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Inactive Twitter Followers: Finding and Removing Inert Users

Ochai Emmanuel

October 16, 2023 | 10 min read

Like most other platforms, followers are an important metric on X, formerly Twitter. This makes accruing many followers on the social media service a big deal. However, follower count does not translate to engagement in many cases where the numbers represent nothing. Among others, the presence of inactive Twitter followers explains this occurrence. But where do inactive followers come from?

Many large accounts on X have inactive users among their list of followers. Of course, most users gather such users over time without intending to do so. On the other hand, other users purchase Twitter or X followers from vendor websites; these are mostly inactive accounts. This phenomenon explains why many accounts have an unbalanced engagement-to-follower ratio. Therefore, this article discusses the issue of inactive followers on X, describing how to find and remove them.

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How To Find Inactive Twitter Followers: Identifying Dormant Friends on X

Inactive followers on X, formerly Twitter, are a major scourge to anyone taking their social media activity seriously. These followers create an illusion of influence on the platform while contributing nothing to growth. Of course, gathering an audience consisting of inactive users is sometimes unavoidable. This is because certain users may have lost their accounts over time while following you. You may wonder about how to find inactive followers on Twitter.

Well, finding such accounts can be quite tricky since the platform does not have a dedicated option for it. Nonetheless, several useful third-party services help with this activity. Let’s dive right in.

Finding Dormant Twitter Followers With Circleboom

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Circleboom, a third-party website, allows users to perform several specialized activities on Twitter, aka X. The tool offers valuable insights, helping users remain updated on their followers and providing information about their activities. The website defines inactive accounts as those that haven’t shared a post in over a month. The website picks out spam and fake users, showing what percentage of your followers fall within each category. It is an excellent tool to find inactive Twitter followers.

Thus, here are eight steps to track inactive followers using Circleboom:

  1. Open the Circleboom website on your desktop browser.
  2. Choose “Start” and choose the Twitter management option. 
  3. Follow the prompt to create or sign in to your previous account. After you’ve logged into the Circleboom account, connect it with your X or Twitter account. 
  4. After connecting your X account to Circleboom, it’ll immediately show some of your account statistics. From the first page, scroll down, and you’ll see the number of inactive and fake followers. 
  5. Tap the “Inactive Friends” option, and the website will list all your dormant followers.
  6. Alternatively, you can switch to the Followers tab from the website’s menu after logging into your account. This tab will allow you to perform several actions about your followers on Twitter, aka X.
  7. Tap the “Inactive Followers” option, and the website will list all the low-engagement users following you. 
  8. Also, choose the Fake/Spam Followers option to get a list of fake users following you.

Circleboom is undoubtedly one of the most effective web applications for finding inactive Twitter followers. However, users must buy subscription plans to use these features. The Pro plan that supports this feature costs $29.99 monthly. Also, the $94.99 Plus plan and the $159.99 Premium plan permit this activity.

How To Find Your Inactive Followers on X Using Audiense

Audiense, another third-party web service, offers a solid option for people needing to find inactive Twitter followers. This web tool focuses on helping users gather insights about their audiences and their follower base. Regarding followers on X, formerly Twitter, the web tool supports research, network management, and niche targeting. But again, it is useful for finding inactive users in your follower list.

So, here are four steps for getting your inactive followers with this web tool:

  1. Launch a web browser on your computer and open the Audiense website in a new tab. 
  2. Create an account on the website or log into an existing one before connecting it with your X or Twitter account. 
  3.  The website will immediately redirect you to – a page displaying your audience insights. You’d identify your followers’ interests, behavior patterns, and engagement styles here. 
  4. From your audience insights, pick out your dormant followers. You can do this by using the complex analytics that Audiense offers. This way, picking out these followers and marking them out is easier.

In addition to allowing users to identify inactive Twitter followers, Audiense helps users create and enforce a Twitter marketing strategy. Its practical views on the performance and behavior of different audiences help attract and retain mass followers.

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How To Remove Inactive Twitter Followers: Dealing With Dormant Friends on X

Besides identifying dormant followers on X, formerly Twitter, many users need to remove these followers. Dealing with these non-functional followers allows users to maintain a healthy engagement-to-follower ratio. It also tilts the X or Twitter Algorithm in their favor, making their content more visible. However, there are questions about how to remove inactive Twitter followers.

Besides scanning your follower list and picking out inactive accounts, users can employ several third-party applications. While anyone can find these tools helpful, content creators should consider employing them in full use. Well, here are several helpful options:

Remove Inactive Followers With Circleboom’s Twitter Tool

The Circleboom Twitter management tool allows users to identify their inactive Twitter followers. This third-party website also offers another option that permits users to remove these followers from their accounts. Since X, aka Twitter, does not provide an in-app feature for this activity, this website offers a valid alternative. 

