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How To Post Ads on Twitter: Steps To Content Promotion


April 30, 2024 | 10 min read

Using Twitter for business is one of the fastest and most effective ways for brands to reach the target audience. Its ad-targeting options and other features contribute to the success of businesses on the platform. Therefore, learning how to post ads on Twitter, now X, should be paramount for maximizing social media marketing benefits.

Twitter, aka X, offers various advertising opportunities to reach specific audiences. In this article, we’ll uncover the details behind posting ads on the platform. Read to the end to learn essential Twitter business secrets for your brand.

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What Are Twitter Ads?

Twitter ads are features that help brands and businesses promote their products, services, and content to their target audience. They allow various parties to utilize posts, accounts, and trends to increase traffic or gain relevance.

Advertising supports Twitter marketing for businesses to reach a broader audience on the platform and promote sales. Depending on the business’s goal, there are different ways to use ads on Twitter. These ads may appear on your feeds based on the targeted location, device type, age, or IP address.

You may also see promoted content when you browse Twitter without an account. When you come across promoted content, you’ll see the “ad” label indicating it. You can interact with promoted content in the same way as natural posts. This means your followers may see your name on promoted content when you follow, like, or repost it.

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5 Types of Twitter Ad Formats

Every promoted post on Twitter, aka X, is an advert for a brand or business. However, you must understand various available formats to know how to advertise on Twitter. We’ve highlighted the various Twitter ad formats you can utilize for your business.

1. Promoted Video Ads

Promoted video ads help show targeted creative videos to a specific audience. If you run TV spots, you can align your promotional X videos with television content for maximum effect. This would help ensure your message is consistent across various channels, improving recognition and engagement.

However, making the videos 15 seconds or less is ideal to keep viewers engaged until the end. Promoted video ads can appear in different ways:

  • Promoted video: This is a video found within the audience’s timeline.
  • In-stream video ad: This video runs within the content a user is viewing.
  • Promoted live video: This is a real-time broadcast to advertise to viewers on the platform. It is useful for publicizing a product’s release or service.
  • Pre-roll videos: These are video adverts belonging to a content partner. They can play at the beginning of another X video.

2. Website Card

Website cards are useful for generating traffic to a website or taking action regarding a website. It allows brands and businesses to share captivating content to drive visitors and potential customers to specific landing pages. Website cards may include an image or video and text.

3. App card

Twitter app cards help find new users or redirect users to your app in app stores. This ad format drives both app engagement and encourages installation from the app store. 

4. Promoted Post

Post promotion involves creating regular posts and advertising them to increase visibility. Promoting posts can occur in different ways. They include:

  • Promoted text: This option promotes only text for users to join conversations. For maximum visibility, it is best to include Twitter trending hashtags. You can also embed links to manage the standard character count and encourage link clicks.
  • Promoted image: This option features a promoted text and an image to support it.
  • Promoted account: This option lets you target your non-followers and convince them to become loyal Twitter followers. You can use eye-catching content to grab their attention and make them follow you. It is a great way to increase your follower count.
  • Promoted poll: Creating interactive polls as text alone or with graphic content helps promote your brand. You can make the poll relevant to your brand and audience’s condition to make it enjoyable.

5. Branded Assets

This ad format includes various features of your brand on the platform. Branded assets include:

  • Branded emojis: These are customizable emojis for your brand triggered by specific hashtags.
  • Branded hashtags: These are custom-made hashtags aimed at advertising your brand or new products.
  • Promoted trends: This option allows your brand to own a trend for 24 hours. It allows you to maximize exposure for your brand by reaching thousands of users within different age ranges.
  • Promoted Moments: You can create a collection of posts that display in a canvas-like experience to make your post more engaging.
  • Brand reminders: This option is similar to an opt-in to receive more information from a company through text messages or emails. However, this type comes directly from an ad on Twitter. You can create captivating CTAs to make users opt-in to receive more messages about your business.
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How Much Is a Twitter Ad?

Twitter ads depend on an auction system, and each billable action has no fixed rate. The cost of an ad is customizable according to your budget. Before learning how to post an ad on Twitter, knowing how much a Twitter ad costs is essential. Fortunately, publishing promotions depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

The system works by advertisers bidding on available ad spaces for their target audience. This means your budget and bid will determine the cost of each campaign. Depending on your campaign objective and ad group goal, you pay various amounts after every action occurs.

Each objective and group goal combines various billable actions, so you only pay for these actions. For example, when your objective is website traffic, you’ll only pay after every link clicks to your website.

