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Who Has the Most Followers on Twitter? The Top X Users

Ochai Emmanuel

July 5, 2024 | 6 min read

Like you, many other users have wanted to know who has the most followers on Twitter, now X? Well, you have come to the right place to get answers. The leading user has pulled a lot of users on the platform. Many attributes have made them gain the attention of regular and influential X users.

Besides this person, several other accounts have joined the list of the most influential people. These are people who have made a significant impact on popular culture. Knowing who has the most followed account on Twitter reflects the attributes you can use to gain followers. Read this article to the end to learn about these users.

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A Glance at the Most Followed Person on Twitter

Billionaire businessman and investor Elon Musk is the most followed person on Twitter, aka X. Musk owns X Corp., which has gained rapid growth over the years. He rose to the top of the list as the most followed person on X faster than anyone could imagine.

Elon Musk’s popularity and follower count increased after he gained ownership of Twitter. When people wonder on Twitter who has the most followers, many would assume it is an entertainer or a footballer. However, many attributes put Musk at the top of this list.

He is famous for his controversial posts and actions, which got people’s attention. In addition, Mr Musk actively posts updates about the social platform and listens to its users’ feedback. He has created products like electric cars and rockets and even launched an electric car into space on a rocket.

These activities make his account a magnet for Twitter followers. Elon Musk also shows interest in cryptocurrencies and Twitter memes. According to Forbes’ Billionaire List 2024, he is the second-richest person in the world.

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10 Accounts Who Have the Most Followers on Twitter in the World

Growing your Twitter follower count to a significant number is challenging and requires tactics. If you want to grow on Twitter, it is worth getting insights from other users. Knowing who has the most followers on Twitter in the world can help you develop growth strategies. Let’s look at the top 10 X users with the most followers.

1. Elon Musk

Mr Musk needs no introduction. You must have known he has the most followers on the platform by now. With over 186 million followers, Musk doesn’t seem to be losing this position soon. Hopefully, he hits 200 million sooner than we’d expect.

2. Barack Obama

If you are familiar with American politics, you’d know Barack Obama was the first African-American president. With over 131 million followers, the former U.S. president is the second most-followed person on the platform. Barack Obama’s posts revolve around his daily activities and charity, “The Obama Foundation.”

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Up at number three is Portuguese national team footballer and captain Cristiano Ronaldo. He is also the Saudi Professional League club Al Nassr captain. Ronaldo is regarded as the greatest footballer of all time and has over 111 million Twitter followers.

He has played in famous football clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus F.C. His account also rapidly grew from 2021 to 2024. His posts revolve around his football matches, personal activities, and promotional content.

4. Justin Bieber

Canadian singer Justin Bieber is the fourth most-followed person and artist on X. Bieber debuted his first album in 2009 when he was just 15 years old. Ever since, he has stayed in the spotlight as a fan favorite. It is no surprise that Bieber has over 110 million X followers.

His profile contains random thoughts, promotional content, and personal posts to connect with his fans. Some of his followers include artists and celebrities worldwide.

5. Rihanna

Barbadian singer and businesswoman Rihanna is the most followed woman on X with 107 million followers. Rihanna’s music career and years of hits made her a fan favorite. Apart from this, her fashion brand, Fenty, keeps growing from strength to strength.

Rihanna’s X posts involve promotional content, including information about her latest collaborations and releases.

6. Katy Perry

World-famous pop star Katy Perry is in sixth place on this list. Perry has established herself as one of the most influential music acts in the world. With 106 million followers, Perry is the second most influential woman on X. Her X posts revolve around her personal thoughts, messages, and occasional promotional posts.

7. Narendra Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the second politician on our list. With over 98 million followers, he is the seventh most followed X user. His posts revolve around politics, issues about India, and diplomacy with other countries. He posts in English and Hindi to gain the attention of an international and Indian audience.

8. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a famous musician with millions of followers worldwide. With a follower count of over 95 million, she is the third most-followed woman on X. Her music and concerts have experienced similar growth in listeners and attendees. Swift’s posts revolve around her personal pictures and musical tours.

9. Donald Trump

Another politician on this list is the 45th U.S. president, Donald Trump. Previously banned for over a year, many wouldn’t expect to see him here. However, his controversial and unexpected posts have gained the attention of over 87 million followers on Twitter. 

10. Lady Gaga

American musician and actress Lady Gaga is our tenth most followed X user, with over 83 million followers. Her music and acting career have put her in the limelight for years. Some of her notable acting works include major roles in “House of Gucci” and “A Star Is Born.”

Her X posts are mostly updates about her interests, music, acting, and her “Born This Way Foundation.”

Who Has the Most Followers on Twitter? Enhance Your Own X Account

Now that we have come to the end of our list of who has the most followers on Twitter, you must have noticed these individuals have varying careers. Hence, you can also maybe enter this list in the future. You only need to engage your audience and create authentic and exciting content.

However, you must first delete posts that may negatively influence your growth. Luckily, TweetEraser has created an efficient web-based bulk tweet deletion tool to delete these posts simultaneously. This tool uploads your archive to filter and delete posts that may affect your reputation. So, start filtering and cleaning your X timeline today!

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