Here are five steps for dealing with dormant followers using Circleboom:

  • Launch a web browser on your computer and open the Circleboom Website.
  • Create an account and log into it before connecting the site with your X account. The site will redirect you to your dashboard, displaying your account statistics. 
  • Click the “Followers” option from the menu, and the site will show several alternative actions for your followers. 
  • Choose “Inactive Followers,” and Circleboom will list all your non-functional followers. You can tick the users one by one from the checkbox accompanying each item or select all.
  • After selecting the followers you wish to wipe, click the red “Remove” button, confirm your choice, and complete the process.

Besides clearing inactive Twitter followers, this web tool performs various services relating to followers. For instance, it also detects spam, fake, overactive, verified, and egghead followers.

Audiense Also Helps To Remove Inactive Followers

While Audiense can find inactive followers among your audience, it also removes them for you. This web application provides an encompassing alternative to working with your followers for the best results on X, aka Twitter. It connects with a user’s account to analyze and draw out users who have not shared posts within specific periods.

So, here are five steps for dealing with dormant fans on X, formerly Twitter:

  1. Visit the Audiense website on a browser and create an account. 
  2. Log into that account and follow the prompt to connect it with your Twitter or X profile. The website will display your dashboard, which contains information about your followers’ activities, patterns of engagement, and interests.
  3. Use the platform’s comprehensive analytics to decipher inactive users and put them aside.
  4. After segmenting your inactive followers, remove them from the Audiense website.

While Audiense is immensely useful for dealing with inactive users in your follower list, it also performs other actions. For instance, its analytical tool can help you understand your follower base better. This way, you’ll build more efficient techniques for growing and retaining your followers and maintaining your influence on the platform.

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How To Check Inactive Twitter Following: Dealing With Dormant Friends on X or Twitter

There are millions of dormant accounts on X, formerly Twitter. While some of these accounts have never really been in use, some were once active before going dormant. Of course, many reasons exist. They include loss of account access, Twitter account suspensions, and decisions to leave the platform. Unfortunately, the accounts you follow may also become dormant. So, how do you check inactive Twitter following?

The most effective way of checking the inactive users you follow is to browse the following tab on your account. These users would easily pick out and unfollow accounts they haven’t seen any activity from. While this alternative is straightforward, it is only feasible for people following a limited number of users. Users with small accounts may even notice when someone they follow becomes inactive. This way, they can visit the dormant profiles and unfollow them.

The story is quite different for users with large accounts since scanning through thousands of accounts can be challenging. Instead, these users can employ several paid third-party services to help with this problem. Most third-party services that help remove inactive Twitter followers also help when it comes to following.

For example, users can utilize the Circleboom Twitter management tool to clear their inactive following. This web tool classifies your following as friends and efficiently deals with it. Here is how to use it:

  1. Open a new tab on your web browser and load the Circleboom website. 
  2. Create an account or log into one before linking it with your Twitter profile. 
  3. From your Circleboom dashboard, tap the “Friends” option in the menu.
  4. Choose “Inactive Friends.”
  5. Select the ones of interest and hit the “Blacklist” button.
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How To Get Active Twitter Followers: Building an Engaging Audience on X

Obtaining followers on Twitter, aka X, is critical to building influence on the social media platform. While the number of followers also matters in the grand scheme of things, their activity is more paramount. Of course, many users with huge audiences may not boast of a corresponding engagement due to their inactive Twitter followers. So, how can one get active Twitter followers?

There are several helpful ways of obtaining followers that engage with your content. The most effective of these involves growing your profile organically and settling into your space on the platform. Here are six helpful techniques:

  1. Always publish relevant content that your audience may find helpful.
  2. Post constantly to remain in the larger conversation. 
  3. Prioritize sharing visual content such as photos, videos, and GIFs.
  4. Interact with other users and follow them as well: also, join the important discussions. Replies and reposts are excellent ways of engaging others.
  5. Jump on trends and current topics.
  6. Follower ad campaigns are also excellent avenues for collecting active followers.

Although many websites advertise the sale of active followers, this is not always the case. Most sites use bots and harvested accounts to boost follower counts, leaving subsequent engagements bare. On the other hand, organic growth techniques like regular posting could create the results you desire. Still, you must be careful not to share posts that undermine your credibility.

But if this happens, TweetEraser comes through to clean up for you. TweetEraser, a third-party web service, helps users filter and delete their posts in bulk. This simple web application loads Twitter archives, performing highly specific deletion tasks in a few clicks. It is ideal for people intent on clearing their profiles. So, start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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