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Can People See What You View on Twitter?

Ochai Emmanuel

June 25, 2024 | 8 min read

Nobody can see what you view on Twitter unless you share it with them. However, most people don’t know this due to a lack of in-depth understanding of the platform’s operation. Therefore, users frequently ask, “Can people see what you view on Twitter?”

Aside from concerns about view history, Twitter users, aka X, also worry about their search privacy. Hence, another common question is, “Can people see what you search on Twitter?” Rather than give brief answers, we’ll explain the platform’s functionality to address your concerns.

The X logo on a smartphone screen as the app loads.

Can My Followers See What Videos I Watch on Twitter?

No, your followers cannot see what you watch on Twitter. The act of following is a medium of connecting with people on Twitter. The longer your Twitter follower list grows, the more influence you have on the platform.

In the relationship between followers, you may wonder what stays private and what goes public. Hence, people ask, “Can my followers see what videos I watch on Twitter?”

Your followers can see what you post but not what you watch. However, your posts might give an insight into your interests, enabling them to guess the kind of videos you like. 

People can study your Twitter activity by glancing at your profile. They’ll see your reposts, including videos and quotes. Moreover, a special tab shows all your likes. With this information, the kind of videos you like is guessable. 

But no one can know for sure unless you share through reposting. You can also share what you watch with your followers by embedding Twitter links. 

Therefore, based on the above, you should no longer be wondering, “Can other people see what you view on Twitter?” So feel free to indulge in your secret entertainment videos as you browse through X. No one will know what you’re watching.

A person holding a smartphone that displays posts on a Twitter feed.

Can People See What You View on Twitter Through Third-Party Apps?

Yes, some third-party apps may expose the videos you watch on Twitter to your followers. If you consider this a breach of privacy, there are specific actions you can take to prevent its recurrence. 

Twitter’s privacy policy protects its users. That’s why what you watch on the platform is inaccessible to others. Whatever you decide to watch is for your viewing pleasure, and your watch history is safe.

However, individuals integrate their Twitter accounts with third-party tools for various reasons. Though these tools are helpful, they can also be of disservice when they expose what you want to keep hidden.

You may operate a third-party app on your account not knowing that it shares what you view. Luckily, those who use third-party apps can prevent this occurrence by checking the application’s privacy settings. 

Through this action, you can confirm which information is publicly accessible. If you realize the app invades your privacy, you can alter its settings or stop using the tool.

A person wearing a white T-shirt is looking at their smartphone while walking.

How To See Who Views Your Twitter

You can never know the exact identity of your post or profile viewers on X unless they interact. Interaction ranges from liking, commenting, reposting, and quoting. However, out of all the interaction mediums, only comments reveal the identity of users. That’s because you can see the handles of all commenters and even open their profiles if you wish.

Contrarily, the other interaction mediums do not have details that can expose the people behind them. You can check the number of likes, reposts, and quotes your tweet receives and calculate your X engagement rate.

Knowing your engagement rate will help you calculate your Twitter growth rate. But sadly, even Twitter analytics can’t reveal the people behind your post’s success on the platform. 

Although third-party tools offer functionalities that Twitter doesn’t, none can reveal your Twitter viewers. Even if you discover how to see who views your Twitter, it wouldn’t account for all your views. 

The reason is that some people read posts and watch videos without interacting. So, stop wondering if there are ways to see who views your Twitter. Rather than spend time trying to decipher your viewers, create more engaging content to strengthen your online presence.

A person with a smartphone showing Twitter’s side menu.

Can Someone See if You View Their Twitter?

No Twitter user can discover when another views their profile. Sometimes, you may wish to dig up information about someone from their Twitter profile. So, to not jeopardize your cover, it’s best to confirm that Twitter won’t inform anyone that you’re snooping around. Hence, it’s normal to ask, “Can someone see if you view their Twitter?”

Luckily, Twitter, aka X, keeps that information private. Unlike other social media platforms, X doesn’t reveal profile visits to account owners as it is against its policies. 

However, if you like a person’s Twitter profile picture or header image, they may sense that you’ve viewed their profile. 

You must also note that this works the other way around too. Therefore, assuming someone scans your Twitter profile, you’ll never be able to tell unless they leave detectable traces. A like or comment can create awareness; otherwise, no one will know.

A woman lying on a couch and looking at the screen of her smartphone while listening to something on her headphones.

Does Twitter Track What Videos You Watch?

Yes, Twitter tracks the videos you watch. The application functions with an algorithm that keeps records of the content you interact with and videos you watch. You must have noticed that when you watch a video, more videos like that automatically appear on your timeline. 

Let’s say you watch a video about fashion trends; you’ll encounter more fashion lifestyle videos from influencers. If you’ve ever wondered why this happens, it’s because of the platform’s algorithm. The Twitter algorithm is a set of commands and data signals that determine a website’s operation to improve user experience. 

The algorithm’s concept is to identify what you like and push such content to you. This act makes the platform enjoyable, prompting you to spend hours on Twitter, building the platform and your online presence. 

You can tell others asking, “Does Twitter track what videos you watch?” that it does. However, it won’t reveal this information to others. Twitter tracks the content you watch to encourage continuous usage by personalizing your experience.

Twitter tracking also helps with channeling ads to the right target audience. By monitoring your direct interactions, Twitter understands your preferences. The platform then channels ads of products you may enjoy to your X for your timeline. So Twitter tracking is beneficial to you and the platform as well.

An image showing a search bar with a finger tapping the search icon.

Can People See Your Twitter Searches?

People can’t see your Twitter or X searches from their account. To confirm the degree of their privacy, Twitter users ask, “Can people see your Twitter searches?” Luckily, Twitter respects boundaries and keeps your search history away from the public. Likewise, you also can’t see someone else’s search history from your account.

The only way one person can access another’s search history is if they have their Twitter login credentials. Anyone can log in and scoop valuable data with your account password and username. 

It’s advisable to secure your X account details to prevent unauthorized access. However, Twitter has mechanisms to detect when someone tries to access another person’s account. The platform will revoke access to the account if it senses a false attempt.

In addition to the above, if you open your search history in someone’s presence, they can see it. It’s easy to glance at the accounts and content you’ve searched. 

Although Twitter blocks users from accessing each other’s searches, someone can still see your search history if you’re not cautious. So, don’t give out your account login credentials. Also, avoid viewing your search history with others.

Are Twitter Searches Public?

Twitter searches are not public. So stop worrying about finding an answer to the question, “Are Twitter searches public? Just as no one can figure out what you watch, no one can also decipher the content of your search. 

The things accessible to the public or followers of private accounts are posts, likes, and comments. People can also see the number of retweets and quotes. Additionally, Twitter impressions are visible through the X analytics page. 

However, the platform stores your searches within the recent history in the search bar. Nevertheless, always remember that your posts are public and searchable. As such, any random Twitter user can search through your posts. But you can protect your posts by activating your Twitter account’s privacy so only your followers can view your posts.

However, before activating post protection, you should note that it has limitations. For example, your reach will reduce, and you’ll have less direct engagement and discoverability. Also, those who don’t follow you won’t see your replies, and you’ll be unable to mention random people. 

If this feels like a lot, you may prefer to delete the posts you don’t want people to see. As a reminder to those wondering, ”Can people see what you view on Twitter?” the answer is no. But remember that they can search your posts.

Interestingly, you can find and delete as many posts as you want to hide using TweetEraser’s web tool. Our new deletion tool lets you filter your profile and remove any information you want to hide. But before doing that, request your Twitter archive so you’ll have all records for personal use. So, perform a clean sweep of your Twitter timeline using our tool today!

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