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Twitter Unblocked: Know All About Unblocking Accounts

Ochai Emmanuel

May 31, 2023 | 10 min read

Although Twitter can be fun, it has also gotten popular as a center for unruly arguments and abuse. Well, despite Twitter’s rules and policies, users still share a lot of unwelcome posts. However, the block feature has allowed users to choose who they interact with on social media. Users are asking if they can unblock Twitter accounts to undo the process.

People block others on social media for various reasons. For one, their ideas may not tally, creating room for substantial disagreements. On the other hand, one user may find the other user offensive in his opinions and tweets. Other times, there could be a fallout or a bad argument, sometimes resulting in abuse. Now, what happens if you eventually want to unblock Twitter accounts? This guide answers that question and even borders on more. 

Already Missing Their Tweets? How To Unblock Someone on Twitter

People often get to rethink when they block others on social media platforms like Twitter. They could still miss their ideas and tweets despite their reasons for blocking such users. This is why users are sometimes concerned about how to unblock someone on Twitter. Not to worry, here is the entire process.

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How To Get Users on Twitter Unblocked From Their Profiles

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Twitter allows users to view profiles they have blocked. Although the application initially hides the tweets on those profiles, you can choose to view them. Additionally, the platform indicates that you have blocked these accounts.  Consequently, you can easily get a user on Twitter unblocked by quickly visiting the profiles from the search bar. 

Begin by launching the Twitter app on your device or visiting the Twitter website on your browser. From here, log in and visit the search page on your mobile device or click on the search bar. Input their @[username]; the results will display their account. Next, tap on their account to visit their profile. The profile would display a red “blocked” button at the top right part of the screen. Click that button, and you’ll see a pop-up acknowledging that you’ve gotten their Twitter unblocked.

Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter allows users to snoop on their blocked accounts. Although it does not bring up tweets from those accounts on your feeds, it lets you search and view them. This process to unblock Twitter accounts works on all devices compatible with the Twitter app or website. 

How To Get Users on Twitter Unblocked From Your Blocked List

Another way to get users on Twitter unblocked is to visit your list of blocked accounts. You can either do this on your Twitter application or the Twitter website. Either way, you must open the app and ensure you’ve logged in. Next, go to the left sidebar and click the “Settings and Support” option. Go to “Settings and Privacy” and move to “Privacy and Safety.”

From the options available, go to fourth on the list, “Mute and Block.” Next, click “Blocked accounts,” and a list containing all your blocked accounts will appear. Beside each item will be a red button that reads “Blocked.” Clicking on that red button will automatically unblock the Twitter account. This way, you can quickly unblock multiple accounts without breaking a sweat. 

From your Blocked list, you can visit Twitter profiles for quick previews before deciding whether to unblock them. Fortunately, this activity works for mobile devices and personal computers. Twitter’s similar interface on all devices provides the advantage in this instance. 

How To Unblock Sensitive Content on Twitter

Twitter carries much sensitive content that could pop up on your feeds. This content also appears when you make searches on the platform. So, the system can automatically block sensitive content like nudity and violence from feeds and search results on every account. But for some reason, users are often concerned with how to unblock sensitive content on Twitter. Apart from unblocking sensitive content on the app, you can do the same in your searches.  

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How To Get Sensitive Content From My Feeds on Twitter Unblocked?

Recently, users on Twitter unblocked sensitive content to expand their feeds. However, the app only allows users aged 18 or older to unblock sensitive content. To do this, log into the application and tap your profile icon. Click the “More” option if you’re using the platform on your computer. Next, tap “Settings and Support” before heading to “Settings and Privacy” from the following drop-down menu. 

Click “Privacy and Safety” and choose “Content you see.” This option permits users to choose what they see on the platform. From the next page, a checkbox appears, allowing you to display media that may contain sensitive content. Twitter only features this checkbox in its desktop web version. So, you would have to use a personal computer o toggle with this particular setting.

This feature is convenient because it lets you turn off sensitive content by simply unchecking the box. This procedure is wholly convenient if you want to unblock Twitter sensitive content from your feeds.

How To Get Sensitive Content in Searches on Twitter Unblocked?

Unblocking sensitive content in your Twitter searches allows such content to appear when you run a search on the platform. To change the setting, log into Twitter on your personal computer and click the “More” option on the left side of your screen. Click “Settings and Support” and go to “Settings and Privacy.” 

