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Twitter Followers: The Blueprint To Boost Your Online Reach


July 26, 2023 | 12 min read

Twitter followers directly influence your authority and credibility on the platform. A higher number of followers acts as a form of social proof, increasing your online reach. This guide breaks down why your follower count is more than a statistic. It extensively covers various talking points to highlight this metric’s true importance. Let’s learn everything about followers and their impact on your Twitter account.

A person showing the number of followers and users following their Twitter account.

Who Are Twitter Followers?

Twitter followers are users on the social media platform who follow your account. You can see who is following your account from your profile. When you tweet, they’ll see your post on their timelines. They follow you as they want to see your content and are more likely to engage with your tweets. Only your followers can see your posts if you enable Protect Your Tweets feature. Also, you can send them direct messages to start conversations.

Why Do You Need More Twitter Followers?

Increasing the number of Twitter followers offers more than just a boost to your statistics. For starters, it significantly impacts your reach on the platform. Let’s say you have ten followers, and they have ten followers each. If you tweet and all your followers retweet it, your post appears in the timelines of 100 accounts. Now, imagine you have 100 followers with ten followers each. Instead of reaching 100 users, your tweet now appears in the timelines of 1000 accounts.

Another reason for adding to your follower count is its effect on your authority and credibility. Let’s say you come across a review for a restaurant from a user with 100 followers. There’s also a review from another account with 1000 followers. Whose opinions are you more likely to believe? You choose the user with a higher follower count. Why? It’s because the follower count is social proof – the higher it is, the greater weightage of the tweets. When you see accounts with large numbers of followers, you assume it’s worth your time to listen to their opinions.

Your posts get more engagement when visible to a larger audience. As a result, the algorithm will boost your tweets and increase their reach. In other words, a higher follower count has a snowball effect.

A lock screen notification informing the person about a user liking their photo on Twitter.

How To Get Twitter Followers?

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You’ll now want to know how to get Twitter followers because of its impact on your account. After all, as they endorse your posts through engagement, your profile becomes visible to a larger target audience. Given below are two common ways to increase your follower count.

Free Twitter Followers

Free Twitter followers take more effort, but it’s always worth it at the end of the day. Why? These users come across your tweets or profile naturally. As they find your content interesting, they become your followers.

Buy Twitter Followers

If you don’t want to spend time and effort to attract your target audience, you can buy Twitter followers. Several services will boost your follower count for a fee. However, they may not be the same quality as the users who follow you for free. You should remember that buying Twitter followers comes under the platform manipulation policy.

According to its engagement and metrics policy, you shouldn’t boost your follower count artificially. If the platform catches you breaking its policies, it can prevent you from using various features. For instance, you may be unable to tweet, send direct messages, or create spaces and communities. It can limit the visibility of your posts. If you continue to break its rules, the social media network may suspend your account permanently. However, the platform also allows you to appeal the decision. But you need to prove that it was a mistake from their side.

Is There a Twitter Followers Limit?

There isn’t any clarity on the Twitter followers limit. The platform allows you to follow a maximum of 400 accounts every day. After you follow 5,000 accounts, you need to increase your follower count. The platform uses a followers-to-following ratio to determine whether you can follow more accounts. It’s always a good practice to increase your Twitter followers count.

However, Twitter does pay attention if you follow several accounts and then unfollow them. Twitter calls this process follower churn. As this practice aims to increase your follower count, Twitter will take action against your account. Why? It’s because it violates the platform’s rules and manipulation policy.

Types of Twitter Followers

You must keep in mind that not all Twitter followers are the same. This is essential when increasing your follower count. You won’t notice any change in your engagement metrics if you get the wrong type of followers. Here’s what you need to know about this topic:

Active Twitter Followers

Active Twitter followers are real people who engage with your content regularly. When your post appears on their timeline, they will read it. They’ll leave comments or like or retweet the tweet if it resonates with them. If you review their accounts, you’ll see their profiles are complete. They are high-quality followers as their actions can influence the social media platform’s algorithm. In other words, these users help your account grow organically. They indirectly advocate your content, bringing in new followers to your account. If you want to grow your follower count reliably, these users are your best bet.

Fake Twitter Followers

The second type is fake followers on Twitter. These users harm your account in the long run. Why? These types of followers tend to be bot accounts. When Twitter finds these users, it removes them from their platform. This happens if the bots break the platform’s rules. For example, they try to boost specific posts simultaneously.

Also, bot followers don’t engage with your content. If you check out their profiles, you’ll notice several common themes. For starters, they won’t have a profile photo. If they do, they are people’s pictures you can easily find online. Another giveaway is the username. Fake followers have weird handles, usually with a bunch of random numbers. They follow many accounts, but almost no one follows them back. They won’t tweet or retweet any post. Also, their profile is incomplete.

Twitter icon surrounded by popular social media terms like follow, following, hashtags, blue tick and username.

What Is Twitter Super Follow?

Twitter Super Follow is a feature that came out in 2021. However, the platform rebranded this to Subscriptions in 2023. As the name suggests, your followers must become subscribers to access exclusive content. You can charge $2.99, $4.99 or $9.99 monthly. It’s for users who are your most active Twitter followers.

How To Start a Subscription for Your Twitter Followers

Here is how to start a subscription. For Twitter subscriptions, you must fulfill a few requirements. You should have at least 500 Twitter followers in your account. You should be at least 18 years. Also, you must use your account regularly for the last 30 days.

