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Twitter Age Limit: How Old Should Someone Be To Use the App


May 31, 2023 | 10 min read

Many social media platforms have age limits for permitted users. In like manner, Twitter stops users of a certain age from creating accounts on the platform. So, many parents and other users are concerned with the Twitter age limit. There are questions like “How old should a person be to be able to use the app?” This issue is crucial because it ensures that kids do not interact with inappropriate content. 

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule has made clear stipulations. Accordingly, the platforms should allow only individuals above 13 to create accounts. Under 13, users must have parental consent before the platform approves their account creation. Because of this, Twitter has made age a vital prerequisite when creating an account. This factor defines what kind of content the app exposes you to. This guide focuses on the Twitter age limit and some restrictions accompanying different user age groups.

Does Twitter Have an Age Limit? Unpacking All the Facts

Twitter contains adult content which it exposes all kinds of users to. It remains one of the few social media platforms allowing such content. For reasons like this, there are inquiries like “Does Twitter have an age limit?” This entire discussion arises due to the perceived need for social media sites to protect children from sensitive content. But not to worry, this social media network has such stipulations in place. Let’s dive in.

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What Is the Twitter Age Limit?

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Twitter only permits people over the age of 13 to create accounts. However, the platform isn’t too keen on verifying age when users create accounts. But if it discovers that a user is underage, it disables their account immediately. The platform insists that some of its content does not suit children. So, it merely stipulates this age restriction. The Twitter age limit is under Government provisions regarding social media platforms. 

The sensitive content on the platform includes adult content, graphic violence, hateful imagery, and violent conduct. So, Twitter permits users to report underage users, which it eventually bans if the report is accurate. It also requires that users between 13 to 17 provide their parents’ email addresses when creating an account. 

Apart from the minimum age specifications, several other elements align with the Twitter age limit. For instance, the platform limits the kind of content users between 13 and 17 posts. It also limits the number of followers they can have. In addition, Twitter does not allow users under 18 to create ads or promote their tweets. 

On the other hand, different countries place different age-related restrictions on Twitter usage. However, for most of these, the involvement of parental consent allows even such underage users to get user access. For example, in the United States, Twitter requires parental consent for underage users to access the platform. 

In the same way, users in different countries with different age specifications require parental consent to break such requirements. Even in such cases, the social media platform firmly checks to confirm the status of the parent or guardian. This process takes quite a while before the approval of underage accounts. 

Can You Restore an Account Blocked Because of the Twitter Age Limit?

Twitter blocks the accounts of underage users who joined the platform before they were 13. However, these users can still restore their Twitter accounts when they reach the minimum required age. Twitter insists that users who violate the Twitter age limit can get access to their accounts by deleting specific data. 

When your account is qualified for reactivation, you’ll receive a prompt through your notifications to begin the process. Primarily, Twitter asks you to complete a form and upload an image of a recognized identification carrying your birth date. This action can take up to three days, but Twitter sends an in-app notification or an email when it’s complete. The platform offers 30 days for users to regain their accounts. After this period, the platform will remove such accounts, and users will not be able to retrieve them.

When restoring your account, Twitter removes the tweets you made before you were 13. The platform also erases your likes, direct messages, profile details, moments, collections, and lists. Other details like your username, contact information, and date of birth remain intact. Twitter also preserves your followers and the people you follow. Unfortunately, the system removes some of your personalization and data-sharing options which you can review and change eventually. 

Instead of recovering them, other users would rather delete these Twitter accounts and create new ones. This action would allow them to start all over instead of revamping and working on the old stripped ones. If the account has a few posts left, you can delete all your tweets and resume using it.

Twitter Age Restriction Bypass: Sliding the Twitter Age Limit Aside

Because Twitter has placed an age restriction on users, several people have made inquiries about how to override this restriction. Most of these inquiries arise from potential users who do not meet the age requirements to use the app. Although these questions on Twitter age restriction bypass may seem absurd, this works in a few ways. Let’s dive into the issue.

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Obtain Parental Consent To Override the Twitter Age Limit

Different factors emerge when the topic of age requirements on social media arises. In some countries, parents can permit underage children to use Twitter despite the age limit. Of course, the law permits that. However, certain limitations work to protect users with accounts like this.

