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Why Does Twitter Allow Sensitive Content? Is There a Limit?

Ochai Emmanuel

July 9, 2024 | 8 min read

Everyone is now familiar with the strict guidelines of other numerous social media platforms regarding adult content. To this effect, every new user on Twitter, now called X, often wonders, “Why does Twitter allow sensitive content?”

On the X support website, X states that they believe adults have the right to express themselves artistically. This may be through writing, posting pictures or videos of themselves, or sharing graphic content across the app. Let’s look at what sensitive content, including adult nudity and graphic content, means on the X app. 

 Number 18 on a gray background.

How To See 18+ Content on Twitter 

If you’re 18+, you’re an adult, meaning you’re qualified to view sensitive content on Twitter. X allows its users to follow anyone and share almost anything with the whole world. However, the  X team hides certain content from the platform to protect underage users. 

Before you learn how to see 18+ content on Twitter, you must first know what this content is. It includes sexual behaviors, adult images, and gory graphics. But how do you tweak your settings to find sensitive content on X

Here are the five steps to help you start seeing 18+ content on X: 

  1. If you’re using a computer, log into your X account and click More. However, just click your profile icon if you use the mobile app. 
  2. Go to Settings and Privacy.
TweetEraser’s screenshot of the X navigation menu.
  1. Select the Privacy and Safety option.
TweeteEraser’s screenshot of X’s Privacy and safety menu.
  1. Click on Content you see
  2. The Display media that may contain sensitive content option appears with a checkbox. Click on the box icon to check it.
TweetEraser’s screenshot of “Content you see” menu on X.

You’ve now successfully opened your account to view sensitive media on the X app, and that’s it. 

To further enhance this experience, you can change your search settings. These settings allow you to search for sensitive or 18+ content on Twitter. 

Follow these five steps below to turn off sensitive content warnings on your search:

  1. Log into your X account on your desktop or your mobile phone. 
  2. Click on your profile icon on your mobile app or select More on your desktop.
TweetEraser’s screenshot highlighting the “More” option on X’s menu.
  1. Scroll and choose Settings and Privacy.
TweetEraser’s screenshot of the X menu.
  1. In your privacy settings, there is a Content you see section. Click on it and select Search settings.
In your privacy settings, there is a Content you see section. Click on it and select Search settings.
  1. A prompt with the note Hide sensitive content will appear. Uncheck the box to allow you to search for sensitive content.

Does Posting Twitter Explicit Content Attract Bans?

Despite Twitter’s reputation as a home for sensitive material and sexual behavior, there are still rules, so there are bans on occasion. These rules protect those who don’t want to share or consume explicit content on Twitter. 

Some of the explicit content that attracts bans on X is:

1. Content That Promotes Exploitation 

Inappropriate content that promotes exploitation of any sort is not allowed on X. Parents who post provoking content about their children for engagements are examples of this category. A very common example is posting a video of a toddler eating bananas or them in a swimsuit. 

The X team has decided that content like this is inappropriate to put on the app for public consumption. It is to this effect that actions like this attract bans and permanent suspensions. 

2. Non-consent Content

Using people for sensitive content on Twitter attracts a ban. Even if you film yourself and another person in an inciting position, they must consent before posting it. Posting without the consent of the person who owns the video attracts a temporary ban or permanent suspension.  

Piracy also falls into this category, so always seek permission before putting up other people’s content on X.

3. Sexual Content 

While sexual content is all over the X app, sexualizing content not meant for that purpose is wrong. So, carrying out this activity will attract a penalty from the X community protection team. 

Typical examples are taking pictures of people or characters and editing them in a sexual way to share amongst tweeps. Outside of Twitter, this act can attract a lawsuit against the offender. And if X allows it, the person involved can decide to sue the company, too. 

Any content and tweet that tries to or aims to objectify anyone is not allowed on the Twitter app.

4. Content That Poses Harm To Minors 

X frowns upon any content that harms minors. The app allows users under 13 to be full users. However, the X team locks away some content to protect the innocence of these minors. 

If an X user deliberately sends a sensitive tweet to a minor, they will attract a ban on their accounts. Depending on how sensitive the content is, the user may even be accused of pedophilia or ephebophilia. 

If you regularly post adult content on your X account, update your media settings to match the content you post. Occasionally, Twitter will automatically do this for you and place a content warning on your media before the public views it. 

You can also mark individual posts with a sensitive content warning to protect tweeps not interested in viewing them. 

If you want to make the best of this new X experience, kudos! All you need to do is understand the policies and learn how to add adult content to your timeline.

Twitter Age-Restricted Content Policy

The Twitter age-restriction content policy is straightforward. No user under the age of 18 is allowed to view sensitive content. Simultaneously, users who fail to include their birthdays on their profiles will be restricted from viewing marked content. 

Of course, you can fix your sensitive content settings by adding your date of birth to allow you access. However, this will only work if you are above 18. 

Twitter is strict about letting minors consume adult media on the app. Therefore, if you are under 18, try again when you’re older. 

Despite X’s guidelines on not safe for work (NSFW) content, the app doesn’t have a way to verify age. This means that minors can create burner accounts and lie about their age to view this content. In such a situation, it is left to the ward’s parents and guardians to claim responsibility for their media content. 

On Twitter, any content that could offend or disturb users is sensitive. This includes content like, but not restricted to: 

  • Violence
  • Nudity
  • Sexual assault 
  • Sexual behavior 

Content like this is banned from being on bannered images, profiles, and X Community cover photos. For users under the age of 18, parents can change the settings on the account to ensure further security.

Why Does Twitter Allow Nudes?

As a new or old user of Twitter, sometimes you may ask, “Why does Twitter allow nudes?” Or wonder, “Why does Twitter allow porn?”  Old users are aware that certain explicit content is common on the app. Normally, you would see unclad pictures of adults and short erotic clips. 

However, the surprise and shock everyone is expressing now is about X allowing proper pornography on the app. So, why does Twitter allow NSFW content on the platform?

Following a recent update on the official usage policies, X has clearly stated its new policy on pornography. “You may now share any consensually produced adult nudity or sexual behavior, as long as it’s properly labeled.” 

They further stated that the team believes users should be able to create, distribute, and consume material with sexual themes. The only requirement is that the owners give consent for production and distribution.  

This belief in adults’ autonomy to express themselves artistically through sexual freedom seems like a good update for the app. While some insist that the app’s NSFW content is too much, others see this as an opportunity. 

This new update seems like a good business move for X. More companies will grow proper channels and subscribe to the app’s premium packages. According to Statista, the adult industry in the US is worth 977 million US dollars. 

However, now, whoever is interested in this industry can watch this content for free on the X app. 

Why Does Twitter Allow Sensitive Content for Users Above 18?

Anyone above 18 is legally an adult worldwide and can decide what to share online. Once you are above 18 years old and can provide consensual content, you can post spicy stuff on Twitter. 

You can also share other people’s content on the app if they allow you to. However, you must read the policy on the approval of adult content. Understanding the policies will help you make the right decisions and know what to post.

Finally, to answer your question, “Why does Twitter allow sensitive content?” in simpler terms. X allows sensitive content for expression through erotism. Following this new update, it is only fair that some people would want to change their content niche. Luckily, you don’t need a new account to achieve this. 

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