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How To Promote a Tweet on Twitter and Maximize Its Reach?

Tweet Eraser Team

August 30, 2023 | 11 min read

Twitter’s dynamic landscape ensures trends rise and fall quickly. What was a part of every user’s conversation yesterday is no longer a part of any discussion today. X’s, formerly Twitter’s ever-evolving and rapidly changing nature means you must ensure your posts get the attention they need. Promoted tweets are your answer. They give you the tools to increase your posts’ visibility and reach the right target audience. You can go beyond your followers and raise awareness about your brand. This guide shows you the ropes on how to promote a tweet.

Learn how much you need to set aside to start a campaign and how to make the most of your promotions. As there’s much to cover, let’s start with the meaning of promoted tweets.

An individual looking at a promotional tweet from a Twitter user.

How To Promote a Tweet: Explaining Key Elements

Promoted tweets are similar to the posts you create and share on your account. However, the only difference is that you boost it to ensure more people know about it. It doesn’t pick users randomly; you decide who you want to target. These tweets won’t appear in the timelines of users who already follow you. Why would you run a paid campaign only to show the same post twice to the same people? Unless you have specific reasons and want to do this, this campaign avoids your followers by default. Users on Twitter want to see new and exciting content.

People can interact with these tweets like it was a regular post. In other words, they can like, share and retweet it with their followers. Anyone can run these advertisements, not just brands. However, you must verify your profile before you can run these promotions. You’ll either need to get Twitter Blue or join Verified Organizations.

These tweets usually appear in users’ timelines, especially in the For You feed. This timeline uses the platform’s algorithm to recommend posts. If the user’s interest matches your advertisement’s targeting requirements, it will pop up in their feed. In the next section, you’ll learn how to promote tweets.

A promotional tweet from a business account appearing in a user’s feed on Twitter.

How To Tell if a Tweet Is Promoted?

X, formerly Twitter, makes sure every tweet it promotes has clear labels. This way, you’ll know if you’re engaging with an organic or boosted post. So, how to tell if a tweet is promoted? Look for the Promoted label below the tweet. If you see this label, it indicates the post is an advertisement.

How To Promote a Tweet With Step-by-Step Instructions?

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There are two ways to promote tweets on Twitter aka posts on X. You can do a quick promotion that uses existing posts and boosts them. The second option is to use Twitter ads and create a new tweet. With the latter, you can customize your advertisements to improve their effectiveness.

How To Promote a Tweet Using Quick Promote?

Quick Promote is a great way to boost your tweets when you don’t want to use Twitter’s ad manager. It is also a useful tool to run advertisements for the first time, as it helps you understand how promotions work. This guide explains how to promote a tweet on Twitter using this feature:

  1. Go to your X aka Twitter profile. Go to the quick access menu if you’re using a desktop or laptop. It has the profile icon, which takes you to your timeline, i.e., all your tweets. If you’re using Twitter for Android or iOS, swipe right on your screen after you open the app. This gesture brings out the quick navigation menu. Select Profile from this settings menu. 
  2. Look for the tweet you want to boost. Below the post, you’ll see a Promote button. These tweets are eligible for running as advertisements.
  3. If this is your first use of this feature, a popup briefly explains what promoting your tweets will do. Select Get Started at the bottom of this popup.
  4. There are two goals – Boost Engagement and Get More Link Clicks. Select the one that suits your requirements. You won’t be able to select Get More Link Clicks if your tweet has no URL.
  5. Select who you want to reach by choosing the location, age range and gender. 
  6. In the next screen, you must decide your daily budget and how long you want to run the promotion.
  7. The last screen gives you an overview of your choices. You can go back and change your settings if necessary. 
  8. If everything looks okay, add your payment details. After making the payment, Twitter reviews the tweet and allows it to run if it doesn’t violate any policies.
An individual looking for a tweet to promote.

How To Promote a Tweet Using Twitter’s Ad Manager?

Twitter’s Ad Manager provides more features to fine-tune your promotions. Quick Promote only offers basic targeting. In every other aspect, Ad Manager offers a better experience. Here’s how to promote a tweet on Twitter using Ad Manager:

  1. Go to the Twitter Ads website from a desktop browser. Twitter for Android and iOS cannot run advertisements. However, they have a built-in companion app to track key performance metrics (KPIs).
  2. As a first-time user, you must select the country and timezone. The country you choose determines the currency of your bills. Timezone is for your campaign results. Make sure you pick the right options, as you can’t change them.
  3. After you complete the initial setup, you have to select the goal of your campaign. Each goal has different billable actions. For example, if you choose Reach, you must pay for every 1,000 impressions.
  4. You need to create a new tweet if you use the Ad Manager. Enter the Ad Text and upload media for your post. As you start creating your ad, you’ll see the preview on the right, change. You can see how it appears in a timeline, search and profile. Select Next after you complete this step.
  5. On this page, you choose who sees your ads. Under Demographics, you can choose gender, age, location and radius around a location. 
  6. Targeting features offer keywords, follower look-alikes, operating systems, interests, and language. These are optional and for power users.
  7. Budget and Schedule help you choose your daily budget and how long to run the campaign. You can see the promotion’s potential reach when you change these options.

