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Twitter Trending Hashtags: The Guide To Staying Ahead


July 10, 2023 | 11 min read

Like many other social media platforms, Twitter offers users a variety of topics to optimize the experience. Users share their individual opinion on these topics all the time. However, these contents may not get the engagement they anticipate. This happens mostly because the user doesn’t understand the concept of Twitter trending hashtags.

While hashtags are common on the platform, using the right ones is essential. The hashtags used on content will influence its popularity and relevance. This is why users need to know the Twitter trending hashtags and how to use them for various activities. This guide discusses the concept and use of these Twitter tags. 

A picture of the Twitter logo showing the ‘#hashtags’ word and other features

What Are Twitter Trending Hashtags? How and When To Use These Hashtags

While Twitter offers various topics, many available topics may confuse a user. Hence, a hash (#) symbol is needed to precede a topic. The hash sign makes it easier to identify specific topics on the platform. Hashtag topics could be seasonal or evergreen, depending on the duration of their popularity and relevance to certain situations.

On the other hand, Twitter trending hashtags refer to the current popular topics on the platform. These topics are considered hot trends among users because of their popularity. They could be about recent happenings in the environment or social media platforms. Whichever way, trending hashtags make your content relevant.

A picture of the word “#Twitter” and the Twitter logo on a blackboard

Why Should You Use Twitter Trending Hashtags?

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Sometimes, using hashtags in your content isn’t enough; you must use trending ones. These trending hashtags help to boost your Twitter engagement. They also make it easier to reach your target audience with a few clicks. But how does this happen? 

Most Twitter users use popular hashtags to search for content or click on anyone they see on the platform. When this happens, the action redirects them to the contents available under the topic. Using the relevant hashtags will automatically bring people to your content because of their relation to the topic. Also, it could improve your click-through rate.

Tweets with popular hashtags get more engagement because of their relevance to viral topics. Engaging with Twitter trending hashtags can expose your brand to a wider audience and increase your followers. Most Twitter influencers adopt this method to boost their followership and engagements. Again, following these hashtags on Twitter allows you to optimize post reach and overall engagements. 

What Determines Twitter Trending Hashtags?

Trends are events or topics that are popular for one or two reasons. Some trends may last for a few days or hours. At the same time, some others may last longer or even stay relevant forever. Whichever way, Twitter determines every trend you see on the platform. This springs up the question of how they come up with these trends.

Twitter uses algorithms to come up with trends for users. This algorithm focuses on individual interests, users you follow, location, and settings to create suggestions. It identifies popular topics to help you get hot trends on the platform. This algorithm also uses viral tweets about a particular topic to determine its ranking and trend. 

A topic becomes a trend if many tweeps tweet about it. The algorithm also groups hashtags and trends relating to the same topic together. For instance, #MermaidSighting and #SightingMermaid will fall under the #MermaidSighting grouping. So, while you may not click on a different trend, a similar one may appear.

However, most Twitter trends are not stable. They come forth based on current events, news, or jokes that became viral. Nonetheless, there are more stable and predictable ones, like holiday or weather hashtags. Many people expect these trends and categorize them under Twitter trending hashtags at the right time.

An illustration of the Twitter logo with the hashtag symbol and other features

How To Find Trending Hashtags on Twitter: Using Different Devices To Identify These Tags

Twitter trends change daily, so it can be difficult to keep up with them. Using outdated trends in your tweets is quite embarrassing. Imagine tweeting about something that happened today with a hashtag trend from last year. So, you need to find the trending hashtags on Twitter and use them in your content. But how do you go about that?

How To Find Trending Hashtags on Twitter Using a Desktop Web Browser

Some Twitter users conveniently use desktop web browsers to access their accounts more than any other method. While this gives a more extensive view, it allows them to navigate the menu easily. Fortunately, the buttons and options also make finding popular Twitter hashtags straightforward. Here is how:

  1. First, log into Twitter with your username and password on your desktop web browser.
  2. The trending hashtags will be under the “What’s Happening” header on the right side of the screen.
  3. Click on “Show More” to view more trends on this list.
  4. You can also go to the Explore tab on the left side of the page. Then, click the “#Explore” option on the menu to view more headings.
  5. Click on “Trending” to view the trending hashtags. A list of Hashtags containing a few top trends will appear.
  6. Click on “Show More” to expand the list.

These steps will help you view all the trending hashtags on Twitter. However, the list may be extensive, so you need to select the ones you need. You can then either view content under these Twitter trending hashtags or use them on your content.

How To Find Twitter Trending Hashtags Using a Mobile Phone

Twitter for mobile is more common among users because of its accessibility. The first method most people would use to access the platform is the mobile App. This is why numerous questions concern finding popular hashtags on the App. Thankfully, the process is straightforward. 

Therefore, here is how to do it on mobile phones:

  1. Launch the App on your phone and sign in with your username and password.
  2. Tap on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. A list of hashtags will appear on the screen.
  3. Click on any trend that interests you to view related content.

Once you view all the trending hashtags through the mobile App, you can create content and use these Twitter trending hashtags to keep them relevant and searchable. However, you should note that your tweets are under a popular trend because of the number of tweeps using them. So, you may not see your tweets due to numerous other tweets under the trend. Nonetheless, your followers can see them under the hashtag.

