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TweetDeck Alternatives: A Peep at Effective Substitutes


January 2, 2024 | 10 min read

Twitter’s TweetDeck was a free social media management tool until the switch to X affected it. Like the change in the platform’s name, this tool became XPro. However, this wasn’t the only adjustment made. XPro is now only accessible to users who can pay the XPremium subscription fee. This situation has left users unable to afford the service, seeking TweetDeck alternatives.

Until this change, many other users used this tool to manage multiple customized feeds. While it may not seem essential, TweetDeck helps users have a smooth experience on Twitter, now X. But unverified users are at the receiving end of the tool’s access fee limitation. Managing their social media platform is now a challenge they must conquer. Well, that is about to change with an effective alternative.

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Is There an Alternative to TweetDeck? The Possibility of Escape Routes

TweetDeck substitutes are usually tools that focus on Twitter, a.k .a. X platform. But, social media management tools are still up to the challenge. Anyone who needs social media management platforms will desperately look and ask for them. However, the first question should be, “Is there an alternative to TweetDeck?” In simple words, there are several alternatives to this powerful tool.

These tools help users to manage their accounts with similar effectiveness. As of now, more than fifty varieties of these alternatives exist. These substitutes can work for various platforms, including Android, iPhone, web-based, Windows, and Linux apps. Although they can’t entirely replace TweetDeck, you can get free access for a limited period. Trial periods last between 14 to 30 days in most cases.

At the same time, some service providers also offer unlimited free access to their tools. While TweetDeck is the real deal, these effective alternatives can help you complete most tasks without Twitter verification. However, they may not perfectly match your needs.

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5 Best TweetDeck Alternatives: Exploring Outstanding Substitutes

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Several service providers promise people effective Twitter management similar to TweetDeck. But only a few of them come close to delivering such service quality. Each substitute tool has its unique features and works for individual purposes. Notwithstanding, some of them are the best TweetDeck alternatives available out there. Therefore, we will help you identify these outstanding replacements to get perfect results.

TweetEraser’s screenshot of Hootsuite’s homepage on a desktop.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a famous tool that offers various services to manage social media accounts. This powerful tool effectively handles multiple social media profiles. In addition, it is the only tool that works similarly to TweetDeck. This quality makes it the perfect alternative for your Twitter marketing strategies. This tool’s unified dashboard allows smooth management of your social presence, conversations, and Twitter lists.

At the same time, it aids effective follower growth and offers real-time analytic insights into your metrics. Some analytical services include identifying optimal post-publishing time and measuring your brand’s response time. You can also access performances corresponding with your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). You can also export and share the detailed customizable analytic report from the tool.

As one of the most powerful social listening tools, this platform helps you track your brand performance. In addition, it allows users to create custom streams to monitor viral trends and track mentions of you. This feature is similar to what you will find on TweetDeck. One exceptional quality of this tool is its user-friendly dashboard that allows you to integrate multiple social networks. However, this amazing TweetDeck alternative requires you to pay for the services.

TweetEraser’s screenshot of Audiense’s homepage on a desktop.

2. Audiense

Audiense is another effective alternative that helps you to manage your Twitter activities. It offers different features and services, including social media marketing. It features tools to help brands and marketers study and engage their target audience on social platforms. With the power of audience segmentation, you can categorize your audience based on interests, demographics, engagement patterns, and behaviors.

This action creates an opportunity for personalized posts and messaging schemes. Audiense allows you to create a personalized chatbox for interacting with potential clients through X DMs. This chatbox also works for handling your subscribers through integrated opt-in settings. In addition, you can identify new followers and manage unfollows and follow-backs on the social media platform.

More than this, Audiense’s social listening feature helps to monitor and analyze conversations and mentions of you in real time. You can also get insights on brand, niche, industry, or keyword-related conversations. This way, you can actively converse about current events and viral trends as part of your brand reputation management. Audience insights from this tool are useful for creating marketing campaigns and strategies for broader reach.

Audiense can also help identify important influencers within your niche for potential collaborations and partnerships. It also aids social media marketing through content recommendations based on audience preferences and competitor analysis. The only clause is you must pay to access all these features.

TweetEraser’s screenshot of SocialPilot’s homepage on a desktop.

3. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a resourceful social media management tool that helps brands and individuals manage their online presence effectively. It offers multiple features across social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest. One of its outstanding features is post-scheduling and arrangement. SocialPilot’s content calendar makes it easy to bulk schedule multiple posts simultaneously through CSV files.

Users can schedule over 500 posts simultaneously to maintain their online social presence. It also allows monitoring engagement metrics and follower growth with comprehensive analytic features and real-time reports. This action helps to accelerate your Twitter marketing goal within a short period. More than this, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts, aka X, on a single SocialPilot dashboard.

This dashboard is your key to managing messages, comments, and mentions about you. This tool’s curation feature also creates content suggestions that resonate with your audience’s preferences. This action can include images, text, videos, emojis, and custom field customization. This content suggestion focuses on your niche, industry, or specific keywords.

