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Restore Twitter Account: Regaining Access to Your Profile


March 27, 2024 | 8 min read

Did you deactivate your Twitter or X account? Or did the platform remove your account for some reason? You can always recover your profile and continue using the platform to share posts and interact with others. But how do you restore your Twitter account?

If you’ve temporarily deactivated your profile, you can restore it by logging into your account. The platform allows you to do this within 30 days or lose your account permanently. On the other hand, the social platform also lets you regain your suspended account by sending an appeal. Learn how to do all these.

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How to Restore Twitter Account After Deactivating

When you deactivate your Twitter account, the platform gives you a 30-day window to recover your account. If you do not initiate your account recovery within this period, the app removes your account permanently. So, here is how to restore your account this way:

  1. Open the Twitter app on your mobile device or open the website in a browser. 
  2. From the homepage, head to the login page.
  3. Enter your login details, including your email address or Twitter username and current password. 
  4. Before signing in, the website will display a notice requesting your confirmation to reactivate the account. 
  5. If you reactivate the account, the app immediately redirects you to your home timeline. 

After reactivating your Twitter account, it may take some time for your details to appear. For instance, your followers, likes, posts, and other information may not appear immediately. They may load little by little until the Twitter account restore is fully completed. 

You can initiate a password reset if you’ve forgotten the account’s security key. Note that the site removes your account if you do not restore that account within 30 days. You can reuse those accounts’ email addresses to create other accounts at that stage.

A phone displaying Donald Trump’s suspended Twitter account.

Can You Restore a Permanently Deleted Twitter Account?

No, you cannot restore a permanently deleted Twitter account. The social media platform provides a 30-day window to restore an account after deactivation. After this period, the site immediately removes your account, making it inaccessible. 

If you’ve tried to reactivate your account without success within the allowed period, consider contacting Twitter support. However, they can only help restore deleted Twitter accounts when the allowed period has passed. 

After the allowed period, the social platform makes your username available again. So, if you initially lost your account unwillingly, you can quickly claim it by creating a new one. But you’ll also have to build the account from scratch, growing your followers and stacking engagement. 

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How to Get My Twitter Account Back After a Suspension

Twitter or X suspends user accounts for a variety of reasons. It takes this action when you harass other users, conduct spam, impersonate others, and share dangerous content. The platform also limits accounts when it notices suspicious activity.

Therefore, the route you take to recover your account depends on the cause of the action. So, here is how to get your Twitter account back after a suspension:

1. Confirm Your Identity To Recover Your Account

Some minor violations do not usually carry lengthy suspension terms on Twitter. Instead, the platform requests an identity confirmation. The social platform does this to ensure users do not misuse anonymity or maintain multiple accounts. 

In this case, Twitter sometimes prompts you to confirm your phone number or email address. You’ll have to request verification codes, which you’ll eventually provide on the app. If X suspends your account, attempt to log into that account and confirm your identity. 

2. Change Your Account’s Password

When Twitter or X notices suspicious activity on an account, it suspends that account temporarily. For instance, if it sees that someone has compromised your account’s security, it automatically takes this action. Spam and other activities prompt this response.

In such situations, you can always recover your account by securing it. The platform will typically email you asking you to change your password. Password resets prevent cybercriminals and other hackers from accessing your account. 

When you receive the email from X asking you to reset your password, follow the link to complete the action. You can also do that from the password reset page. If security concerns are the cause, password resets should provide access and remove the restrictions. 

3. Wait out the Suspension Period 

Frequently, Twitter suspends user accounts temporarily. These suspensions occur when users engage in activities that violate the platform’s terms of usage. In such cases, you can only regain access when the suspension period elapses. Of course, the platform points out your suspension duration.

If Twitter or X temporarily suspends your account, it switches your account to read-only mode. This means that you won’t be able to post or interact with other users for the most part. This type of suspension usually lasts from 12 hours to a week. But the exact duration depends on your violation.

The read-only mode can be quite frustrating for content creators on the app. While your account is in suspension, you cannot share posts, repost, or even like any posts. You must patiently ride your term until it elapses. While you can always appeal your suspension, it is usually not that effective with fixed sentences.

4. Follow the Platform’s Policies To Normalize Your Account

Twitter recently announced that it would reduce the severity of its actions against users who violate its terms. However, experts have noted that the less severe actions include shadow-banning some accounts. The platform may sometimes recommend that you remove posts that pose violations.

Although this resembles censorship, it fosters keeping your account instead of slapping a direct suspension. If the app asks you to delete certain posts, follow these instructions to maintain your account. But when it comes to shadow bans, the platform reportedly removes them after definite periods when it pleases.

5. File an Appeal To Restore Your Account

If you think Twitter or X has suspended your account unfairly, consider filing an appeal. These appeals are only useful if you’re facing a permanent ban from the platform. While these appeals generally have a low positive response rate, they offer a lifeline. 

To appeal your suspension from Twitter:

  1. Log into the suspended account on a web browser.
  2. Open the Twitter appeal form in the same browser.
  3. Where the form indicates a description of problem, state why you think your suspension is unfair. For instance, if the platform suspended your account because of a post, explain why that post wasn’t a violation. 
  4. Verify your contact information and update it. 
  5. If the platform asks, upload a government-issued identification. You can use your driver’s license, passport, or other relevant identification. 
  6. Hit the submit button on the page, and you’ve completed your appeal. 

Getting some response from the company’s support team may take a while. That notwithstanding, you’ll receive an email as soon as they decide. 

6. Get back Into Your Account With a VPN

Twitter sometimes locks users out of their accounts when they change locations. For instance, traveling on vacation or a business trip may trigger this restriction. The platform counts the sudden change in location as suspicious activity. 

While this is not exactly a suspension, it makes you unable to use your account. A virtual private network (VPN) offers a valid option. VPNs help you switch your location by altering your IP address. Once you choose a location in your home country, you should be able to access your account.

You can find several free and paid VPNs. While they usually offer a similar service, there are a few disparities. ExpressVPN and NordVPN are the most popular options as they offer remarkably faster service.

An iPhone displays a social media folder containing X and other apps.

Prevent Suspensions by Cleaning Your Account With TweetEraser

In most cases, Twitter suspends your account when you make posts that violate its terms and policy. However, during heated arguments and discussions on the app, people unintentionally make points that can be problematic. Therefore, browsing your posts and deleting ones that could cause problems is sometimes necessary. 

TweetEraser offers the perfect opportunity to clean up your timeline and remove spicy and potentially troublesome posts. This third-party website provides an advanced filtering solution to remove posts based on your specific conditions. 

You can also access your full post catalog by downloading your Twitter archive and uploading it to the site. This way, you can clear all your posts, restoring parity to your profile. The web service also supports bulk deletion. This means you can clear multiple posts and likes with a few clicks. 

Another feature that makes TweetEraser stand out is its advanced automatic tasks feature. This feature helps remove your posts, reposts, and likes in the background. It helps you stay on top of the Twitter algorithm, removing posts that pose problems beforehand. Consequently, you may not have to restore your Twitter account after a suspension.

At TweetEraser, our simple and highly efficient web tool filters and deletes your Twitter posts in bulk. The app loads, imports, and deletes posts in a few quick steps. Consider clearing your timeline to kickstart a fresh campaign on the app. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline now!

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