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Twitter Influencer Marketing: Promote Your X Brand Right

Ochai Emmanuel

January 12, 2024 | 10 min read

More customers now consult the internet before purchasing items online and offline. The size of a brand and its flashy ads no longer appeal to them. Rather, consumers now seek social proof from brands before engaging them. That is why most brands use Twitter influencer marketing to reach and attract more consumers. 

This strategy has earned several brands increased conversions and loyal customers. It is the perfect replacement for social media ads in this era of banner blindness among consumers. Even if users block all ads on all platforms, you can reach them through influencers on every platform. But how does influencer marketing on Twitter work? This article discusses everything in detail.

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Understanding Influencer Marketing on the X Platform

Have you ever wondered why brands spend huge amounts on celebrity endorsement deals and advertisements? You may have guessed right. They seek to leverage the celebrity’s influence to attract potential customers to their products. This arrangement explains influencer marketing in the most basic way. 

Influencer marketing on X, formerly Twitter, describes the endorsement from popular influencers to market a product or service. Here, brands contract an influencer, a Twitter user with a good follower count, niche expertise and authority for product promotion. This promotion could simply be a product mention.

Influencer marketing is an effective strategy that offers social proof from the influencers’ recommendations. Remember, X influencers are niche experts who tweep trust, hence their numerous and dedicated followership. Moreover, their expansive follower count increases the visibility of the brand’s product to the target audience. 

So, if you’re considering adopting a Twitter marketing strategy, influencer marketing is a viable option. The section outlines how to use this strategy to promote your business on X.

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How To Utilize Twitter for Influencer Marketing for Your Brand

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You have an X business account because you know how effective Twitter is for business marketing. Even a basic understanding of X campaigns will help you see how effective influencer marketing is on the platform. However, the million-dollar question is how to utilize Twitter for influencer marketing for your brand? 

The general idea of influencer marketing on X is leveraging an influencer to promote your brand. Nevertheless, there are numerous ways to achieve this. But you must set clear expectations for your campaign and let it guide your search for an influencer. There are three ways to use Twitter for influencer marketing. You’ll find details of each discussed below. 

Using Influencer Marketing To Promote Sponsored Tweets

Sharing sponsored tweets is the most common way to use influencer marketing on Twitter. You contract an influencer to share promotional tweets about your brand, products or services. The main goal of promotional tweets is to gain impressions, visibility and reach on X. Remember, X influencers have a large and dedicated followership of tweeps who’ll engage with their posts. 

An influencer’s sponsored tweet can also be a retweet. You can have the influencer retweet or quote your tweet with a positive statement. That is another great way to gain impressions. Most brands prefer this option because it makes the promotion look more natural than sponsored to the target audience. It also allows them to craft and share their message in their desired tone. 

Influencer Marketing on X Through an Account Takeover

One concern about influencer marketing is the sustainability of the effect. What happens after the campaign, especially after a sponsored tweet or two? Most times, the audience goes with the influencer after the contract. However, an account takeover resolves this challenge—brands using this campaign type hand over their account to the influencer to share content for a period. 

During this time, the influencer shares content from the business account to attract new followers and promote engagement. Sometimes, the post may not directly promote the brand’s products or services. The primary aim of this takeover is to show that the influencer trusts the brand enough to partner with them. 

That’ll coerce customers to reason, “If he trusts them, so should I.” Hence, the brand can leverage the exposure received during this period for further promotions on the account. An account handover involves revealing critical account details like your password, so only trusted parties use this method. 

Twitter Influencer Campaigns for Product Review and Promotion

Product review and promotion are the most dynamic ways to use X for influencer marketing. In this method, the brand sends their product to the influencer to try and review publicly on their Twitter handle. However, you can choose how much freedom to give the influencer to ensure a positive yet genuine review. Since many tweeps trust these digital thought leaders and niche experts, they follow through with their recommendations. 

You can also use influencer campaigns to generate enthusiasm for your product before its launch or release. Just get an industry influencer in your niche tweet, “Can’t wait for the [your product name] on [date]. Depending on their influence level, you’ll get thousands of users also anticipating your launch or release. 

X influencers can also promote your product through discount codes shared with their followers. This option is beneficial in two main ways. First, your promotion reaches a wider audience. Also, you can structure a payment pattern for the influencer based on the level of conversion the campaign generates.

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How to Draft a Twitter Influencer Marketing Strategy

To win a war on the field, you must win it first on the board. This statement is a derivative of a popular saying, emphasizing the importance of proper planning. You must have a solid and feasible plan to succeed with influencer marketing on X. Your influencer marketing strategy must outline your goals and a detailed path to achieving them. This section considers some essential elements to include in your influencer marketing strategy and how to infuse them. 

