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How To Get Famous on Twitter: 3 Tips for Becoming Popular


April 12, 2024 | 10 min read

Your fame and influence level is a valid measure of success on X, formerly Twitter. So, any tweep or business seeking success must also learn how to get famous on Twitter. When you become famous, your credibility and influence will help you achieve all your goals on the platform. 

Twitter is one of the easiest social platforms on which to become famous. It curates intelligent audiences who are easy to please and ready to jump on trends. With the right guide, you can easily become famous even with a new account. Therefore, this article will show you how to become famous on X!

A 3D cube with Twitter’s bird logo and the follow, following, and verified buttons float around it.

How To Become Famous on Twitter, Now X

According to Statista, over 360 million people actively use X every month. This number can easily discourage anyone from seeking fame on X, especially if you’re new to the platform. However, getting famous on X is not as difficult as it appears. 

First, when thinking about becoming famous, the primary goal is to increase your followers. As your followers increase, so does your audience. That will impact your tweet reach and, ultimately, your fame on the platform. 

Consequently, this section will outline three tips to help you gain followers and become Twitter famous. 

1. Post Authoritatively To Build Fame in a Niche

Social media fame is usually niche-bound. When someone is famous on social media platforms, there is something they’re famous for. So, the first step in your journey to fame is choosing a niche and establishing an identity. The business determines the niche if you seek fame for an X business account. 

After identifying your niche, it is important to establish an identity on the platform. You can achieve this by posting authoritative content on that niche. When seeking fame, you must develop credibility from scratch. 

Even if you don’t have competition in that niche, establish authority by posting reliable and practical content. That will attract more followers and engagements for your posts, exposing you to wider audiences.

A person holds a black phone displaying Twitter push notifications on a lock screen.

2. Delight Your Audience With Continous Posts and Engagements

It is easy to become famous by permeating internet personalities and reaching users’ hearts. However, that is only possible when you post and engage your audience continuously. 

Tweeps spend billions of hours on the platform seeking new content to engage. So, they’ll readily pledge their loyalty to creators who feed them continuously. 

Therefore, create a content calendar to ensure you post regularly to retain your audience and attract more. Post different types of content with relevant hashtags, including visual content to appeal to all demographics on X. 

Also, besides posting regularly, review your posts and engage with tweeps on popular tweets. This action appeals to your audience, showing them you care about them and their opinions. That is one way to reach their hearts and retain loyal and active Twitter followers who’ll readily promote your account. 

3. Connect With Twitter Influencers and Famous Tweeps

The easiest way to become famous on X is by connecting with Tweeps who are already famous on the platform. If successful, this will help spread your campaign to a larger audience while building your credibility. 

Social media users know that famous online personalities seldom connect with others on the platform. So, if they see you connected to their favorites online, it increases your worth in their eyes. Thus, you can leverage the famous user’s audience to build your fame on the platform. 

Additionally, by connecting with famous tweeps and influencers, you’ll easily learn their secrets to success and apply them. As their contact on the platform, you can monitor their moves more closely and learn how to become famous, too. But how do you connect with famous people on X? Find out in the next section.

A person clicks a tablet, showing some social media application icons on the screen.

How To Get Famous People To Follow You on Twitter 

Famous people on X have the weirdest follower-to-following ratios on the platform. You could see a user with thousands of followers following only two, five, or fourteen people. For some reason, famous tweeps don’t readily follow others on X. 

No rule prevents famous tweeps from following others; they do this out of discretion. So, this section shares some tips to help you get famous people to follow you on Twitter. They’ll help you appeal to famous tweeps and get them on your X contact. 

1. Tweet About and Tag Them in Your Post

Everybody likes to maintain a good reputation, especially popular people. So, you can gain their attention by tweeting positively about them and tagging them in your posts. Share their achievements and positive thoughts on your timeline while tagging them each time. 

As you continuously tweet about and tag them, you gain their attention and the attention of their followers. With time, the famous person will reward your passion and love for them by following you. 

You could also gain their followership by defending them from critics on the platform, especially on current events. You’ll easily earn their attention and approval by posting passionate and impressive praises and accolades. 

2. Engage Their Tweets Meaningfully and Continuously

Famous people expect numerous engagements when they post because of their large audience. However, they may not expect a consistent user to engage all their posts with meaningful and outstanding comments and replies. So, that is one way to earn their attention. 

So, you must consistently engage with a unique and outstanding voice when engaging their post for recognition. That will help your comments stand out among numerous others. Use optimization techniques to make your comments stand frequently as the top comment on their posts. 