SocialPilot’s analytics provides a detailed report on your post performance based on retweets, likes, and engagements. You can also share links efficiently with built-in URL shorteners. As easy as everything seems, this tool doesn’t offer its services freely. You must pay a specific fee to create your operations dashboard. However, you can get a 14-day free trial to test the functionality.

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4. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a genuine and affordable alternative that works similarly to TweetDeck. This powerful platform allows you to manage multiple social media accounts, including X, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It offers various features like post-scheduling, monitoring, and bulk uploading. Using Agorapulse for your X account gives you access to various services.

Some of the best features include reposts, replies, reviews, and sending direct messages from a single dashboard. One dashboard for multiple social media profiles allows you to maneuver between accounts easily. This could be accounts from different platforms or a collection of Twitter, aka X profiles. TweetDeck may offer many options, but Agorapulse provides even more of this.

Features like bulk post upload and publish categories are something you can’t get on many tools. However, these are available on Agorapulse. Creating a CSV file containing all your posts allows you to schedule or add them to custom publishing queues. Like other alternatives, you must pay a subscription fee to use Agorapulse. Several packages are affordable at affordable rates, and you can access a 30-day free period.

TweetEraser’s screenshot of Buffer’s homepage on a desktop.

5. Buffer

Another great alternative you can use is Buffer. This platform effectively manages multiple social media accounts on a single dashboard. Buffer’s all-in-one function allows you to schedule and publish posts, engage with followers, and track performances. It also provides a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate dashboard. You can switch between multiple accounts and manage them with a few clicks.

The post-schedule feature effectively plans and publishes content at the best time for increased engagement. The analytics feature provides insights into the performance of your posts, which helps you plan your content strategy. Buffer also converts the likes, comments, shares, and reposts on your post into numerical value to measure its performance. This feature helps you to weigh your popularity on social platforms.

The best part of using this tool is the availability of a free plan that offers auto-scheduling and AI assistant features. These services are adequate for anyone looking for a simple way to manage their accounts. However, advanced features are available to users who pay for subscription packages.

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3 Free Alternatives to TweetDeck: Substitutes That Cost Nothing

There are solutions if you want to manage your social accounts effectively but can’t afford the tools. Although many people don’t think they are efficient enough, free alternatives to TweetDeck are also powerful. You can enjoy several similar benefits to TweetDeck without worrying about Twitter subscriptions. Without further delays, let’s explore the proficiency of these free tools.

TweetEraser’s screenshot of Tweeten’s homepage on a desktop.

1. Tweeten

Tweeten is a replica of TweetDeck without requiring a fee. This effective tool is on a mission to complete TweeDeck’s operations. Tweeten has a similar appearance, so navigating should be easy for anyone conversant with TweetDeck. The column-based interface allows you to track your Twitter profiles without the need to refresh pages. Although this tool won’t track or analyze your followers, it will help you manage multiple accounts.

Tweeten is further from TweetDeck’s design, allowing a smooth and natural experience. It also offers real-time updates about your accounts through notifications. These notifications allow you to interact with posts directly and select various configuration options. You can even choose custom notification sounds and use a built-in mute feature.

In addition, it allows you to schedule posts for better engagement time. Its advanced filter option helps you search in real-time memes, GIFs, hashtags, and trends. You can also use Tweeten to track your new followers or active Twitter follower’s likes on your posts.

TweetEraser’s screenshot of Denim Social’s homepage on a desktop.

2. Denim Social

Another free alternative is Denim Social. This application allows you to manage your social accounts from one place. It also lets you discover content, boost your audience, and interact with followers in real time. This effective app can also filter specific sensitive keywords and schedule posts. Other amazing features include performance analytics, engagement tracking, multiple accounts management, and conversation monitoring.

It also features a means to track your connections on various social platforms. This makes it easy to target specific users or find new Twitter followers. Another benefit of this app is its availability on iOS and Android devices.

A picture of a word cloud containing various words with the word “Social Media Marketing” more visible.

3. Twidere X

Twidere X is a free alternative that creates a custom system to manage your X account, auto-share content, etc. The built-in scheduler easily manages your posts in advance. This app also creates automated replies for your messages. Although the free plan is effective, you may not have access to all the app’s features. However, upgrading to the Pro plan will give you unlimited access to managing multiple accounts and customer support.

It may seem basic, but TwidereX is an amazing alternative to use. While TweetDeck alternatives may help you schedule posts, they only publish what you added. Therefore, you must be careful about influencing people with the wrong content. If you post content you don’t intend, there is a way to delete them simultaneously.

TweetEraser designed a user-friendly web-based application for filtering and removing multiple posts. Our application loads and imports your archive to delete unwanted posts effortlessly. It also functions without bothering you with promotional content. Start filtering and clearing your X timeline today!

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