How To Use the Advanced Search Option To Find Twitter Trending Hashtags: Narrowing the Search

Although the trend header on your dashboard offers a list of trending hashtags, you can search deeply for certain ones. The Twitter advanced search option lets you explore the platform for specific hashtags. The option filters the numerous trends and helps you quickly access relevant ones. 

Here is how to use the advanced search option:

  1. Open your Twitter account on any device.
  2. Select the search icon and enter your query in the search bar. The search results will appear on the screen.
  3. Locate “Search Filters” on the left side of the page. Then, select “Advanced Search” under this header.
  4. Enter the hashtags you are interested in finding. 
  5. Click “Enter” to get results based on your query.

You can also use tweets, Twitter handles, engagements, and dates as your search query. Just enter any particular tweet or handle that you want to find. You can also enter the required engagement numbers if you want to find only tweets with high engagement. The date filter allows you to restrict the search to a particular period. All these search queries will give you results for the Twitter trending hashtags.

A picture of a desktop web browser displaying a Twitter dashboard with the trends tab on the right side of the screen

How To Find Twitter Trending Hashtags With Hashtag Tools: Assistants for Quicker Results

Finding trends and generating hashtags for your post is tasking, considering you must go through a list. This process can be slow, and you may not get the relevant ones. So, you may have wondered about the best way to find hashtags without all the hassle. Well, there are hashtag tools to help you through the process.

Twitter hashtag tools or generators effectively create relevant hashtags for your content. These tools generate popular trends to ensure your post reaches the target audience. Hashtag generator tools are easy-to-use. Most of them only require you to enter the desired keywords so they can generate relevant results.

All hashtag is one generator tool that effectively finds relevant hashtags for several social media platforms. This tool generates them based on the keywords you enter. Then, it gives you three filter options to find and select the right one. The tool also allows you to create a customized hashtag and get analytic information about existing ones.

Hashtagify is another hashtag generator tool that analyzes other posts and gives you information about important influencers in your niche. Hashtagify effectively seeks real-time data about any hashtag and gives opinions about them. This generator tool is user-friendly and generates hashtag suggestions befitting your post. It gives trending and popular ones to help you reach a wider audience.

There are many other hashtag generator tools you can get on the internet. They are all effective for finding and suggesting Twitter trending hashtags to suit your purpose. Some even boost your content with customized hashtags suggestions based on your profile.

A picture of the word ‘slack’ with the hashtag symbol

How To Use Twitter Trending Hashtags: The Essential Rules

Finding all the trending hashtags on the platform is the first step to using them in your post. Select whichever interests you once you view all the hashtag suggestions on the trend list. Then, post a tweet using the same phrase or word with the hash symbol. Ideally, you should use nothing above two hashtags per tweet, but you can use a few more.

You could also create unique hashtags to help your audience find your brand faster. However, you must combine it with a trending and relevant one to reach a wider audience. Also, make sure to keep the spellings simple so that they can remember. Although you can use more than two hashtags per tweet, you should avoid too many. 

This could confuse the algorithm and make it difficult to find your posts. At the same time, avoid leaving spaces between words in a hashtag for more clarity. For example, #Music Awards would only refer to the topic ‘Music’ instead of ‘Music Awards.’ But #MusicAwards will refer to ‘Music Awards.’

In addition, avoid using punctuation in hashtags to keep them effective. For example, #HappyMother’sDay won’t be effective even though it is grammatically correct. Use #HappyMothersDay instead. Finally, your Twitter trending hashtags should blend naturally with your post. So, avoid those that stand out from the rest of the post.

What Are the Trending Hashtags on Twitter Today? A Dose of Viral Trends

Determining Twitter trends every day is quite challenging because they change constantly. Your location, settings, and preferences also influence your trend suggestions. Naturally, each user has different suggestions. 

The algorithm focuses on viral tweets and interests to create suggestions, but some trends are popular because of their niche. So, while settling on a particular trend for the day is difficult, you can focus on the relevant niches. That said, some of the trending hashtags on Twitter today are centered around the following popular niches:

  1. Health and fitness niche
  •  #Nutrition
  • #Fitness
  • #WeightLoss
  • #HealthyLiving
  1. Food and cooking niche
  • #Foodie
  • #HealthyFood
  • #Vegan
  • #Cooking
  1. Technology and innovation niche
  • #Tech
  • #Coding
  • #Software
  • #Crypto
  • #Cryptocurrency
  • #AI
  1. Arts and Culture
  • #Music
  • #Art
  • #Hiphop
  1. Travel and adventure
  • #Wildlife
  • #Travel
  • #Safari
  • #Adventure
  • #Tourism
  1. Restaurants niche
  • #FastFood
  • #QuickMeals
  • #Restaurants
  • #Foodies
  • #FoodBlogger

Although these trends are not specific to top trends today, they interest people. Adding any of them to your post will give it the relevance it deserves. However, you can check your dashboard for daily trend suggestions to stay updated. There you can get Twitter trending hashtags to use on your posts.

Adding hashtags to your tweets makes them relevant. However, the wrong trend can reduce your engagement. You must find and delete these negative tweets and hashtags when this happens. This process can be tasking, especially if you have numerous contents on the platform.This is why, at TweetEraser, we have created a user-friendly, web-based tool that helps to filter and delete bulk tweets. This tool lets you quickly load, filter, and delete tweets and archives. In addition, TweetEraser operates without clogging your timeline with promotional content. So,  start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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