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Knowing Your Audience: The Key to a Successful X Campaign

Ochai Emmanuel

January 15, 2024 | 9 min read

Every social media campaign aims to reach a target audience and motivate them to adopt an idea or take action. However, knowing your audience is the first step to reaching and motivating them. Thus, it is a fundamental step every Twitter business marketer must hurdle to succeed on Twitter, now X. 

To know your audience means to understand them and their online actions. That entails knowing what they like or not and what motivates and appeals to them. It also involves knowing when they best see and engage your post on the platform. Good knowledge of your audience can help you achieve all your goals on X. So, let’s consider how to know your X audience better.

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Why Is Knowing Your Audience Important on Social Media?

Many key elements influence a successful social media campaign. However, good knowledge of your audience stands out as the foundational factor. So, why is knowing your audience important on social media? Simply put, it is important because your audience determines your success on Twitter. 

Whether you manage a personal or Twitter business account, you know the importance of an online audience. These people view your posts, and you grow on the platform when they engage them. So, everything you do online, you do for your audience. You want to impress them to get them to click the engagement buttons. Even when selling a product, you aim to appeal to them so they click the links. 

That is why it is important to know your audience. So that you can design your social media campaign to appeal to them without properly knowing the audience, your online activities would be like a musician playing a wrong note. Rather than make music, you’d be making noise to the audience. Thus, you’ll repel instead of attracting your desired audience.

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What Is a Target Audience on Social Media?

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Every successful veteran tweep knows how to appeal to their target audience. But “what is a target audience,” you may wonder? A social media target audience is the people for whom you make a post or expect to engage a post. For example, when you post about TweetEraser services, your intended audience is tweeps who need TweetEraser to clean their accounts. 

When you post on social media like Twitter, you get many impressions, sometimes into the thousands. However, not everyone who sees your post has an interest in it. Only those you cultivate interest in your post are your intended audience. 

You can forecast your target audience by inductive reasoning. When you want to share something on Twitter, you can think about the people likely to show interest. For example, when sharing marriage advice, surely you’ll think of married and engaged couples, not teenagers. Thus, married and engaged couples become your intended audience for that post. 

Generally, your active Twitter followers are your primary target audience for regular tweets. After all, they follow you or subscribe to your tweets because they like what you post and want more. Notwithstanding, you can also make specific or promotional posts targeting a specific demographic on X. 

Summarily, your target audience on social media is whomever you intend to reach with your posts.

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How To Grow a Target Audience of Twitter Users: A Simple Guide

Twitter is one of the leading social media and digital marketing platforms today. One of the reasons for its popular and widespread adoption is its versatility. For instance, Twitter benefits individuals and celebrities chasing clout while effectively serving social media business marketers. Nevertheless, to achieve your goal on Twitter, you must satisfy your target audience and grow them. This section will show how to find, reach, and grow a target audience of Twitter users. 

How To Find Your Target Audience on Twitter

Thus far, it is clear that your audience and their responsiveness determine your impact and growth on Twitter. But with so many registered and active tweeps, you may wonder how to find your target audience on X. 

There are several ways to find this audience using Twitter features. First, you can find your target audience on Twitter Lists. People create X Lists and add tweeps with similar interests. So, if someone added you to a Twitter List, you can find your target audience there. That is especially true if you tweet about the interest of the Lists. You can also find your audience from Twitter Chats, Spaces, and Communities. 

Also, tweeps who engage your previous posts constitute your audience. So you can backtrace your tweets and find your audience from the engagement lists. People who retweet your posts should top the list of your audience for subsequent posts. 

You can also find your audience through hashtag research. When you search for a trending Twitter hashtag, check how many hits and engagements it has. Everyone who has posted and engaged that hashtag constitutes your audience for tweets under that topic. 

How To Maintain and Expand Your Twitter Audience

Many tweeps seek to establish niche authority and influence on Twitter, so finders are not keepers on the platform. Your audience has numerous options and sources to find their desired information. So, to keep them, you must continue to impress them with your content.   

