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Active Twitter Followers: Get Real Users for More Engagement

Tweet Eraser Team

August 22, 2023 | 11 min read

Followers are the lifeblood of Twitter accounts, now called X accounts. When they engage with tweets, the platform boosts these posts. These tweets appear in the timeline of these users’ followers, increasing visibility. This is why brands and individuals focus on increasing their follower count. However, not every user has the same value on the platform. For example, there are spam accounts that follow you with the hope you return the favor. However, they don’t engage with your posts, which means they’re nothing more than a statistic. What you want are active Twitter followers, i.e., people who engage with your tweets.

But should you use a third-party service to find such users? Or are there techniques you can implement to grow your follower count organically? Also, how do you determine when your genuine Twitter followers are active to get maximum engagement? The answers to these questions are in this definitive guide. It covers various X aka Twitter followers’ topics to ensure you get the whole picture.

A lock screen notification about an active Twitter follower liking another user’s photo.

What Is the Meaning of Active Twitter Followers?

Why is there an emphasis on active Twitter followers? Who are these types of users on the platform? Active followers are those people who use the platform regularly. They engage with the tweets when they find content that connects with them. This means they go through the posts in their feeds and interact with interesting posts. They’ll leave likes or comments, and if your tweet resonates with them deeply, they’ll retweet it. In other words, these individuals show genuine interest.

These types of users are invaluable for growing your follower count and increasing your reach. Their engagement lets Twitter’s algorithm know what is worth boosting on the platform. In a way, they indirectly market your tweets to other users on the social media network.

There are also lurkers on the platform. They are real users who view your posts but don’t engage with them. Engagement is an essential metric, so these accounts aren’t as valuable as your active followers.

  • Fewer people follow these users, as they don’t post on the platform frequently. This means even if they retweet your post, only a handful of accounts will see them.
  • They don’t use the platform frequently, so they may not even see your tweets.

Imagine if only lurkers follow your account. Your tweets will have a high view count, but every other engagement metric will be low.

Where To Buy Active Twitter Followers?

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Now that you understand the importance of these users, you can see why brands and influencers want them. It is also why you can buy these followers from third-party services. Yes, that’s right, you can increase your follower count for a fee. However, if you search for buying high-quality followers, you’ll come across various third-party services. This brings you to the question, where to buy active Twitter followers?

UseViral, TweSocial and Viralyft are reliable places to get genuine Twitter followers for your account. They provide high-quality users so that you can benefit from the growth. Using these services is easy, and you can rely on them. You won’t notice a sudden drop in follower statistics as they provide active users.

UseViral allows you to choose who follows your account. As they have been active for over seven years, they focus on only providing genuine users. Also, you can get global followers, ensuring a wider audience views your content.

TweSocial also provides similar features. You can choose your target audience depending on their hashtags and locations. This third-party service uses organic techniques to help you grow your follower base.

Viralyft is confident about their service, so they offer a refund. You don’t need to share the password to log in to your Twitter account. Like every other reliable third-party service, they also have customer support. When you face an issue, you can always contact them for assistance.

A person holding a black card with the word “Buy.”

3 Tips on How To Buy Real Active Twitter Followers?

When buying real active Twitter followers, finding a third-party service is only the first part. You still need to know whether you’re getting a good deal. With these three tips, you’ll know how to evaluate services that offer real followers for a price:

  1. Ensure the Service Provider Has Customer Support
    One way to identify a third party with legit services is to see if they provide customer support. For example, what will you do if you buy followers but don’t see a bump in your follower count? Or, you notice an increase in followers, but your engagement rate is still the same. Having 24/7 customer support ensures you find solutions to these issues immediately.
  2. Go Through the Brand’s Reviews
    You should never make the mistake of buying followers from a third-party service without doing adequate research. Learning more about these brands is easy by checking what customers say.

    This doesn’t mean only the reviews you see on the brand’s website. Search on Google and see what people say about the company’s service. You can even look on Twitter to understand whether the brand is reliable. Also, it allows you to see how the company handles the situation when users leave bad reviews.
  3. Look at the Quality of the Followers
    Every third-party provider promises real followers, but how do you know if their claims are true? You can purchase a few followers and check if they are genuine. How?
    Your notification panel will tell you who are your new followers. Visit their profiles and analyze them. Are their profiles complete? Do they have a legitimate username, not one with random numbers? Do they post frequently? These questions are a great way to assess the follower account quality.

Twitter for iOS app’s icon on an iPhone.

How To Gain Active Twitter Followers for Free?