Outlining Your Goals: The Foundation for a Solid Strategy

The first and most important thing to do when drafting influencer marketing strategies is to articulate your goals. You must outline clear and detailed goals, stating what you aim to achieve. Some common goals of influencer marketing include;

  • Gaining more followers on X.
  • Attaining greater reach and visibility on Twitter. 
  • Increasing lead conversions and product sales.
  • Attracting more followers to the business website.

Whatever your goal is for an influencer marketing campaign, it forms the foundation for your strategy. Every other element must align toward the fulfillment of your goals.

Drafting a Reasonable Budget for Your Marketing Campaign

X influencer marketing is effective but expensive. Selling social proof is now a lucrative business in this social media era. So, when considering influential marketing for your brand, you must factor in your budget. You must determine how much you will spend on the campaign based on your anticipated return. 

When drafting your budget, your anticipated returns should exceed your expenses. Although this return may not always be financial, ensure you get real value for money, like wider publicity. Your budget may also determine the influencer to employ and the campaign type to launch.

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Choose an Influencer Compatible With Your Brand and Purpose

You must select an influencer from your business niche. And you must find one whose thoughts, interests, and purpose align with yours. That will make the social proof more legitimate. Twitter never forgets, so do not employ someone who once spoke badly about your brand/product to avoid a scandal. 

Similarly, research your desired influencer to ensure he has not endorsed competitive brands. Dedicated followers of the influencers may respond poorly to such disloyal endorsements. There are different types of influencers based on their follower count and the type and level of influence they exert. Find one most compatible with your aim and target audience; this is pivotal to your success. 

Determine Your Content, Campaign Type and Duration

You must outline a timeline and duration for your influencer marketing campaign. When strategizing, articulate what you desire to accomplish at specific periods during the campaign. That will give you a sense of direction and metrics to measure progress. 

Next, you must also determine the campaign type and content to share. Your campaign may constitute sponsored tweets, product descriptions, and promotions or involve an account takeover. Then, you will outline your content depending on your campaign type and the degree of freedom given to the influencer. 

The content outline contains what you want to tell your target audience and how you want to convey the message. You may choose to use only text tweets or media tweets. The post time also depends on you, but the influencer may suggest a time that ensures better engagement.

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Choosing Your Influencer for X Marketing: 4 Types of Twitter Influencers

Although they perform the same function in X business marketing, Twitter has different types of influencers on the platform. The basis for their distinction is their follower count and nature of influence. All social media platforms have categories or types of influencers, even Twitter. The categories include:

  1. Mega Influencers: These are popular as celebrity influencers. They are mostly public figures and celebrities with over a million followers. While this type of influencers can provide wide reach for your campaign, they have lower conversion rates. That is because their audience is too diverse and sometimes incompatible with your target audience. They are also very expensive. 
  2. Macro Influencers: These have between 100,000 and a million followers. They focus on a niche and gain influence through consistency and hard work in sharing content about the niche. These industry influencers also grew their engagements organically to become established authorities. These can assure you better engagement and exposure to a more organic audience. 
  3. Micro-Influencers: They are the rising authorities and influencers in specific niches, with around 10,000 to 100,000 followers. They boast of more organic and engaged followers and interactive timelines. You’ll enjoy better prices from micro-influencers for any campaign type. 
  4. Nano Influencers: This category reminds you that it’s not always about the numbers. Although they have about 10,000 followers or less, the flowers are more active. Nano influencers build online communities of individuals with specific interests. Although they offer limited exposure, they are usually rich with high engagement and conversions.
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Can I Use an Influencer Marketing Agency To Promote My Brand?

It takes a lot of time to draft, implement and monitor an effective influencer marketing strategy. Moreover, it also requires some expertise. So, you may benefit from employing an influencer marketing agency to help. The agency will plan and implement your strategy and monitor it to ensure success. 

If you want to launch an X influencer marketing campaign, here are five agencies you can employ:

  1. SmartSites
  2. Sociallyin
  3. Disruptive Advertising 
  4. Lyfe Marketing
  5. Moburst

These agencies provide the best services at reasonable prices. However, if you want to do DIY campaigns, you can start by drafting a strategy and improving your X account. It’ll help to clear all unnecessary data from your account before you begin Twitter influencer marketing. 

TweetEraser can bulk-delete your tweets to help you start campaigning on a fresh slate. This tool has an effective algorithm that is precise and easy to use. It only removes what you desire, nothing else. You can also use it to import tweets into your archive. Its automation tool allows you to schedule tweet deletion to keep an attractive profile. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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