If you’re under 13, you can ask your guardian or parent for permission to use Twitter. So, while you create your account, they would offer their consent to the social media site. This a highly recommended option for tackling the Twitter age limit in good faith. In this case, Twitter will require your parent or guardian to complete a Parental consent form. After some analysis, you will receive a verdict from which you can proceed with your account creation. 

Using a Virtual Private Network To Bypass the Twitter Age Limit

The Twitter Age Limit differs in different countries. So, one efficient way to bypass the age restriction on Twitter is to employ a VPN or a proxy service. These services allow users to alter their IP addresses, hiding their original identities. This option is excellent for those who do not intend to post content that violates Twitter policy. Also, this option is preferable for users in countries with a slightly higher age limit. 

A closeup photograph of applications, including Twitter, on an Android device screen.

A virtual private network is excellent because it encrypts your internet traffic, routing it through another location. If that location does not limit users your age from operating Twitter accounts, you won’t run into any trouble. There are a plethora of VPN providers. But options like NordVPN offer fast and easy usage, operating servers in more than 60 countries. 

To use a VPN, install the application on your mobile device or personal computer to use a VPN. Next, link your device to a server in another country where people your age can use the app. Launch Twitter and enjoy the service. Remember that VPNs are ideal if your age is slightly higher and only your country’s regulations limit you. 

Create an Anonymous Account To Bypass the Twitter Age Limit

Another way to deal with the Twitter age limit is to create an anonymous account. You can do this by creating another email account which you’d use to create another Twitter account. An anonymous account entails not using personal information for the email or the Twitter account. This is to protect your identity from getting compromised. 

After creating the account, you should pick a username that does not align with your identity. This would make it easier for you to interact on the platform without exposing your name or other private information. From there, you can use the social media website and interact with others while remaining genuinely anonymous. Although bypassing the Twitter age limit may not be the best option, it is still effective.

How Does Twitter Enforce the Age Limit?

There have been several questions about how Twitter ensures that underage kids do not get access to the platform. For instance, people have asked, “How does Twitter enforce the age limit?” These concerns have been significant due to observations that kids could falsify their ages while creating accounts. 

A picture of someone holding their mobile phone with several apps, including Twitter, displayed on the screen.

Locking Accounts That Do Not Meet the Twitter Age Limit

Twitter locks an account if it notices that the account owner is underage. This policy was enacted in 2018 when the general data protection regulations forced the company to enforce a solution. At this point, Twitter had to deal with underage users and their published content. Instead, the company locked the accounts that underage users had created, even though some were now over 13 years old. 

Eventually, Twitter allowed those users who had outgrown the Twitter age limit to recover their accounts. But the company removed the tweets these users made before hitting 13. Since then, the company now closes accounts with underage users until they grow into them. Still, this does not stop people under 13 from falsifying their age while creating their accounts. 

Twitter relies on specific reports to take action against underage accounts pretending to meet the age requirements. However, users can still input their age when inputting their details during sign-up. So, the problem of enforcing the Twitter age limit persists. 

Birth Date Verification Before Viewing Certain Content

Twitter requires users to verify their ages before viewing certain sensitive content on the platform. This is all in a bid to deal with underage users and prevent them from getting exposed to inappropriate content. Users have noticed that the platform now restricts tweeps from specific posts and adverts. There have been acknowledgments about the presence of many underaged persons on the platform because many lie about their ages. 

An image of a black phone’s screen displaying a social media apps folder containing Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

So, this policy limits their reach in a way, even if they are not completely honest about their age. Worthy of note, Twitter has not banned certain inappropriate content despite flagging some as sensitive. So, this is one of the policies that looks to protect children and young adults. Again, the app would not require another verification from people who had initially entered their birth dates on their accounts. 

Well, this update came immediately after Twitter had issues with content containing child abuse in August 2022. Apart from protecting people below the Twitter age limit, this feature also helps advertisers to determine their target audience. Although these advertisers would not access these birth dates, this functionality ensures that suitable audiences view content appropriate for them. At TweetEraser, we’ve created a straightforward, easy-to-use web tool for filtering and deleting mass tweets. This web application allows users to import and process their archives before deleting tweets with a few clicks. Fortunately, TweetEraser does not clutter timelines with promotional content. So, start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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