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Twitter Professional Account: Every Detail About the Feature

Ochai Emmanuel

July 3, 2023 | 9 min read

Social media has grown past simple interactions and sharing of updates about day-to-day life. It is now an essential space for building businesses and promoting brands, products, and services. Twitter is not exempt from this recent development. Recently, the platform created an option for users keen on promoting themselves, their businesses, and their brands: the Twitter professional account. It allows publishers, brands, businesses, and creators to enjoy a clearly defined presence on the platform. 

This unique presence allows them to grow their reach on the platform and strengthen their businesses. The social media service offers several tools to professional accounts unavailable to other users. However, some tweeps are unclear about their differences and the benefits involved. This guide discusses Twitter professional accounts, their benefits, features, and usage. 

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Twitter Professional Account vs. Personal Account: What Are Their Features and Differences?

Although many business owners are interested in creating online spaces for their businesses, some do not know how. For instance, as soon as the Twitter professional account feature became mainstream, many business owners jumped on the trend. Some had no clear idea of the differences between personal and professional accounts. Therefore, there are ongoing discussions regarding Twitter Professional Account vs. Personal Account. 

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Features of the Twitter Professional Account and Personal Account

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While tweeps create personal accounts on the social platform to share thoughts and opinions, others take a more business-focused approach. Personal accounts are mainly for sharing ideas and updates with family, friends, and followers. On the other hand, a Twitter professional account pushes one’s brand and business, connecting them with clients, customers, and partners. 

Besides the major differences between both accounts’ intended usage, Twitter has added differentiation in its features. For instance, personal accounts are more basic and only possess the more traditional features of the platform. On the other hand, professional accounts have more features. 

A Twitter professional account offers a user access to a broader array of tools. For instance, it allows users to access Twitter Analytics, Twitter Cards, and Twitter Ads. These features assist businesses in optimizing their content and gaining a wider reach. Twitter has designed these accounts to boost its brand name, sales, and awareness.

For instance, the social media service allows professional accounts to use the Twitter Ad network. The platform adds the “Quick Promote” feature to these accounts, allowing them to boost posts without a fuss. Also, professional account users have profiles that appear different from personal accounts. Because of this, users with that kind of account can add unique information regarding their business directly on their profiles. 

Again, Twitter allows tweeps with professional accounts to choose specific professional categories. This feature makes it easier for potential customers to understand your brand when they open your profile. 

Should I Use a Twitter Professional Account or a Personal Account?

Some Tweeps are undecided between using a Twitter professional account and a personal one. However, this should not be a cause for concern. This is because the kind of account you use should depend on your goals. Therefore, choose a personal account to interact with others on the platform. In the same way, you should go for a professional account if you aim to promote your business. 

However, you should also consider the features that both options offer. Before deciding, you should also deliberate on how useful these features are to you. The Twitter professional account may seem cool. Nonetheless, you should only go for it if you need it. 

What Does a Twitter Professional Account Look Like? How to Quickly Identify This Kind of Account?

Despite the buzz surrounding the Twitter professional account, there is still some lack of clarity about how it looks. Besides knowing that it appears slightly different from the regular accounts, many users have vague ideas about its appearance. Thus, there are questions like “What does a Twitter Professional Account look like?” Well, this kind of account has several features specific to it. Let’s dive into that. 

A picture of a smartphone displaying the Twitter logo on a blue screen.

The Twitter Professional Account Has a Location Spotlight

The location spotlight is one of the most obvious features of a Twitter professional account. It allows users to show their business location, opening hours, and extra contact information. The business location appears on a small map on the profile spotlight. This feature allows other users to click the location listing and find that location on Google Maps. It allows more effective navigation to the business location. 

Regarding the opening hours, users can choose not to display this field. Nonetheless, it shows the time and days people can visit to obtain the product or enjoy the services. A user with the Twitter Professional Account can include additional contact info on the location spotlight. Users can add their phone numbers and emails.

The Professional Account Has a Shop Spotlight

The shop spotlight on a Twitter professional account is an area where users display products at the profile’s top section. This section allows users to shop on a whim by clicking a product and purchasing it immediately. However, this feature has remained only available to Twitter accounts meeting shopping specifications

When users enable the shop spotlight, other users can browse through the product catalog while being able to make purchases. Also, they can perform all these actions in the app without external tools.

