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Twitter Management Tool: Upholding Your Brand’s Image

Ochai Emmanuel

July 1, 2024 | 8 min read

Twitter, now X, is the converging ground for individuals, businesses, and marketers. As such, the platform has lots of potential and opportunities for growth. That’s why people market their products and services on X. But when engaging on such a large platform, you must tread cautiously, hence the need for a Twitter management tool.

X  management tools help users maintain a positive brand identity on the platform and ensure their accounts thrive. Effective management ensures that marketing and sales strategies will produce results that will leave a long-lasting impact. So, this post discusses some essential X management tools.

A smartphone in someone’s hand displays a Twitter feed.

Understanding the Importance of Twitter Management Tools

Your brand or personal image contributes to your success on Twitter. People look at Twitter profiles and analyze services and products. From their analysis, they develop ideas and notions about brands, which they express either actively or passively. 

Through interaction and communication, they pass on their preconceived ideas to others. The public then sentimentally analyzes your services. If their sentiment analysis creates positive perceptions, it leads to better sales, customer satisfaction, and retention. 

However, if they have negative sentiments about your brand, they’ll influence others, leading to a business decline. Hence, the need for Twitter management tools is pertinent, as they can assess and control how the public sees you. 

These tools schedule tweets and perform multiple other actions, which helps you maintain an active presence on the platform. They also help with Twitter social listening to gather valuable data on what people have to say about your brand. 

Management tools can also assess sentiment, curate analytical information, evaluate your account, and build strategies to elevate your brand. However, tools for managing X accounts differ in terms of functionality. Hence, before using any, you should check their capabilities and ensure they are a viable solution to your needs. 

Managing your Twitter account or brand involves observing feedback and comments from the public. You can also monitor your competitors or similar brands in your field and formulate an effective social media strategy. Your strategies must identify opportunities and create ways to take advantage of them. 

They must also identify weaknesses and formulate plans to strengthen them. When strategizing, remember to plan defensive measures in case of a crisis. Interestingly, X management tools facilitate the implementation of these plans. Hence, they are essential to Twitter users.

A screen showing different apps, including Twitter.

How To Use a Twitter Follower Management Tool

Your Twitter followers are the people who subscribe to your content. For someone to follow what you post, it means they like and enjoy your content. However, not all interests are positive. Some people want to snoop around and find negative things about your brand to publicize. 

Some don’t mind fabricating and circulating fake Twitter news about your products. Hence, you must monitor and manage your followers properly. Any Twitter strategy that doesn’t account for your followers will flop. 

Losing even one follower can reduce your chances of converting users to customers, leading to a ripple decline. So, constantly monitor your followers, as they are potential customers who can drive more traffic to your page. 

Followers can also intensify your Twitter marketing efforts by expanding your visibility when they share your relevant content. So, you must track and keep records of them. Interestingly, your Twitter account has a follower list that displays the identity of your followers. 

You can export your Twitter follower list before conducting proper screening and analysis with a management tool like Tweepi. By screening your followers, you can identify fake accounts that consist of inactive followers and spam bots. 

If you find any of these, you should delete them, as they damage your credibility despite boosting your follower count. Accounts with many fake followers are considered untrustworthy, so people avoid them. 

That’s why you should ensure that your followers are real and active users. Besides filtering fake followers, Tweepi suggests relevant accounts you can interact with to build your influence and grow your brand. Although you can find another Twitter follower management tool, Tweepi is the best. 

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The Best Tool To Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

Social media management encompasses several aspects. For an active microblogging app like Twitter, you must consider content creation, scheduling, publishing, and engagement. Other concerns include tracking account metrics, audience insights, benchmarking, Twitter ad management, and collaborations. 

Therefore, managing a social media account involves a lot. For a busy person, managing one account is a struggle. So, what do you do when you have multiple accounts to handle? 

Hiring a social media manager will relieve the stress, but you’ll have to do it yourself if you can’t. Thankfully, there are several management tools you can use. As mentioned earlier, social media and Twitter management tools have different functions. 

So, you may wonder about the best tool to manage multiple Twitter accounts. Choosing the best one depends on your specific needs. However, an easy-to-use tool will simplify the task. Interestingly, there is one tool that covers most of the significant aspects of social media management. This is none other than Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a comprehensive management tool with easy solutions that enable brands to gain dominance over their content. It has many advanced features that simplify trade and customer and follower relations. Sprout Social can provide detailed and in-depth Twitter analytics for multiple accounts simultaneously. 

With analytical insights, you can compare yourself and your competitors, enabling you to discover your rank. If you decide to intensify marketing by increasing your content’s value, this tool can help you with bulk post-scheduling. 

Sprout Social’s comprehensive toolkit covers customer relationship management, advertising, and other features. It’s an all-in-one tool that expertly monitors and manages your social media accounts. So, if you want the best tool for monitoring multiple accounts, look no further.

A person holding a white smartphone displaying analytical insights.

What Is the Best Free Twitter Management Tool?

The best free X management tool is Hootsuite. When new to social media marketing, brands tend to ask several questions. This curiosity is good as it prevents them from making costly mistakes. 

New brands, however, may not yet have sufficient cash inflow to invest in paid management tools for their Twitter accounts. Hence, brand owners often ask, “What is  the best free Twitter management tool?” Although X management tools are subscription-based, some of these have free versions, like Hootsuite. 

These free versions exist for trial purposes, enabling potential subscribers to understand the tool and its interface. However, most of these free trial versions have numerous limitations. 

A free trial usually only provides access to a few key features. However, Hootsuite differs, as the 30-day free trial version has more features than most. Below is a list of 10 management functionalities you can enjoy on the free version of Hootsuite:

  1. Dual account management
  2. Advanced content writing assistance from Owly AI 
  3. Prescheduling a maximum of five posts to aid posting consistency
  4. A content library
  5. Tracking of relevant hashtags and keywords
  6. Monitoring direct messages, trends, and mentions
  7. Brief insight into analytics and performance metrics such as likes, comments, and reposts
  8. Integration with other third-party apps like Canva and Google Drive
  9. Audience engagement
  10. Access to professional and team plans

With all these functionalities, you can depend on the free version to serve you nicely. However, to avoid being billed for the service, opt out of the free trial on or before the 30th day.

A Twitter user holds a smartphone that displays an X feed.

Managing Your Tweets on X

Tweets or posts are the significant metrics on X that people pay attention to. Customers express their opinions, and marketers share their ideas through tweets. Brands also introduce products and promote their services by tweeting.

Tweets are the primary form of content that gives brands their voice and influences public perception. Hence, you must focus on the content creation process. Consistently post content related to your products and industry, or you’ll deviate from your Twitter niche. 

If you deviate, it becomes easier for your followers to lose interest. Also, study posting times and discover the best time to post to draw more social media interaction for your brand. 

To promote your content and create brand awareness, you can collaborate with influencers and get them to post. This way, you can tap into their followers but choose the right influencer who understands your brand values.

However, when tweeting, avoid posting content that violates Twitter’s policies through nudity, violence, derogatory speech, or offensive speech. If you apply these strategies to your posting techniques, you’ll get rewards from your monitoring activities. 

But then, it’s easy to fall off track. A few nasty tweets can damage your reputation. It would be a pain to see all your efforts go to waste. So, as you invest in various X management tools, it’s also essential that you subscribe to a Twitter deletion tool.

TweetEraser is the best deletion tool on the internet, and it can filter your posts by keyword search and date. After filtering, this tool can help you select and delete tweets in bulk, acting as an excellent crisis management system. 

Hence, TweetEraser is a great Twitter management tool you can try. So, start filtering and clearing your tweets today!

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