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How To Use Twitter Effectively: Beginner’s Guide for Growth

Tweet Eraser Team

August 14, 2023 | 11 min read

X, previously Twitter, is all about making the most of the platform’s restrictions to get your message across. Attention spans are short, and conversations change in real time. There’s a lot to do but not enough time. Combined with how quickly trends rise and fall, how to use Twitter effectively is a vital skill. This comprehensive guide sheds light on various tips and tricks you can use on the platform.

For instance, what can you do with hashtags to boost your reach and visibility? How should you use Twitter lists, or what should you remember when posting tweets? Learning how to use Twitter more effectively is the name of the game and is vital to your success. Keep reading to uncover more about the social media network and how to leverage it.

How To Use Twitter Effectively With Tweets?

Let’s start with learning how to use Twitter more effectively while tweeting. Remember, quality content will always get the attention of your target audience. Also, make sure you go through the post one final time before you tweet it.

  • Users became quite creative with their messaging as the platform allowed only 140 characters per post. Even with the current limit of 280 characters, you can still see how creativity prevails. Although keeping it concise is key, you should also explore Twitter Blue. As it bumps the character limit to 10,000, there’s a lot of space to express. Always experiment with tweet length to understand its impact on the post’s performance.
  • Never try to put across more than a single message per tweet. If you say too much, people may lose interest. What if you have to go beyond the 280-character limit? Start a thread. Or, share a link to your blog or another place where you and the user can converse.
  • Always trim your content before you tweet. You want to ensure the post is easy to consume, i.e., read and share. Remember that sharing a link in your tweet takes 23 characters, regardless of the length.
  • At the end of the post, ask your followers to do something. For example, ask them to check out the link to your blog for in-depth information. Alternatively, see if you can start a conversation by asking them to leave replies. It should always be clear to the reader about what they should do next.
A post appears on another user’s timeline due to high levels of engagement.

How To Use Twitter Effectively for Business?

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Having your brand’s presence on the platform is a no-brainer if you run a business. In the United States alone, there are 41.5 million monetizable active users. Also, people use Twitter, now known as X, to get in touch with businesses, especially for customer support. These tips explain how to use Twitter effectively for your business:

  • When setting up your business account on Twitter or X, you can add a website link. Usually, this is to your homepage or the landing page of your marketing campaign. You can go the extra mile by including another link in your bio. Use a URL shortener to ensure you stay within the 160-character limit. You could link this to your products and services or your blog.
  • Users should get your contact information as soon as they visit your profile. You can share the handles of your business’s branches. Or who users should contact if they have an issue with your products and services.
  • Use a calendar to plan out your content for Twitter aka X. Due to how fast trends go viral and then dark, you need to stay on top of your game. One way is to divide the monthly calendar into three parts. Each part focuses on a different aspect. A third of your tweets should focus on engaging with followers. The following section focuses on educating users to empower them. In the final leg, you share content from industry heads and thought leaders.

How To Use Hashtags on Twitter Effectively?

If you learn how to use hashtags on Twitter effectively, you’ll notice a bump in your engagement and impressions. It helps you find opportunities to reach the right target audience, increasing your visibility. This is how to effectively use Twitter or X hashtags:

  • Keep track of trending hashtags, i.e., when they appear on Twitter’s Explore page. Why? Because it can change rapidly, depending on what goes viral on the platform. Knowing what’s happening can help you decide whether to join the conversation. For example, are the trending hashtags relevant to your niche or business? Focus on what suits your account and include them in your posts.
  • Follow conversations through branded hashtags. As it groups tweets that use the exact phrases, you’ll know what people are talking about in any niche. For instance, you can see users’ interest levels for the latest season of Black Mirror. As a brand, you can leverage it to see what people say about your company. Try to keep the branded hashtag easy to remember and use. Also, don’t use a word or phrase that people can misspell easily. Otherwise, you won’t benefit from branded hashtags.
  • Although X aka Twitter recommends not more than two hashtags per post, it’s not necessary this will work for you. Try different combinations to see which ones give you the best results. Don’t forget to include them in every post.
A white signboard with “#unsplash.”

How To Use Twitter Effectively for News?

