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Twitter Ads: Maximizing This Feature for Better Results on X


October 24, 2023 | 8 min read

Over time, the use of social media has transcended regular day-to-day communication, posting, and simple interactions. Most platforms, including X or Twitter, have become essential avenues for marketing, business, and brand activities. For instance, X or Twitter ads, a business feature, help people reach more users on the platform for a fee. Ads, which stand for advertising, help brands and businesses to boost their sales by getting to more people.

This advertising feature allows individuals and brands to access audiences they won’t normally reach. Of course, the platform allows users to manipulate these ads, reaching more relevant audiences to obtain better results. Unfortunately, many users are unaware of how to use this feature. Well, this article tackles the topic head-on.

How Do Ads Work on X, Formerly Twitter? The Basis of Advertising on X

While ads are very popular on X, aka Twitter, many users do not understand the story behind them. The advertising feature on the platform allows users to run promoted ads, follower ads, and trend takeovers. Promoted ads are posts advertisers boost to reach a wider audience and trigger engagement from their existing follower base. Posts people promote with these ad campaigns have the “Ad” label at their top right corner. These are normal posts that others can like, repost, reply, and interact with.

Follower ads are another advertising option on Twitter, now called X. These ads suggest your account to people who don’t follow you, introducing you to their content. Follower ads allow people to run follower campaigns, resulting in growth in the size of your audience. These ads appear in search results, user timelines, and account suggestions.

Trend takeover is another form of advertising on X that places you beside trending topics on the platform. In this case, the platform places your message among the trends with current conversions. Trend takeovers work closely with promoted posts for the best results.

When displaying ads, X or Twitter considers individual profiles, preferences, and interactions to place more relevant ones. This way, you’d be sure that the right people access your ads. The platform shows different ads for different users based on what might interest them. Here, the platform utilizes your activities and location to make the recommendations.

Users can always alter their privacy settings, changing how they view ads on the platform. Still, this is a useful way of getting your brand more visibility and growing an online presence for your business. Also, you can always run ads with your business account on X.

Employing the Twitter Ads Manager: How To Run and Monitor Ads on the Platform

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To maximize the advertising feature on X, you must utilize the platform’s in-born features. For instance, the X or Twitter ads manager, which helps set up ads campaigns, offers a working area. This ads manager provides a central workspace for users to manage, plan, and view campaign updates. It is the back-end location from which brands and Individuals create all promoted posts.

The ads manager offers a dashboard where users can access all their information in one place. Logging into your ads account on the X ads subdomain automatically takes you to the management area. Of course, you can customize the area to access essential campaigns, results, and creatives easily. Also, you can filter your campaigns based on payment method, status, campaign name, and objective. The ad manager also allows users to add multiple filters. 

Afterward, the platform will display the results, rates, and cost per result. But besides that, the ads manager shows the campaign structure, offering all the customization options to the user. In this case, the campaign describes the objective: more video views, app downloads, or more followers.

In addition, people running ads can also create ad groups in the ad manager. These groups allow users to choose how they spend on promotions. In this case, it also allows users to place goals, targets, and how X should place each ad. Well, users can have different ad groups in a single campaign.

The ad manager on X also allows users to utilize a custom metrics model that helps them easily choose relevant standards. Here, users can pick audience details such as location, handles, gender, interests, and language when promoting posts on X. They can also observe their past activity.

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What Are the Twitter Ad Specs? How You Should Set up Ads on Your X Account

When setting up your ads on X, aka Twitter, you must stay in line with the platform’s specifications for different ad formats. For instance, there are different stipulations for text, video, image, carousel, and moment ads. Since most people are unfamiliar with the ads landscape, they may struggle with the Twitter ad specs. 

Here are the different specs for different ad types:

  1. Text Ads: Simple text ads have all the features of a regular post. Therefore, the platform places them among regular posts. Of course, their specifications align with that of other regular posts. 
  2. Image Ads: These allow users to promote highlights of their app, website, and other products. Well, viewers can interact with these ads. The platform recommends JPEG and PNG image formats for ads and renders GIFs static when users upload them. 
  3. For most image ads, the image size must be 800 x 418 pixels for a 1.91:1 aspect ratio. For an 800 x 800 pixel image, the aspect ratio should be 1:1. When running standalone image ads, consider using a 1200 x 1200 pixels image with a 1:1 aspect ratio. 
  4. Video Ads: This type of X ad allows individuals and brands to showcase products or services, springing them to life. You should use MP4 or MOV videos with a maximum size of 1 GB to run video ads on the platform. Also, consider using PNG and JPEG thumbnails with a maximum size of 5 MB.
  5. Carousel Ads: This type of ad on X supports two to six images or videos. Image carousels should contain 800 x 418 pixel images, while video carousels should be 800 x 450 pixels for a 16:9 aspect ratio.

How Much Do Twitter Ads Cost? How the Platform Charges for Advertising

The advertising feature on X offers several advantages to brands and businesses. But of course, it isn’t free. Generally, many factors exist in creating and managing an ad campaign. Because of this, tracking the cost of these ads can be tricky. But overall, how much do Twitter ads cost? Also, is there a minimum amount you’d need to start?

There is no minimum spend requirement for ads on the social media platform. Instead, you can customize these ad campaigns to fit your budget. Also, the platform provides total control to users regarding spending. Of course, this ensures that even smaller brands promote their businesses on the platform.

Regarding ads, X or Twitter charges based on campaign objectives and ad group goals individuals and brands choose. Every campaign objective and group goal combine to create a billable action you pay for. For instance, when you run a follower campaign, the platform only charges you when someone follows you. Also, if you’re running ads to boost your website traffic, X only charges you when someone opens your website link.

Another essential thing to note is that X does not charge a fixed fee for each billable action. The platform runs ads by auction. This means that different advertisers bid for the available advertising space for their preferred audiences. But overall, how much you pay depends on the target audience size and ad quality.

It also depends on the number of advertisers targeting the same audience and your bid. In this case, a bid is what you’re willing to pay for a single billable action.

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How To Join the Twitter Ad Revenue Sharing Program: Earning From the Platform

Twitter or X recently started a program to help people earn a living directly on the social platform. The Twitter ad revenue sharing program pays users for the organic impression on ads in their replies by verified users. The platform allows users to set up their ad revenue as soon as they’re eligible.

Here are the eligibility requirements:

  1. You must have an X Premium verification or a verified organization’s subscription.
  2. A user must have at least 500 followers.
  3. You must have accrued at least five million impressions on your posts within the last three months. 

Once a user is eligible, they’d need to link their stripe accounts to the platform. However, only users that adhere to the Ads revenue sharing terms and the X rules can enjoy the program. The platform ships regular payouts to users’ accounts, with the minimum payout at $10. Of course, users can always opt out of the program at any instant.

Before Twitter admits users into the ads revenue sharing program, it ensures they align with the platform’s policy. Unfortunately, you may have shared posts that contravene these rules and policies. Therefore, you may need to remove these posts in large numbers. This helps make your account fit for the Twitter ads revenue sharing.

TweetEraser, a third-party web service, helps users to filter and delete posts from their profiles in large numbers. This application lets users import their archives, performing highly specific deletion operations. Consider using this app since it does not spam users’ profiles with promotions. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter or X timeline now!

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