Factors like your audience size, competition with other advertisers, and ad engagement will also determine the amount you pay. The highest bidder will win the auction and own the ad space. However, you stand a chance if you understand the different bid types.

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What Is a Twitter Ad Manager?

The Twitter ad manager is the official platform for creating and monitoring advertising campaigns on the X, aka the Twitter platform. It is the key to learning how to post an ad on Twitter. The ad manager also allows users to plan, create, and manage reports on promoted content.

The manager allows users to utilize its tools and maximize its benefits. It is helpful for campaign setup, ad management, scheduling, segmentation, and analysis. Advertisers use the manager to get real-time reports about their ad’s performance. You can access the manager with the account you intend to use for your advertising campaigns.

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How To Post Ads on Twitter in a Few Steps

There are two ways to publish ads on the X, aka Twitter platform. You can use the ads manager, which offers several benefits, or the Quick Promote feature. Each option effectively promotes your posts. We’ve explained each method to make things easier for you.

How To Create a Twitter Ad Campaign With the Ads Manager

Creating a Twitter ad campaign is easy and achievable with a few easy steps. Before you start, you must set up your ads account. You can do this on the Twitter ads onboarding page. After the setup, you can learn how to advertise on Twitter.

Everything is achievable in ten steps:

  1. Go to the Twitter ads onboarding page on a browser.
  2. Set up your ads account by selecting your Country and Time Zone. Your chosen country determines the currency in which the platform will bill you. The time zone will determine the campaign results. This selection is irreversible, so you must pick the suitable options.
  3. Select your Campaign goal from the available options. This includes video views, app installs, pre-roll views, engagement, followers, website traffic, and sales.
  4. Enter the text for your ad and add any media of your choice. A preview of your campaign will appear on the right-hand panel.
  5. Select Next when the preview looks satisfactory.
  6. The next step is to determine your ad’s custom audiences. Under Demographics, select the gender, location, language, and age range.
  7. Adjust targeting features like interests, keywords, device operating systems, and languages.
  8. Adjust your daily budget and the duration to run your campaign. This would stop the system from displaying your ad when it reaches your budget limit.
  9. After adjusting all your campaign preferences, add a credit card to your account. 
  10. Press the Launch Campaign button to go live with your ad.

How To Promote a Tweet With Quick Promote

Quick Promote lets you promote your best-performing posts directly from your dashboard. It is a great way to know how to promote a tweet when you don’t want to use the ad manager. It prevents you from repeating the entire setup process.

You only need to set your budget, and the platform automatically promotes your posts to your target audience. You can further adjust the targeting features and campaign duration to maximize effect. Learning how to advertise on Twitter with this feature is also straightforward.

Here’s how it works in ten steps:

  1. Log into your X account using a mobile app or browser.
  2. Click Profile on the left-side menu on the desktop interface. Tap the Profile icon at the top-left corner of the app interface and select Profile.
  3. Scroll down to see all your previous posts and identify the one you want to promote.
  4. Select the Promote button below the post.
  5. If this is your first time using the feature, a pop-up explaining how it works will appear. Select Get Started at the bottom of the pop-up.
  6. You’ll see two goal options: Boost Engagement and Get More Link Clicks. Select the one that suits your objectives. You cannot use the Get More Link Clicks option if the tweet has no URL.
  7. Adjust the location, age range, and gender to determine your audience.
  8. Select your daily budget and duration for running the promotion on the next page.
  9. You’ll see a preview of your choices on the last page. You can go back to adjust your settings if you want.
  10. Add your credit card to make payment.
  11. The platform will promote your posts according to your settings.
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Is Advertising on Twitter Worth It?

Yes, advertising on Twitter is worth it if you want to maximize your X marketing strategy. Its advanced targeting options are a great way to reach your custom audience. The Quick Promote option is also suitable for businesses and brands without a marketing team.

It allows them to build a solid presence on the social platform. In addition, you can control how much you spend on these ads and their duration. It is an excellent option for limiting expenses while promoting your brand. Although learning how to post ads on Twitter will help you achieve the necessary promotion, your reputation matters greatly.

People go through the profiles of brands to check their credibility and reputation. Therefore, deleting posts that are negative for your brand is necessary. Thankfully, TweetEraser can help you delete thousands of posts simultaneously.

TweetEraser’s tool uploads your X archive to remove unwanted regular and promoted posts. It gives your X profile a fresh start to begin your business promotions. So, start filtering and cleaning your X timeline today!

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