After you complete these steps, add your payment information and launch the campaign. If Twitter sees nothing wrong with your post, it will run the promotion.

How Much Does It Cost To Promote a Tweet?

Knowing the actual cost of promoting tweets is essential as it helps you determine if you have the budget. When it comes to promotional tweets, there is no fixed pricing. In other words, various factors determine how much you’ll have to pay at the end of the campaign. Let’s provide a breakdown for the question—how much does it cost to promote a tweet?

A person calculating the cost of running a marketing campaign on Twitter with his smartphone.

Promote Tweets Cost: What Are the Billable Actions?

You need to factor in billable actions when calculating the cost to promote tweets. For instance, is the goal to get engagements? In this case, you need to pay a fee for every engagement. Do you want to get more people to visit your e-commerce website? In this instance, Twitter deducts from your budget every time a user clicks your link.

Promote Tweets Cost: Bids by Other Individuals and Brands

You’re not the only one who wants to promote tweets on the platform. There are also other individuals and brands. Remember how you set a daily budget for your advertisements? This is where it comes into play. Depending on your budget, the platform bids for the advertisement spot.

For example, let’s say your budget is $5. Twitter doesn’t need to spend $5 in one go. For the first bid, it may cost you $1. In the next one, the bid is $2. For the last bid, it’s $2. Or, it can spend $4 and $1 in two bids.

Promote Tweets Cost: Target Audience

The last factor influencing the cost of promoting tweets is your target audience. Are you trying to get the attention of a large audience? How many advertisers are also bidding for their engagement? If there is a high demand, it will reflect in the cost. For example, advertisers know people will spend money during the holiday season. This means there is a significant increase in demand.

When you factor in these variables, you must pay $0.50 – $3 per action to promote tweets. 

How To Promote a Tweet for Free?

What if you don’t have a budget but want to test Twitter’s waters? How to promote tweets for free? Use the following tips to increase the reach of your posts:

  • Although the platform places priority on text, visual type of content always works wonders. Sure, you need to pay attention to the text but don’t forget to add a photo, video or GIF. As thousands of tweets are in a user’s timeline, you must capture their attention. Visual type of content ensures people will go through your post. Try to add unique images or videos, as they will help your tweet stand out.
  • Pay attention to what’s trending on Twitter. Remember, this will change every day. Sometimes, what’s trending in the morning will be completely different from what’s going on at night. Hashtags make it easier to track trends. You can also use the Explore section on Twitter. Make notes and see if the topic is relevant to your tweet. If it is, jump into a conversation and use the trending hashtags.
  • Know when to post your tweet. There’s no point in tweeting if your target audience isn’t on the platform at that moment. For instance, you post a tweet in the middle of the night. However, your audience is only active on Twitter post-lunch. Try posting at different times and see what gives you the best results. Remember to track your metrics, as this helps you see which strategies work well for you.

These tips give you an idea about how to promote a tweet for free. When you get a high-performing post, try boosting it with a paid campaign to further improve its reach.

How To Delete a Promoted Tweet?

Sometimes, you’ll want to make changes to the tweets you promote. For instance, you want to swap out the video for a new one. Or, you notice the campaign doesn’t match your expectations and want to cut your losses and try again. Is how to delete a promoted tweet possible? Yes, you can delete these posts as long as you’re the one who started the campaign. In other words, you need access to the original account running the ad. When you promote tweets, you can delete them with these steps:

  1. Go to Twitter’s Ad Manager and look for the menu option Creatives
  2. Select it and then go to the Tweets section.
  3. Find the date of the tweet. Next to it, there is a three-dot icon. Select it and pick Delete.
An individual trying to delete a promotional tweet from their laptop.

2 Tips for Promoting Tweets

If you want to get excellent results when you promote tweets, use the following two powerful Twitter marketing tips:

  • Opt for tweets with fewer characters instead of longer posts. Although you can include up to 280 characters, don’t use them all. Why? Remember that tweets move through Twitter quickly. You only have a few seconds to get the attention of your target audience. Also, if users see the promoted label, they’ll skip the post. Try to keep your post between 50 – 100 characters.
  • Always ensure there’s a call to action at the end of the promoted tweet. What’s the point if the user doesn’t know what to do after they read your post? For example, if you want users to visit your website, don’t expect them to open the link. You should tell them to do it or give them a reason to visit your website.

When you promote tweets that click with your target audience, they’ll visit your profile. In this case, you’ll want to ensure only your best posts are visible. What if you were part of a controversial Twitter discussion a while ago? As a result, there are several tweets on this topic. However, your profile visitors won’t get the context. They may find it offensive and leave immediately rather than following your profile.

The best solution is to delete these tweets before it becomes a problem. As X, formerly Twitter, only allows you to remove a single post at a time, TweetEraser will save your day. You can delete any post with a few clicks, no matter how old it is. Did you tweet something over a decade ago? TweetEraser’s custom filters help find these posts immediately. Always clean your profile before running any ads!

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