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Trending on Twitter: How To Boost Your Tweet’s Visibility?


July 6, 2023 | 9 min read

Did you know that 69% of American Twitter users get news from this social media network? The platform also helped 59% of Twitter users get a better understanding of what’s going on. Tweets and hashtags trending on Twitter play a significant role in keeping people informed. Whether it’s about public figures or politics, the platform always finds a way to be a part of everyone’s lives. 

How do you find trends on Twitter? If you want to join the conversation, what should you do? Keep reading to find out what more you can learn from these trends.

A person holding an iPhone with the Twitter app open.

What’s Trending on Twitter Now?

To keep up with the latest updates, you need to know what’s trending on Twitter now. You can visit Twitter from your desktop browser or the official app. If you go to the Explore tab, you’ll get a list of trending hashtags. As you scroll, you’ll see popular topics and tweets. This is under the For You section. 

Initially, it may seem random. Once the platform understands what you like, it will show relevant hashtags and posts. In other tabs, you can see what’s trending on the website. Similarly, there are categories like News, Sports and Entertainment

Generally, Twitter trends show posts based on where you are right now. You see different trends on the platform when you go to another state. What if you want to know what’s popular elsewhere, say a foreign country?

In the Explore tab, there’s a gear-shaped icon. Tap it to open Explore Settings. Here, you can change the location-based trends. Enable Show Content In This Location to keep up-to-date with local events.

You can also turn off this option and select Explore Locations, which shows a list of countries. Select a location to see what’s trending in that region. 

What’s Top Trending on Twitter?

People visited the social media network 7.1 billion times in May 2022, highlighting the platform’s popularity. If so many people check on Twitter, imagine the tweets users post daily. Today’s tweet from a celebrity is the top trending on Twitter. However, it may not be in the same position tomorrow.

Here are three examples of top trending posts:

  1. A tweet from Chadwick Boseman from his family received 6.9 million likes and 1.3 million retweets. 
  2. Elon Musk’s post about Coca-Cola after his acquisition of Twitter had over 4.9 million likes and more than 650,000 retweets. 
  3. A tweet from Greta Thunberg, in response to another user’s tweet, garnered 3.8 million likes and over 550,000 retweets. 

If you look at what’s similar among these tweets, you’ll notice there’s nothing common. Sure, these accounts have a large following on Twitter, but they didn’t follow any specific strategy to be on top. 

So, who decides what’s trends on the social media network? What is popular on Twitter depends on the algorithm. It keeps track of the hottest topics on the platform and pushes them to the surface. This way, there’s an increase in visibility, which boosts the subject’s popularity even further.

A graph on a black tablet with a green trendline.

How To Find What’s Trending on Twitter?

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It may already be on the downtrend if you discover what’s trending on Twitter too late. As highlighted in the earlier sections, you can use the search function. But how do you know what to look for on the platform? Use this guide to learn how to find trends on Twitter:

Follow Various Topics Trending on Twitter

If you want to be up-to-the-minute with trends, follow Twitter Topics. Think of it as subscribing to a group of accounts that post about a specific topic. 

If you don’t follow any Twitter topics, go to the website’s Explore tab. Continue scrolling until you come across a topic. Select Subscribe to start seeing updates about the subject trending on Twitter.

You don’t have to follow specific accounts to see the posts. In other words, tweets from various influential accounts in the domain appear. This way, you’ll know more about trending conversations on the platform.

Once you subscribe to a topic, go to Content You See under Privacy and Safety Settings. It contains a list of all the subjects you follow on the platform. The social media network recommends more topics, depending on what you subscribe to. There’s also the option to unfollow specific subjects so they don’t appear in your feed.

Show Your Interests With What’s Trending on Twitter

Twitter needs time to learn about you to start recommending tweets, profiles and hashtags you’ll find interesting. You can change the location settings and see what’s trending on Twitter. There are other ways to send the right signals to the social media network.

For instance, you can follow accounts in your niche or industry. Interact with their tweets by leaving likes and comments. You can quote the tweet to share your thoughts on the topic. 

