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How to RT in Twitter: Sharing Posts on the Platform


June 13, 2023 | 10 min read

As an active Twitter user, you must have seen some tweets you agree with as you browse your feeds. What if you want to share those tweets with your followers? Most social media platforms allow users to forward posts from other users. Well, Twitter also allows users to share public tweets with their audience. This activity is known as retweeting. But as a newbie, you may wonder about how to RT in Twitter. 

Usually, Twitter posts carry several options that allow the audience to perform specific actions. For instance, a tweet carries a like button, a comment button, and a retweet button. The retweet feature offers two opinions, the regular retweet and the quote tweet. While all these options perform different actions, this article is concerned with how to RT in Twitter. It covers all the options that accompany this specific feature.

A 3D illustration of the Twitter logo accompanied by the retweet, like, comment, and DM options.

What Does RT Mean on Twitter: Revealing Everything About This Feature

Every social media community on the internet possesses a specific language and peculiar terms. Users of these platforms employ these terms freely during their interactions. RT is one of those terms that is popular on Twitter. However, as a rookie on the platform, you may have questions like, “What does RT mean on Twitter?”

A photograph of someone holding a mobile phone with Twitter feeds displayed on the screen.

What Does RT Stand For on Twitter?

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For users to understand how to RT in Twitter, it’s essential to get the meaning of that term. RT is the short form of Retweet users add to indicate that they are quoting someone else. A retweet entails a reposting of a tweet. 

This retweet feature on Twitter allows users to share tweets with their followers. You can retweet tweets from another user, and you can also retweet your tweets. Now, you can make a regular retweet, and you can also quote a tweet.

Users add “RT” at the start of their tweets to show they share someone else’s tweet. Although this is no longer a famous command on the platform, users can decipher that it is a shared post. The phrase “RT” helped engage your Twitter audience with content ranging from text to media files. Well, anyone on the platform for a while will know what it means when someone adds “RT” to a tweet. 

However, Twitter’s improving interface has reduced the need for such additions. This is because it has gotten easier to recognize retweets. Instead of posting someone else’s tweet and adding “RT” to them, you can make a retweet with a few taps. This is preferred because it allows followers to follow up with the conversation. 

What Does RT Look Like on Twitter?

Apart from knowing how to RT in Twitter, people may consider retweets quite different from tweets. However, they appear as regular tweets but with the poster’s username and name next to them. 

They are only different due to the Retweet icon and the name of the person who made the retweet. Sometimes, while browsing your “Following feeds,” you could find content from someone you do not follow. Twitter has made it easy to find information about who retweeted it. 

A closeup photograph of the Twitter app on a mobile phone’s screen.

On the other hand, Twitter mentions that retweets could appear quite different when using third-party apps. For instance, applications that allow tweeps to make automatic retweets could use a similar icon for the same function. Nonetheless, people would only consider a third-party function a retweet if linked to Twitter’s authentic retweet feature. 

Otherwise, the app would not consider that feature a retweet. To confirm this, use a third-party application to attempt a retweet. If that retweet appears on Your Twitter profile, it’s a valid retweet action. Otherwise, it is not a retweet.

Where Can You See Retweets on Twitter?

Although you may understand how to RT in Twitter, there could still be concerns about knowing where retweets appear. If someone you follow has retweeted or quoted someone else’s tweet, you will see that retweet in your home feeds. If you’ve blocked someone’s account, you won’t see their tweets even when someone you follow retweets them. 

You can also see your tweets which other users have retweeted and quote-tweeted. Visit your Twitter notifications and observe the flurry of activity surrounding your tweets. There, you can see the users that have recently retweeted your tweets and the exact tweets. From your tweet details, you can observe how many times people have retweeted the post.

 You can also check how many quote tweets people have made. Finally, you can see the users who have retweeted you by tapping the retweets tab. Also, you can view the users who have quoted your tweet in the quote tweets tab. 

Twitter How to Retweet: The Right Way To Share Someone’s Tweet 

Even now, some tweeps, especially newbies, could need help making retweets. But apart from understanding how to RT in Twitter, users could also want to discern between regular retweets and quote tweets. This feature is available on all versions of the Twitter application and the web version. While discussing the app’s retweet feature, you can also retweet manually. This section will teach users of Twitter how to retweet the right way. 

An illustration of the Twitter logo with the like, retweet, and verification icons.

How to RT in Twitter Manually

Before Twitter added its retweet feature, users employed a manual way of reposting tweets. This involved copying and reposting the tweet but then acknowledging the original author in the post. Users had to do all these within Twitter’s allowed 140-character limit. 

Initially, there was no way to add a comment to these RTs, but tweeps created a system for it. They added their comment before acknowledging that it was a retweet. The manual RT looked like this:

Yes, absolutely! RT @username: London is blue tonight.