Seven out of ten adult users in the United States get the latest news from this social media network. This may not be as surprising as news usually breaks out first on Twitter aka X. This is how to use Twitter effectively for news:

  • Use threads to keep users updated about the latest developments on any topic. Combine multiple tweets so that people get the complete picture. Threads are a great way to let people know what’s happening in real time if you’re covering a live event.
  • Twitter search is the journalist’s best friend as it helps you find developing topics. You can use your location to allow the platform to suggest trends and events nearby. Similarly, advanced search makes it easy to find anything on the social media network. Do you want to stay on top of a story breaking out? Find out common words and phrases and include them in the advanced search. You can also filter out irrelevant posts by choosing specific periods.
  • Create a Twitter list with reliable sources to get the latest news. For example, it includes journalists, police officers, and industry experts. You’ll always see the latest updates as a list arranges content in reverse chronological order. This is essential due to the platform’s introduction of the For You timeline, which uses the algorithm. As a result, you’ll see what the platform thinks is interesting to you, not in the series of when it happened.
  • TweetDeck is a vital tool to help you post from multiple accounts simultaneously. It is a great way to share news about events. You can also manage your Twitter lists from this interface. When tracking a story, a central location for all your sources saves time and effort.
An individual reading about the latest developments on a Twitter topic.

How To Use Twitter Lists Effectively?

There are limitless possibilities regarding what you can do with Twitter lists. It helps you create a feed and curate your timeline as per your preferences. You can add any account to the list, ensuring you’re always in the loop during any event. These tips highlight how to use Twitter lists effectively:

  • As a brand, track what your competition is up to with Twitter lists. You can add your competition’s Twitter accounts to your list. They won’t know they are on your list if you keep it private. This way, you can analyze their tweets to understand their business strategies. How do they interact with their followers? How frequently do they post content, and when do they tweet? Use the information you learn to improve the performance of your posts.
  • Create different lists for various needs. This is an excellent example of how to use Twitter effectively. One can be only with your close friends. Your Twitter feed contains posts from numerous accounts, so you may not see their tweets. Similarly, you can have a list of thought leaders and industry experts in your niche. Their posts ensure you are aware of the latest developments. As a brand, you can have a list of your customers. It can contain accounts of customer service representatives and resources to get more information.
  • Reach out to authoritative accounts through lists. When you add a user to your list, they’ll get a notification. Due to this reason, you can have a list of accounts whose attention you want. If they like what they see, they will start following you.

How To Use Twitter Search Effectively?

If you know how to use Twitter search effectively, you can find anything in a matter of minutes. Even if you don’t know the usernames behind the conversation, you can track it by remembering specific words. Below is a breakdown of how to effectively use Twitter search:

  • Understand trends through Twitter’s advanced search feature. It allows you to look for posts based on various parameters. For example, you can filter posts based on the level of engagement. If a topic is trending on X or Twitter, look for popular tweets in that domain. It will give you context on why the discussion went viral. The only downside is that you can’t use advanced search natively on Twitter for Android and iOS. You’ll need to add text-based parameters to filter the results.
  • Want to know about an event or what’s happening in a specific location? With Twitter’s advanced search, this information is only a few taps away. You can enter the location of your interest along with a topic and see what comes up. The platform allows you to narrow your search to a specific city.
  • Save your searches so that you know about the latest developments. As an example, assume you have a clothing brand. People use a specific hashtag when talking about your business or your products. Saving a search with the hashtag allows you to track conversations. This highlights how to effectively use Twitter aka X. You can even come back another day to see what people think about your products.
An individual using Twitter search on their Apple iPhone.

How To Use Twitter Effectively for Marketing

When marketing on Twitter, you need to know how to be effective. Otherwise, your messages will disappear among the millions of tweets. This section highlights how to use Twitter effectively for marketing:

  • Participate in conversations when users mention your brand. You can find these discussions even if they don’t tag you. You can use branded hashtags and advanced search to discover these posts. It can be a great way to start a conversation and boost engagement.
  • Always refer to your Twitter analytics data before making any decision. The information it carries is crucial as you can see how users respond to your marketing strategies. Are you seeing an increase in engagement, or should you improve your advertising campaign?
  • Run promoted tweets and follower campaigns during peak hours. When several users are active on the platform, you’ll see a boost in your engagement metrics. However, the downside is that you’ll be competing with other brands.
  • When you’re including videos, don’t share a YouTube link. If you can upload it on X/Twitter and share the video, it will work wonders for your brand. Native videos perform better on the platform compared to third-party providers. Also, include subtitles so that people can watch the video without sound.

Avoid sharing sensitive content to ensure your posts are effective and have maximum reach. Twitter/X prevents these types of posts from appearing in other users’ timelines. This means if you follow how to use Twitter effectively, you still won’t notice any difference in engagement. Fortunately, the fix is simple and quick. TweetEraser will help you handle this problem by deleting posts with sensitive media. All you have to do is log in to your X aka Twitter account and choose what to remove. Ensure nothing is hindering your account’s growth today!

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