Basically, you have to show activity in the industry or niche so that Twitter learns about your interests. Over time, you’ll see relevant trends in your feed.

Make a List of Hashtags and Keywords Trending on Twitter

You need to analyze the popular tweets to find what’s trending on Twitter. Under the Explore tab, select a few posts on a specific topic. Take a closer look at them and see what’s common. You’ll notice they use particular phrases and hashtags. 

Search for these hashtags and keywords to see what’s trending. You can dive deeper and find subtopics not many users are talking about. 

Track What’s Trending on Twitter With Social Listening Tools

Once you have a list of trending hashtags and keywords, how do you track their popularity? It’s time-consuming to manually see whether there’s an increase or decrease in activity. Instead, you can use social listening tools to do this job.

It tracks the hashtags, keywords and phrases important to you. With these tools, you get a clear picture of any trending conversation. For instance, depending on the topic, you’ll know how people feel about it. Users tend to be vocal on Twitter, giving you a feel for their emotions and thoughts. 

Keep refining the list of keywords, hashtags and phrases. They improve the accuracy of the tool and help uncover exciting conversations. Also, you can track the performance of these keywords, hashtags and phrases. You’ll know when a topic rises or is on a downtrend. 

When the social listening tool provides reports, make sure you analyze them. They contain essential information about what’s trending on Twitter. Remember, it’s not enough to follow influential accounts in a niche. Due to the pace at which things change on Twitter, a social listening tool will always keep you up-to-date. 

Another point to remember is that a social listening tool works best when you use it continuously. You must continue reviewing the reports and improving the hashtags, phrases and keywords you want to track. As conversations happen in real-time, the tools will always show you what’s hot on the platform. Similarly, you can use it to track the change in these conversations with time. Is the trend losing steam? Or is it an excellent time to join the discussion?

How To Join Conversations Trending on Twitter?

It’s insufficient to know what’s trending and what will become popular on Twitter. You also need to use it to boost your account’s statistics. You’ll see more engagement with your tweets when you join the conversation. As the topic is on the rise, your posts get more visibility. Users will visit your profile when they see your tweets have high engagement. If you want to make the most of conversations trending on Twitter, here’s what you need to do:

  • Be genuine – Just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean you have to tweet about the topic. You need to show that you understand what’s going on. You can dive deeper and get a natural feel for the discussion using the above tips. 

Once you know the conversations, you need to personalize your tweet. First, think about who might read your post. In other words, who is your target audience? Yes, your followers will see the tweet, but it will also be visible to other users. 

Understanding your audience makes it easier to join the conversation.

  • Add to the conversation – The need to join the trend shouldn’t come at the cost of trying to be like every user. You need to make sure the tweet stands out. Try to think of how you can add to the conversation. Share exciting or contrasting viewpoints and see how it boosts engagement.
  • Acknowledge other users – What if you hear a user’s tweet and resonate with the post? Or it feels like they’re thinking along the same lines as you? In this case, you can retweet their post. This way, you can share your thoughts on the topic. 

A group of people sitting on a grass field in a circle.

Trending on Twitter: Timing Is Everything

Let’s say you did your research and are aware of the conversations taking place on the platform. Does this mean you jump into the conversation immediately? No, because timing has a huge role in how well your tweets perform. For example, you post in the middle of the night on a topic that’s trending on Twitter. However, not many people will see it. 

According to Sprout Social, Tuesdays to Thursdays are great days to tweet, especially between 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Why is this the case? As the day goes on, people want to know what’s happening. Posting during these times can work wonders for your tweet’s engagement statistics.
Did you know tweets that break Twitter’s rules can suffer from a shadow ban? In this case, the platform limits the visibility of your posts. An easy way to deal with a shadow ban is to delete the rule-breaking tweets. But you can’t remove multiple posts, as the platform only allows you to delete one at a time. With TweetEraser, you can remove several tweets from your timeline immediately. Make sure your profile only contains posts that meet Twitter’s rules today!

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