Your account should have a verified email address or phone number. Two-factor authentication is necessary, and your profile should be complete.

Subscription Features for Your Twitter Followers

When your followers on Twitter subscribe to you, what do they get? Well, you can provide exclusive content and engage with them personally. For example, you can tweet and choose only your subscribers as your target audience. You can host a space and only allow paying members to join. Your subscribers also get a badge, making it easy to identify them from other users. They can hide this badge, but it will always be visible to you if you launch the subscription.

As a creator, there’s a separate tab in your account for your subscription. Here, you can track subscriber activity. Also, you can join the subscription community, which is only available to creators. In this space, you interact with other creators and share feedback so that Twitter can improve this service.

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3 Strategies To Get More Twitter Followers for Free

It’s not necessary to buy Twitter followers to boost your follower count. You may spend more time acquiring followers for free, but they are invaluable. Here are three strategies to help you increase your follower count for free:

Create Authentic and Valuable Content for Twitter Followers

One reason why users follow Twitter accounts is because of the content these profiles post. This is because people cannot find these tweets anywhere else. You need to create content that is authentic and valuable. In other words, people should want more posts from your account after they read your tweets. Ensure you include media like images, infographics and videos to make your posts appealing. Also, focus on adding to the conversation.

Find More Twitter Followers With Trending Topics

Trending topics are a great way to join conversations and become visible to your target audience. Find the hashtags and keywords relevant to the user base you want to attract. Adding them to your tweets increases their visibility, ensuring the right people notice your content.

Tweeting Daily Attracts More Twitter Followers

You should regularly engage with users if you want active Twitter followers. This means having a regular stream of posts so that people have a reason to follow you. How often you should tweet depends on the quality of the posts. While a higher frequency works well, it should also be high-quality. Try to stick with 1 – 3 tweets every day. If you can increase this figure, go for it.

The word audience on a whiteboard with arrows pointing towards it.

2 Tips for Buying Twitter Followers

Although Twitter does ask users to avoid buying Twitter followers, several accounts engage in this practice. You can use these tactics to give your initial follower count a boost. However, practice caution when buying your Twitter followers.

  • Avoid cheaper services as they often use bots or fake accounts. Initially, you’ll see a massive increase in your follower count. However, it will decrease as Twitter takes down these bots or fake accounts.
  • Look for services that offer organic Twitter growth. In other words, they manage your Twitter growth by helping you find genuine followers. They will only find users most likely to show interest in your content. Initially, the growth may be slow, but it will provide immense benefits in the long run.

Alternatives To Buying Twitter Followers

If you don’t want to buy Twitter followers, there are better ways to use your resources. For instance, a follower campaign is a great alternative, as Twitter shows your account to prospective followers.

The best part is that you only pay when they become followers after interacting with the ad. You can also collaborate with influencers and see if this marketing technique works for you. If you’re starting fresh, look for micro-influencers. They can help you boost your engagement metrics and follower count.

How To Remove Followers on Twitter?

What if you notice fake followers in your profile? A good practice is to learn how to remove followers on Twitter. This way, you can ensure most users who follow you are real people. You can only remove followers from the web version, not the official app. Follow these steps to remove your followers on Twitter:

  1. Open your profile page. You need to click on Profile from the sidebar menu on the left side of your screen. 
  2. Under your profile photo, you’ll see the number of followers. Select it, and you can see all the users following your account.
  3. Look for the account you want to remove from your follower list. 
  4. Next to the profile, there’s a three-dot button. Click it, and you’ll see a dropdown menu.
  5. Select Remove This Follower, and they’ll no longer be in your follower list.

Is There a Twitter Follower Tracker?

There are several Twitter follower trackers you can use. If you want a free service, Twitter Analytics is the best option. It shows you how many followers you get in a day. You can see a monthly summary of the number of new followers you gain. Also, it shows you the change in your follower count over a defined period. But, the downside is that its feature set is basic.

Paid Twitter Followers Trackers

You need paid services if you want a comprehensive breakdown of your Twitter followers. Tweet Binder and Tweet Hunter allow you to see additional information about your followers:

  • The number of tweets they posted
  • Frequently used hashtags
  • Number of users who follow them
  • Number of accounts they follow
  • Demographic breakdowns of the followers

You’ll find this information useful when you want to increase your follower count. For instance, you can measure your tweets’ performance. Did you gain new followers after posting a tweet? You can evaluate your strategy and make changes to improve the performance of your posts. Also, it shows you whether the new followers you gain are fake accounts or real followers.

Who Is the Most Followed Person on Twitter?

Elon Musk is the most followed person on Twitter. Currently, he has more than 145 million followers on Twitter. The former U.S. president, Barack Obama, comes in second, with 132 million followers. Canadian singer Justin Beiber, with 112 million followers, takes the third spot.

It may take a while to increase your follower count. But once it reaches a substantial figure, it becomes easier to grow your following statistics organically.

If you post sensitive content, Twitter limits the visibility of your posts. This makes it harder to reach out to new accounts. The rule of thumb is to delete all posts with sensitive content to avoid this pitfall. TweetEraser has the tools and features to remove these posts in a single click. Keep your account clean with TweetEraser to grow your follower count organically.

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