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TweetEraser System Settings

Currently there are not that much settings at TweetEraser.  The most important setting will allow you either to delete your tweets directly or put them into a queue and let them being deleted by a recurrently running system job.

Go to the settings page and lets have a look at the top panel. There are some setting option:

Delete your tweets directly

By default this option is enabled. With this option you can select if you want to delete your tweets immediately or if you want to let the job done by a recurring running system script. Enabled means, your tweets will be deleted immediately.

Disadvantage for enabling this setting is – that, once you confirmed to delete your selected tweets – you have to wait at the screen until the job is done. According to how much you want to delete and the current performance of our server, it could take up to several minutes for finishing.

Disadvantage for disabling this option is, that your tweets will not be deleted directly. They only will be marked as “needs to be deleted”. Each minute there is a recurring system script running which pick’s up these tweets and will delete them. Hereby the priority of selecting marked tweets is the time stamp of your delete confirmation in descending order. Unfortunately it might be possible that there are thousands of tweets waiting to be deleted. So it could take a while (up to several hours) until your tweets has been deleted.

Send me tweet delete message

Here you could setup your preferred email address to receive an information if and when your tweets has been deleted. This option is not very much frequented. So it will be removed soon.

Receive web notifications

Usually you’ll get for each action you take some kind of messages within the pages of TweetEraser. This option was meant for getting web notifications e.g. if your delete job – done by recurring running script – has been finished. Or you could even see live if that job is currently running and how much tweets are left to delete. As some other things at TweetEraser this option currently doesn’t have the first priority. Not now, but in the future it will be used.

User your Twitter Design

Just a small goody. TweetEraser will try to read your Twitter account settings to use that color’s and background image to give you a bit the look & feel at TweetEraser like as  your Twitter account. Enable this option and reload the page. and see if you like it.

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