The Twitter Professional Account Has a Mobile App Spotlight

A tweep with a Twitter professional account can activate the mobile app spotlight on their profile. This spotlight allows professionals and developers to showcase their apps at the top section of their accounts. This way, they can encourage profile visitors to download their apps.

Twitter users with professional accounts can only display apps available in the Google Play and iOS App Store. iOS users can only access the App Store page, while Android users will access the Play Store. 

The Twitter Professional Account Has a Link to Spotlight

Tweeps with the Twitter professional account can add interactive buttons on their profile to drive traffic to other pages. To activate the link spotlight, a user must add a URL, an accompanying prompt, or a Call to Action. Twitter then includes these elements in a drop-down menu. 

Users can choose prompts like “Book an appointment,” “Watch now,” “Read now,” “See live,” “Listen now,” and “View menu.” Now that Twitter only permits URLs from selected websites

4 Benefits of a Professional Twitter Account: Why Business Owners Should Use This Feature

The professional account possesses some features that are unavailable on the regular account. Because of this, it offers some advantages to users looking to grow their businesses and brands on the platform. The design of this account centers strongly around promoting products and services with ease. Thus, it carries all the functions that may be helpful to business owners. Overall, here are the benefits of the professional Twitter account.

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1. The Twitter Professional Account Boosts Exposure and Visibility

Switching to the Twitter professional account is a great way for business owners to reach wider audiences on the platform. Features like Twitter Ads help users improve their brand visibility, build relationships, and attract followers. Overall, it allows users to grow their online presence with and publicize their services and products with the spotlight features. 

Sharing engaging and relevant content on such profiles also puts businesses in advantageous positions. Increased online presence and visibility allow users to enjoy newer opportunities, improved credibility, and larger sales. 

2. It Helps Users Connect With Potential Customers and Partners

Unique tools accessible to Twitter professional accounts are useful for users looking to build connections. For instance, the location spotlight provides potential clients, customers, and partners with complete information about the business. It also allows users to publicize their contact information, creating the Avenue for relationship-building and networking. 

Additionally, users can build connections and increase their networks by engaging other relevant users and industry fellows. Subsequently, this would expose them to new opportunities. 

3. It Offers Analytics and Performance Tracking

Tweeps with Twitter professional accounts can employ Twitter advertising and analytical tools. This helps to keep up with the audience demographics and tweet performance. Subsequently, the information it provides can help users optimize their content for better effects. Again, you can understand the content that performs better and consider this information in the future.

In tracking your tweets’ performance, the professional account allows viewing the number of engagements, clicks, and impressions. Eventually, you can understand the content that produces better results and use it to your advantage. 

4. The Professional Account Lets Users Monitor Their Followers

Monitoring your followers is a big deal for users intent on growing their businesses on Twitter. The Twitter professional account permits this. This activity allows tweeps to keep track of working strategies for growth. For instance, you can observe the tweets drawing more engagement and adjust your strategy concurrently. 

A closeup picture of a smartphone's screen displaying several apps, including Twitter.

How To Turn off Professional Account on Twitter: Reverting to Your Personal Account

To change the purpose of a Twitter account, you may have to change it from professional mode to personal mode. Luckily, the platform allows users to switch modes at any instant. Nonetheless, there remains the concern of how to turn off professional account on Twitter. Not to worry, here is the step-by-step process.

  1. Log into your account with your sign-in credentials.
  2. From the homepage, tap the profile icon at your screen’s top left corner and head to your profile. 
  3. Once you’re at your profile, tap the “Edit profile’ button at the top left corner of the screen. The platform will take you to another page.
  4. Scroll down and choose the “Edit professional profile” option. Twitter will take you to the next page.
  5. On that page, hit the blue “Switch account type” link. You’ll see two options to switch to a personal or creator account. 
  6. Choose “Switch to personal account,” and you will successfully remove your account from the professional mode. 

Although the Twitter professional account offers advantages, it doesn’t function ideally for personal use. For this reason, the social media service does not place any restrictions on returning to the personal mode. 

Restrictions exist only when users try to use the professional mode. For instance, Twitter restricts users with tweets violating guidelines and policy. Deleting your erring tweets before attempting the switch is sometimes a good idea. This is when TweetEraser comes into play.

At TweetEraser, we have designed a simple web tool for deleting tweets in bulk. This web tool can filter and erase tweets based on preset instructions. It is ideal for tweeps looking to clear their profiles. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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