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Welcome to TweetEraser


May 6, 2017 | 2 min read

Nowadays every good web application should offer at least some kind of Howto’s. Some people are using a blog to provide their visitors with hopefully useful information. For TweetEraser, I would like to use the possibilities of a blog to provide you with – well, hopefully useful information – around why and how to use TweetEraser.

Unfortunately it turned out that the current version of TweetEraser is not quite as intuitive as thought. I will work on that in the coming months. On the other hand, however, it also revealed that not every user knows exactly why and for what TweetEraser could/should be used.

I will work on this gap of information and close them as much as possible. For now I am focising on writing static pages as a kind of Howto. Meanwhile and on occasion I would like to provide you with information around e.g.: How do I avoid unnecessary publication of my personal data? Or: How do I clean up my social live?

For now I wish you a nice time and hopefully I’ll see you back here from time to time.

Kind Regards

Carsten Lorenz

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Bulk delete past tweets with one click
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Bulk delete past tweets with one click
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