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Check Fake Twitter Followers 

Fake followers on Twitter, aka X, are mostly bot and egghead accounts. Though they increase your follower count, their poor interaction can affect your engagement rate. They can also send you spammy content and malicious links, creating risks. So, you’ll often need to check fake Twitter followers and eliminate them. Having many followers can buff … Read more

Schedule Tweets: Automating Posts for Later

A photo of a calendar on a white fabric.

While you may need to keep your Twitter or X account active, tending to it isn’t always possible. This phenomenon and the possibility of missing the peak posting times could warrant your need to schedule tweets. Unfortunately, many users do not understand how to schedule their Twitter posts.  Scheduling posts on X or Twitter involves … Read more

Twitter Clean Up: Clearing Old Data for a Fresh Start

Identities created on social platforms are a smaller version of a person’s real self. Like other platforms, X, formerly Twitter, allows users to express themselves freely. However, these identities and posts may betray their purpose and give others wrong impressions. When this happens, you must do a neat Twitter clean up to create a fresh … Read more

Most Liked Tweets of All Time: Posts That Moved X Users

X, formerly known as Twitter, contains more information than anyone could expect. Many people go to the platform to learn things as they happen. Many users announce events and happenings in their tweets. Although many celebrities and non-celebrities publish posts daily, some tweets get better reactions and engagement than others. Some of them turned out … Read more

How To See Twitter Replies and Join Public Conversations

Among the numerous features that differentiate Twitter from other apps, the nature of interactions on the platform stands out. While most social media platforms focus on interpersonal interaction, Twitter focuses on intensifying group interactions. That is why anyone, even non-followers, can reply when you post a tweet. However, these replies don’t readily appear when browsing … Read more

Twitter Headers: Achieving Perfection With Cover Photos

Profile pictures may be the face of Twitter or X accounts, but headers also contribute to the impression you create. Many people prefer to engage brands with outstanding banners. Using this feature to your advantage may be the missing link to boost your engagement. Therefore, understanding everything about X or Twitter headers will help you … Read more

Twitter Bio Ideas: Guide To Writing the Perfect Introduction

The perfect Twitter bio is key to increasing followers and engagement on an account. Most people tend to look at profile pictures and profile information before deciding to engage them. As a social media strategist, it is essential to have an engaging and interesting bio. However, getting good bio ideas for Twitter, now X profiles … Read more

Twitter Suspension: Its Reasons and Ways Around It

A picture of a phone displaying a few apps, including Twitter, in a folder.

Like other social media platforms, X, formerly Twitter, has a set of rules and policies in place to maintain order. These policies and rules, which aim at protecting users, stipulate different measures that the platform initiates in case of violations. For one, the platform strikes accounts violating these rules with varying degrees of X or … Read more

How to Reactivate Twitter: Recovering Deactivated Accounts

A picture of a phone displaying President Donald Trump’s suspended Twitter account.

Twitter allows users to deactivate their accounts when they feel like taking a break from the platform. This is one step toward eventually deleting an account from the social media service. However, some users may wish to return to the platform after deactivating their accounts. These users often ask questions about how to reactivate Twitter … Read more