In time, they’ll recognize you as their foremost Twitter fan and follow you as a reward for your love.

A 3D sculpted hand shows Twitter-verified badges in an open palm.

How To Get Verified on Twitter Without Being Famous 

The X platform has experienced several changes in the past few years, affecting many features. Notwithstanding, the Twitter Blue check (verified) badge maintains its elegance. 

You’re confident of credibility when you see an account with this badge. Moreover, Twitter Blue Subscribers now enjoy many features that are unavailable to others on the platform. Previously, only famous tweeps qualified for this badge. However, this section will show you how to get verified on Twitter without being famous today!

You can now verify your X account by simply subscribing to Twitter Premium. Instead of qualifying for Twitter’s former criteria, including fame on the platform, your subscription buys you the verification. After your subscription, you must only meet a few basic eligibility criteria to earn the verification badge. 

These criteria include: 

  1. You must have a complete account with a display name, profile photo, and phone number. 
  2. Your account identifiers must not have any recent changes.
  3. The account must be active for more than 30 days prior. 
  4. Your account has not engaged in spam or manipulation on the platform. 

Any user who meets this criteria can subscribe to X Premium. Then, Twitter administrators will add the blue check to your account after a successful review of the account.

Twitter’s bird and X logos are printed in white on a brown background.

How To Get Famous on Twitter as an Influencer

Twitter influencer marketing is a lucrative business from which many tweeps now benefit. Companies and brands pay popular influencers on the platform to endorse their product or service in a number of ways. 

However, only famous influencers on X can attract brands for influencer marketing. Therefore, this section outlines how to become a famous influencer on X to attract endorsement deals. Here, you’ll find three tips to help you become famous on X. 

1. Gain Twitter Followers To Increase Your Fame

The first step to becoming a famous influencer on X is to increase your audience. Since your followers form your primary audience, you can start by increasing your X followers. Influence command an online crowd, so you must first know how to curate that crowd. 

Moreover, when brands want to employ an influencer for marketing, they seek those with a large follower count. That assures them of a wider promotion of their product. 

Numerous ways exist to gain Twitter followers as an influencer. When you post and engage your audience continuously, you’ll attract more followers. Further, optimizing your profile can make it more appealing and attractive to potential followers. 

For an influencer, an increased level of practical activity is the surest way to attract followers and expand your audience. 

2. Become a Thought Leader in Your Niche

You can become famous online but without influence. Many celebrities and entertainment stars have numbers on social media without influence over their audience. A Twitter influencer must have both. 

One way to achieve this is by becoming a thought leader in your niche. While growing your account, establish yourself as a reliable authority in your niche. Whether or not you have competitors, build your account on trust and subject credibility in your niche. 

While building to become a thought leader, strive to maintain a niche. Do not post random; instead, post nich-specific content and engage topics within your niche. You could also join Twitter Lists and spaces and participate conspicuously to attract followers from a wider audience. 

That way, more people will follow you for the practicality of your content. Then, when you become an influencer, you’ll lead them seamlessly on the platform. 

People always have reservations about promoted goods. However, they’ll readily follow your recommendations if you’ve developed a trustworthy reputation. That will earn you greater conversion for your client and establish your efficiency as a Twitter influencer.

A person holds an iPhone displaying a Twitter feed with visual content.

3. Increase Your Twitter Engagement Rate on Posts

Brands favor influencers with a more engaging audience. So, it helps to grow an active and engaging audience for your X account. When seeking influencer marketing, brands target conversions more than they do visibility.

Nevertheless, your Twitter engagement rate is a function of your impressions and engagement. To obtain your tweet engagement rate, you must divide your tweet impression by its engagement. 

So, it is insufficient to promote your post to larger audiences. You benefit more when your audience engages with your post. That way, generating leads that successfully convert for your brand is easier. 

So, look for practical ways to increase engagement rates for all your tweets. For example, you could filter your account to remove inactive Twitter followers and promote your tweets in more active communities. You could also lace your tweets with humor or triggers to elicit active engagement. 

Credibility lies at the heart of success as an influencer on X. So, if you’re just starting, apply all the tips about how to get famous on Twitter as an influencer. Look at the current state of your account and see if you need to make adjustments. 

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You can also use it to schedule automatic tweet deletion to remove posts after serving their purpose. That will help you decongest your timeline, always making it attractive and functional. Choose TweetEraser to start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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