Although the retweet feature has revolutionized sharing posts on Twitter, some users are in the past. Even though this format may seem exotic, it offers fewer advantages. For instance, you cannot follow up with the original conversation on the primary tweet. Nonetheless, here is how to RT in Twitter.  

First, copy that tweet together with the Account name and username of the original author. Next, enter the information you copied into a fresh tweet. While here, you could remove the account name and add “RT” just before the username. 

Also, add a full colon after the username while removing unnecessary spacing. Double-check if the tweet has a URL to ensure it is correct. This is because copying and pasting the links can alter them. 

Make your edits on the tweets to fit the character limit. Twitter’s limit was 140 characters, but then it jumped to 280. But now, users subscribed to Twitter Blue can make tweets as long as 10,000 characters. Before publishing the RT, add your opinion before the “RT” tag and send it. Even today, this mode could still work. Nonetheless, Twitter’s retweet feature has overshadowed the manual sharing of someone’s tweet. 

How to RT in Twitter With the Retweet Feature

Twitter now allows users to make retweets by using the retweet option at the bottom of every tweet. The retweet icon appears like a recycle icon and is right between the comments and the like icons. When making a retweet this way, you can either add a comment or not. Before wondering about how to RT in Twitter with the app’s feature, you must have found tweets ticking your boxes. 

Consider whether you want to add a comment while sharing the tweet. You should push the tweet forward without airing your thoughts. If you’re retweeting without comments, choose the first option from the two that appear when you click that retweet button. 

This retweet appears like the original tweet in the feeds, but it spells on top of it that you retweeted. Tweeps mostly use this feature when they agree with the position of a tweet or when they’re sharing news. 

On the other hand, you can still use the quote tweet feature to your advantage. After you’ve clicked the retweet icon on a tweet, choose the second option to quote the tweet. Next, Twitter will ask you to add a comment before sharing it. This feature allows tweeps to consider why they’ve shared the tweet. This way, you can even retweet a post you disagree with while adding your criticism. 

Another advantage this feature offers is it allows tweeps to retweet as many times as they want while adding varying comments. But this way, Twitter notifies the original author that you quote-tweeted their post. They can see your retweet in their notifications but not in their Twitter mentions tab.

How to RT in Twitter Automatically: Employing All the Tools

Like apps that delete all tweets, several web applications allow Twitter users to retweet automatically. Usually, people share content that they agree with or when they want to add their thoughts on a topic. However, people also use the social media website to spread the word about specific topics and ideas. In cases like this, there are often questions about how to RT in Twitter automatically. 

A picture of someone in a stairway holding a smartphone with Twitter’s blue screen displayed.

How to RT in Twitter Automatically With is one of the most popular web applications for automatically making retweets on Twitter. It offers a free plan and a couple of premium plans. The service’s free plan only permits 50 retweets per month. On the other hand, both paid plans do not place a limit on the number of retweets you can make. This app allows users to schedule their activities and execute them even when those users are not online. 

To use this app, create an account and subscribe to a plan if the free one does not fit your needs. Click the “Connect Social” button and add your Twitter accounts. Select the main account and choose the retweet accounts. You can toggle between accounts by changing the primary and retweet accounts. is an excellent option if you’re searching for an automated method on how to RT in Twitter.

How to RT in Twitter Automatically With RetranceTwitter

RetranceTwitter is a free tool for automatically retweeting posts according to your command. This web application makes retweets from any Twitter account you choose. To use this tool, visit its website and authenticate your Twitter account before configuring your automatic retweet settings. 

During the configuration, you can add the usernames and hashtags from which the app should automatically retweet to your account. Finally, save these settings, and you’re good to go. RetranceTwitter remains one of the most popular free services if your concern is how to RT in Twitter automatically.

How to RT in Twitter Automatically Using IFTTT

IFTTT represents If This Then That. It is a free application that allows users to auto-retweet according to their specifications. This web app has two auto-retweet tools called applets. The first applet is the simplest, available in a basic format that only offers a little customization. With this applet, you would have to add the username of the account you’d want to make auto retweets from. 

The second applet provides more advanced customizations, using usernames, keywords, links, and embed codes. IFTTT provides multiple options if you’re thinking about how to RT in Twitter automatically. 

Overall, the process of retweeting on Twitter is simple and concise. It provides major advantages because now, users can share others’ tweets without any hitches. Although retweeting has evolved, it has only gotten smoother. However, another issue bothering tweeps is clearing unwanted tweets. For this,  our Twitter management tool, TweetEraser, offers several options.At TweetEraser, we’ve created a simple web-based application that helps users filter and remove tweets in large numbers. This straightforward tool imports and processes Twitter archives, making it easier to delete posts. TweetEraser is the deal breaker for users cleaning their profiles and removing private information. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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