To maintain and grow your audience, tweet continuously, sharing practical and informational posts. Besides tweeting on your timeline, share information and participate in Twitter Lists, Chats, Circles, and Spaces. You can embed your Twitter page on your websites to share your tweets with audiences outside the platform. 

Continuous engagement is also important to keep your audience. Don’t just post tweets and forget about them; engage with our audience on the tweet. Respond to their comments and replies and carry everyone along. That will show them you value their opinion and encourage them to listen to you. 

You can also use Twitter Analytics to study your audience and make the necessary adjustments and improvements. Twitter analytics lets you see who recently followed you and message them to start a conversation. You can also study your unfollow rate and pattern and learn what you’re doing wrong. Twitter Analytics also reveals your most followed followers through which you can establish wider connections. 

Maintaining and growing your X audience only requires maintaining relevance and audience appeal. You’ll continue to grow on Twitter when you do this.

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How Does Your Social Media Presence Affect Your Audience?

Your social media presence entails more than your existence and availability on a social media platform. Instead, it describes your personality or brand personality on the platform, gleaned from your online activities. Many also call it your digital or electronic presence. It helps brands gain authority online and thus reach a wider audience. This brief description already hints at how your digital presence affects your audience.

Remember, social media audiences react and respond to user’s content. So, when brands portray a solid and positive online presence, they attract wider audiences and maintain existing ones. Businesses can do this by regularly posting rich, informative and practical types of content on their handles. They can also continuously engage with customers to satisfy their questions and needs.

Brands are careful not to portray a negative social presence to scare off potential customers. The numbers show that brands with the richest online presence display a customer-first approach. They put the people ahead of the business, generating appeal from tweeps. Some even promote non-profit movements in trend. All these build a solid presence for the brand on social media. 

What Are the Differences Between Twitter Followers and Audiences

Tweeps sometimes assume the words followers and audience to mean the same thing. However, while their meanings close and sometimes overlap, these terms describe different groups. 

The most basic are the Twitter followers. These people subscribe to your tweets by tapping the follow button on your profile page. They also appear on the followers list on your profile. These people first see your tweets when you share them on X. All your tweets appear on their timeline as soon as you share them publicly. For private account owners, only their followers see their tweets. 

Next is your audience. This term describes anyone who can see and can see your tweets. That includes followers and non-followers of your account. If a person views your tweet, he is your audience. Interestingly, while your follower counts change with gain and loss in followers, your audience fluctuates per post. Each tweet accrues a specific audience numerically. 

Using sports to illustrate, the club fans are your followers, while the spectators per match are your audience. Note that the number of spectators differs per match and constitutes club fans and non-supporters. However, they are spectators because they watched the match. Similarly, each person who views your tweets is your audience, whether they follow you or not.

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How To Use Audience Targeting for a Twitter Ad Campaign

Building an organic audience sufficient for an effective brand promotion on X takes time. Recognizing this, Twitter provides an ad feature for businesses and brands to run campaigns to reach wider audiences. Although this is a paid feature on X, it allows brands to reach a wider audience in less time than they ordinarily would. 

However, experience shows that it’s not always about the number but the quality of your audience on Twitter. So, after paying for a campaign, you want to ensure it reaches people who will act on your motivation. To ensure this, Twitter provides a targeting feature for its ad campaign. 

When launching a campaign, you can add audience targeting to specific whom your tweets reach. You can target an audience by age, gender, location, and language. The targeting option is available in the campaign set-up menu under “Targeting” and “Demographics.” That will ensure your campaign reaches your intended audience and improves conversion rates. 

Your Twitter campaigns are invitations for tweeps to follow your account. A good strategy seeks to reach a wider audience and attract more followers. However, your account and profile must be attractive to ensure this. After knowing your audience and attracting them, keeping them is paramount to sustainable growth.

TweetEraser is a Twitter management tool that can help you maintain an attractive X profile for potential followers. It helps with mass tweet deletion and importation into your archive. This web-based tool is easy to use and effective, not to mention affordable. You can start with a free version to test its efficiency and upgrade it later. The software does not use ads and protects your data while in use. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today with TweetEraser!

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