how to get more followers on Twitter, you have to accept the few followers you can gather. For instance, you can ask some friends or your family members to drop quick follows on your Twitter profile. This may seem inefficient for garnering followers long-term, but it’s a step in the right direction. 

To do this, you can share your Twitter profile via social media DMs or text messages with an immediate appeal. This activity is free and can get you moving toward your target. You can also ask friends on other social media platforms to follow you. Another option would be to email your profile URL to all your contacts with a request for a follow. Again, this strategy is only viable for beginners. Nonetheless, as a beginner looking for how to get more followers on Twitter, it gives you a huge boost. 

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How To Get More Followers on Twitter for Free by Featuring Yourself on Community Websites

Several community websites present an excellent avenue for tweeps to publicize their content and promote their social media profiles. While most of these websites accept guest writers, they let the writers create profiles and include their social media handles. This way, you can easily publish viral content, redirect traffic to your Twitter account and grow your followers. These websites provide a valid answer to the question of how to get more followers on Twitter.

Online communities like Reedsy also organize contests that reward people with cash winnings. The platforms also help people grow their popularity in the writing community. This way, users can promote their brands across other platforms as well. 

How To Get More Followers on Twitter for Free by Asking Influencers for Recommendations

If you have influencer friends, asking them to recommend you to their followers for free won’t hurt. A recommendation could be a quote retweet, retweet, or tweet asking people to follow you. This would go a long way, and it is viable for someone considering how to get more followers on Twitter.

The more popular the person is, the better. Still, this strategy works better if you can employ the services of an influencer in your niche. For instance, if you’re a musician looking for more followers, another musician can promote you better. The reason for this is the already existing interests of their followers. 

How To Get More Followers and Likes on Twitter: Boosting Your Engagements for Good

We all know that, in most cases, more followers automatically translate to more likes and engagements on social media. However, there are a few cases where increased Twitter followers do not necessarily create more engagements. This phenomenon could occur when a tweep purchases inactive followers from vendors. However, what are the secrets on how to get more followers and likes on Twitter?

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How To Get More Twitter Followers and Likes by Joining Current Trends

Current trends are the basis of traffic, likes, and general engagements on Twitter. Because most current discussions and conversations occur on Twitter, jumping on them can be quite advantageous. For instance, the discourse switches during elections, with people listening to stronger and more coherent voices. Thus, you can tweet your thoughts, make arguments, and create a stance to become more popular.

Resultantly, people who agree with you, and those who do not, will begin to look forward to your posts. This method is quite effective regarding how to get more followers on Twitter. Many tweeps who have created voices on the social media service grew their audiences in this manner. 

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Getting More Followers and Likes Using Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads is another option for users looking for how to get more followers on Twitter. It offers a fast way to gather followers and likes as opposed to organic engagement. You can use ads for follower campaigns that promote your profile to targeted audiences. It is also quite efficient because the platform charges you based on the conversion rate. In essence, you pay proportionally to the number of followers and likes you receive. 

These ads work better for short-term campaigns, but people can use them consistently for growth. Essentially, they allow your account and posts to reach people who do not follow you. Also, it targets those who may find your brand interesting or who may relate to it. Subsequently, you can promote some of your tweets to raise engagement rates and boost your relevance.

Getting more followers and engagement remains the principal priority when pushing for growth on Twitter. However, it is sometimes essential to delete old tweets that may thwart your brand’s image. Other times, it is even necessary to delete tweets in great numbers. Luckily, TweetEraser offers a valuable alternative to removing these posts one after the other.At TweetEraser, we’ve designed a simple web tool that filters tweets and deletes them in bulk. This straightforward web application loads Twitter archives, even accessing tweets that have disappeared from the timeline. It offers several advantages: it does not publish promotions on users’ profiles. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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