Choose “Privacy and safety” and go to “Content you see.” Go to the last option on the list, “Search settings,” and a dialogue box will appear on your screen. If there’s a mark on the first checkbox that reads “Hide sensitive content,” uncheck it. Immediately, the app will apply your settings, allowing you to view these kinds of content. This is the simple way to unblock Twitter sensitive content even for your search results. 

How To Delete the Sensitive Content Warning From Tweets

Twitter recommends that you mark your tweets if you regularly post sensitive stuff. But often, Twitter may flag your Tweets for containing sensitive content. This could be the case even if your tweets do not contain said content. Fortunately, you can remove this warning from your tweets.

First, launch the app or website, open the sidebar, or click “More.” Click “Settings and Support” and go to “Settings and Privacy” from the next menu. Choose “Privacy and safety” before clicking on “Your tweets.” Untick the checkbox next to “Mark media you Tweet as having material that may be sensitive.” Apart from unblocking Twitter sensitive content, this action is also helpful.

Feeling Generous? Here’s How to Mass Unblock Twitter Accounts

An active Twitter user may have a long list of blocked accounts. What happens when they want to unblock multiple accounts at a time? This is why users often wonder about ways to mass unblock Twitter accounts. Not to worry; there are several ways to perform this action. 

How To Get Mass Users on Twitter Unblocked With a Quick Code

This procedure allows users to unblock all blocked Twitter accounts at once. This process does not involve providing permissions to your account. It involves running a short code in the browser console of your Twitter blocked accounts setting page. Although this process of unblocking Twitter accounts only works in the browser of personal computers, it is still effective. 

Go to your blocked accounts from the “Settings and Support” option. Next, open the developer tools by clicking the F12 key on your Windows or Linux device. If you use a Mac, press Command+Option+I. You can also open developer tools through the menu. A new window will appear at the side or bottom of your browser. 

Enter the browser console from the developer tools’ top menu or press the “Esc” key on your keyboard. Next, scroll down to the end of that page to load all the accounts. After you’ve loaded all the accounts, execute this code to unblock them all at once.


Ensure that you execute the code once because the class you highlight in the code also covers the follow button. So, after unblocking these accounts, the unblock buttons change into follow buttons. Consequently, rerunning the code follows all the accounts. This process remains one of the most efficient if you’re trying to get users on Twitter unblocked accounts in mass. 

How Do I Unblock My Twitter Account?

What happens if someone blocks your account on Twitter and you want them to unblock you? This is why users often ask, “How do I unblock my Twitter account?” Well, Twitter does not let you unblock yourself. So, you would have to make them unblock you by themselves. Luckily, there are several ways to make someone unblock your Twitter account. 

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Send an Email Requesting That They Unblock Your Twitter Account

Since you cannot send a direct message to someone who has blocked you, you should email them. Although this isn’t guaranteed to catch their attention, you might have a chance. Several tweeps have tried using this method and gotten results. Twitter does not display the email addresses of users. 

So, if the person of interest has a website or a YouTube channel, you can easily extract their email address. Inquiring about the reasons and explaining your stance could push them to unblock your Twitter account. 

Send a Letter to Their Mail Asking Them To Unblock Your Twitter Account

A short and concise letter could be just what does the trick for you. If you can afford to send a letter to them, go for it. But also ensure to avoid sounding entitled. Also, do not make it evident that you’re offended. A letter pointing out that you enjoy viewing their tweets and would love to continue good to go. Who knows? They may change their mind and unblock your Twitter account. 

Leave a Voicemail Asking Them To Unblock Your Twitter Account

Voicemails are effective in this case, especially if it’s someone you know on a personal level. Even if you don’t, you could inquire about their contact information and send a short voicemail. A heartfelt plea could work wonders, but you can never be sure sometimes. Voicemails have pushed some popular tweeps to change their minds and unblock Twitter accounts. 

Confront Them in Real Life To Unblock Your Twitter Account

A real-life confrontation could be your answer if you have physical access to the tweep of interest. You’d be surprised that sometimes, the person that has blocked you may have done so offhandedly. People tend to block even acquaintances if they have a reason to. Talking to them about it can give them a good reason to revert and unblock your Twitter account. 

Change Your Twitter Bio

A few Twitter users think using bios that acknowledge when someone else has blocked them is an excellent idea. Some tweeps have used bios like “Blocked by @user.” It needs to be clarified if this idea works to get someone to unblock your Twitter account. But it draws attention to that fact. It may catch other people’s attention, increasing the probability of that tweep seeing it and taking action. 

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