While buying active followers on Twitter increases your follower count, there is some element of risk. Buying followers violates the platform manipulation and spam policy. What happens when you break these rules? The platform can take the following actions against your account:

  • Limit the visibility of all your posts. In this case, only people who follow you will see your tweets in their timelines.
  • Temporarily lock your account until you verify that you are the actual owner.
  • Temporarily stop you from using key features like tweets, retweets, replies and direct messages.
  • In severe cases, permanently suspend your account.

To avoid these issues, you must know how to gain active Twitter followers for free. The guide below highlights three ways to get more users to follow your account.

An individual checking the number of followers on their Twitter account.

Engage With Other Twitter Users

Twitter, now X, is more than just posting tweets and sharing your opinions. It is the place to build connections and become a credible and authoritative figure. If you want to attract more active followers on Twitter, you must engage with real users.

Find opportunities where you can join the conversation. For example, you encounter a popular thread from a thought leader in your niche. Leave a comment about the posts, or you can retweet them. When engaging with tweets, make sure the interaction is genuine. It shouldn’t feel like you only do this to get more followers. Add value to the conversation and remain relevant. 

If someone mentions you in their tweet, respond to them as soon as possible. Leave a reply, as it improves your relationship with the author. What if you post your tweet, and it receives comments from a few users? You can show you read the comments by replying to them. This helps build trust with your followers. 

Don’t forget to like tweets from other users regularly. Make sure you do this for posts relevant to your niche. Avoid randomly liking tweets, as you won’t see desired results. Comment on any retweets of your posts to add to the conversation.

When you engage with other users, X, formerly Twitter, notices you’re active on the platform. This increases the visibility of your account and its tweets.

Stay On Top of Trends

When your tweets appear on the platform’s Explore page, it boosts your account’s reach. This helps you get more active followers on Twitter. How do you stay on top of trends? Well, go to the Explore section and analyze all the posts. See what words and hashtags they use when talking about trending topics.

You can add these topics to your X aka Twitter strategy. For example, you can include these trending hashtags when you post a tweet. Make sure it is relevant to your niche. Otherwise, your account won’t look authentic, which drives away potential high-quality followers.

Similarly, you can predict when specific topics will trend. For example, you know Amazon Prime Day takes place annually. Even though the dates vary, you can still use this knowledge to your advantage. Come up with creative and engaging tweets to join the conversation and be a part of the trend.

Make the Most of Hashtags To Find Active Followers on Twitter, Now X

Another way to get active Twitter followers organically is through hashtags. They make it easier for other users to find your tweets. When you enter a specific hashtag, you’ll notice Twitter shows you all the posts that contain this term.

In a way, hashtags behave like a search function. New users will visit your profile when you post interesting content. There are several ways to use hashtags. Let’s say you want to add personality to your tweets. Look for popular hashtags in your community, like #MondayMotivation. Another way is to use hashtags common in your industry, like #photography and #blackandwhitephotography.

Use relevant hashtags like #emmys and #oscars during popular shows and events.

A black sign with the words #teammonday.

How To See When Twitter Followers Are Most Active?

When you scroll through Twitter, you’ll see a pop-up for new tweets every few seconds. Although the platform is busy, this isn’t always true for your followers. How to see when Twitter followers are most active?

The easiest method is to look at your top-performing posts, i.e., tweets with the highest engagement. Note down when you posted these tweets, and you’ll get an idea of when your Twitter followers are active. But, this is a time-consuming process. If you’re a new user, you won’t have a lot of tweets to get this data. Also, your posts need engagement for this method to be effective.

Another technique is to use the data from studies for the best times to tweet. However, this data may not be valid for your active followers on Twitter aka X. For example, you may have a different target audience from the study’s sample group. Or the data is old and no longer valid due to the ever-changing nature of social media.

The Best Way To See When Your Twitter Followers Are Active

A better solution is to use the data from the best times to tweet as your base point. Also, try to guess when your target audience is active. If you’re targeting professional workers, you can assume they may check X, formerly Twitter, on their way to work.

Make a list of the best times, along with your guesses. Follow it for a month. Record the engagement from each post and see when you get the highest-performing tweets. Remove the times that don’t work for you to get the best times to post for your active Twitter followers. You can do this one more time to find good times to post.

To get more active followers on X, formerly Twitter, you should never post tweets with sensitive content. The platform prevents these types of tweets from appearing in the timelines of users who don’t follow you. Also, your posts won’t be visible, even if people use Twitter’s search feature. If there are tweets with sensitive content, you need to remove them. TweetEraser has a feature where you can mass-delete all posts without leaving a trace. You can also use the auto-delete feature to remove any tweet with sensitive content. Ensure your profile follows the platform’s policies to continue increasing your follower count!

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