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How Many People Blocked Me on Twitter?

Ochai Emmanuel

July 3, 2024 | 8 min read

Social media platforms, including Twitter, are grounds for developing relationships and connecting with people. But sometimes, these relationships go sour, and one party blocks the other. It could happen to anyone, even you. When it does, you may want to know, “ How many people blocked me on Twitter?”

The Twitter platform will not answer the question, “How many people have blocked me on Twitter.” Therefore, anyone seeking an answer has to devise means to find out. But there’s no need to worry if you don’t know how to proceed. This post answers questions about being blocked on Twitter, aka X. So, keep reading.

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How To Block on Twitter

Blocking on Twitter is a general feature that’s accessible to everyone. So, both users of standard and premium Twitter accounts can cut off individuals through blocking. Hence, you can block people and they can also do the same to you. 

Here’s an explanation for those who have never used the block feature and don’t know how it works. You can block anyone using the seven steps below:

  1. Launch your Twitter mobile app and tap the magnifying glass search icon. Type the username of the person you want to block into the search bar and click go.
  2. Tap on their username from the search result to open their profile page. Alternatively, you can open the user’s profile page if you see their tweet in your timeline. 
  3. Tap the ellipsis icon or three dotted lines at the top right of the user’s profile page. 
  4. Select the option to block the user. An informative message will appear outlining the consequences of blocking that user.
  5. Read through the message and press the red block button to confirm your action.

You can block anyone on Twitter, aka X, by following the steps above. This action will ensure that you no longer see their tweets. Interestingly, the process is simple. But remember that it’s just as easy for someone to block you as well.

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How To Know if Someone Blocked You on Twitter

When one person blocks another on Twitter, the platform doesn’t announce it by sending a notification. So, there is no clear indication to look out for when someone blocks you. 

Hence, a common question is, “How to know if someone blocked you on Twitter.” Since you won’t get a notification, you can only be observant. There are telltale signs that you can look out for. 

Usually, Twitter blocking comes with certain inhibitions. The blocked party can no longer send direct messages to contact the other. So, if you wake up and discover you’re unable to message a friend, they’ve blocked you. 

Also, blocking closes all interactive channels, so you’ll be unable to see the posts of those who have blocked you. Hence, their posts stop appearing on your following timeline (a collection of tweets from users you follow.) 

Their posts will also be absent from your Twitter list if you have them there. Additionally, you will no longer have access to any follower list created by the person who blocked you. 

Furthermore, you’ll be unable to mention or tag people who block your account. If you try to tag them, their complete name won’t appear among the auto-complete options. If you proceed, you’ll type out their username without successfully tagging them. 

Moreover, searching for their profile will prove futile as it will appear without content. Instead, you’ll see an error message informing you they’ve blocked you and can’t follow them or see their tweets.

Blocking disrupts all forms of contact to end the relationship between both parties. It shows hostility, so it’s good to note whoever blocks you.

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Is There a Way To Discover How Many People Blocked Me on Twitter?

It’s common for people  to wonder, “How many people have me blocked on Twitter?” That’s because Twitter doesn’t inform users when someone blocks them, let alone the number of people who have blocked them.

Luckily, various third-party apps provide solutions when Twitter lacks comprehensive features to meet customer needs. But you must grant them access to your Twitter account.

However, enabling third-party service permissions may be risky if the apps don’t comply with Twitter’s regulations. You may risk receiving a Twitter suspension, so research a tool’s credibility before use. 

An excellent third-party app you can use to discover “How many people are blocking me on Twitter” is Blolook. However, this tool discloses the number of people blocking you without revealing their identities. 

So, if you want to try another method, you can check manually. Look for signs that someone has blocked you and compile a list of people who may have blocked you. Next, search their usernames individually or try to tag them in posts.

If they’ve blocked you, you’ll be unable to tag them. Also, their profile will display a message informing you that they’ve blocked you. All that will be left for you to do is repeat the action and note how many people blocked you.

Now that you know two methods of discovering how many people have blocked your Twitter account. You can try both and stick to using whichever is more convenient. However, be wary of disclosing your vital or personal information to third-party apps if they’re your preferred option.

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Is There a Limit for Accounts Blocking You Twitter 

Twitter is an app with several limits. There is a tweet limit per hour, a following limit, and many more. After estimating the accounts blocking you on Twitter, you may wonder if there is a limit to this. 

There are no daily blocking limits on Twitter. But note that you can’t block more than one individual at once. You must repeat the process regardless of the number of people you wish to block.

However, you must avoid doing this quickly as such an action is spammy. Unfortunately, the punishment for accounts engaging in spam is restriction. If the platform restricts your account, you may be unable to access it for a while.

However, despite the lack of a daily limit, Twitter users can only block one million accounts. Finding someone whose block list contains over a million people would be difficult, so the Twitter block limit is inexhaustible.

But if anyone exhausts this limit, they must settle for an alternative, like unfollowing. If you unfollow someone, you’ll no longer see their tweets or get notifications about them. However, they can still see your content if they follow you.

Also note that unlike blocking, you’ll still be able to access their profile and view their tweets from there. Therefore, you shouldn’t block people randomly unless you’re sure you want to erase their digital footprint from your path.

Benefits of a Twitter Blocked Check

Some may be curious about why people bother to gather details when people block them. Interestingly, there are advantages to discovering how many people are blocking me on Twitter. So, below are two reasons why you should try a Twitter-blocked check.

Twitter Strategy Improvement 

If you suffer from diminishing Twitter interactions, identifying your blockers can help you trace the source of the problem. If your active followers keep blocking you, it’ll reflect in your Twitter analytics. So, a blocked Twitter check can serve as a social listening metric and provide insights into a sentiment analysis assessment.

A recurring trend in Twitter blocks might indicate a need to strategize and refurbish your content to suit your audience. Alternatively, you may need to shift your target audience so you can channel your energy appropriately.

Better Brand Marketing

Multiple blocks can signal negative feedback on a post or tweet for brands and businesses. Tracking the number of people who block you periodically can help you weigh the impact of your marketing campaigns. 

Moreover, identifying your blockers is an excellent way to avoid confrontations that may smear your brand image and reputation. But if too many people are blocking you, then there’s a fault. Your posts may be offensive, or your content may be straying away from your niche. 

If you detect a problem with your content, you must rectify it before you lose more mutual friends or followers. You can adjust your content creation strategy. But since all your posts remain public, you must delete those that don’t resonate with your audience.

Prevent Getting Blocked on Twitter by Deleting Posts

Now you no longer have to wonder, “How many people blocked me on Twitter.” The next important thing to know is how to delete multiple posts. Removing content that no longer resonates with you or your followers will most likely result in fewer Twitter blocks. However, X doesn’t provide this feature.

Luckily, TweetEraser offers the best and most efficient easy deletion tool to help you clear and filter your timeline. So, delete your posts, create a clean slate, and avoid multiple Twitter blocks using our unique tool in one click!

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