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TweetEraser search filter

Probably you might thing “How to use search filter” WTF – how complicated could it be? Well, I think isn’t complicated at all. But at least I would like to tell you a bit about what kind of search options are available and how you could improve your search results by using them.

After you signed up with your Twitter account you’ll be redirected to the statuses page of TweetEraser. On the right side you’ll see the search filter. It starts with a simple search field and non advanced search options.

Simply enter a search term into the form field and hit the enter key. If there are results found they will be listed within the middle part of the page with highlighted search term.

Assuming you have a search term which you want to use several times or on a regularly basis in the future – this might be happen when you are using Twitter for marketing purposes – then you can save the search filter settings for later use.

Underneath of the search box you’ll find another box. Just enter here a name for saving your current search filter settings. If saving was successful you should find this name within the select list “Select filter”. You could also go to the settings page to see some more details about your saved filter. Just click the “Filter details” button next to the save button.

Here you’ll find a list of your saved search filter settings. The last field “Filter content” might be interesting at this place. It will give you a detailed overview of your filter settings.

Now lets have a look to the advanced search filter settings. For this just click the button called “advanced search”. Here you’ll find several hopefully useful search options.

Select Account(s)

At least with the Standard Eraser and the Premium Eraser you’ll be able to handle multiple of your Twitter accounts. That means – assuming after you setup a second of your Twitter accounts to use with TweetEraser – you can search within both time lines for relevant tweets and delete them. Of course you can also select only one of your accounts for searching tweets.

Media options

This search option will allow you to search for tweets which are containing any kind of media (images, videos, …) – or not.

Re-tweet count

For this field please just use a number and select if you want to find tweets which have a higher, lower or equal value of re-tweets. It doesn’t matter which option you select – if the number field is empty, this option will be ignored while searching within your tweets.

Like count

Same as re-tweet count field but for likes of your tweets.

Select date

Well, this one should be self explained. You can search here with some single date options like “since”, “earlier” or “exact” but on the other hand you can also set a date range (“between”) as your date filter setting.

set for deleting

This option is only useful for user with a Premium Eraser account because only within this product the tweets – even if they have been deleted – will be kept for later use (thinks here e.g. over statistics, etc …). However with this option the search will consider tweets which has already been marked as “delete it”.

already deleted

Same like set for deleting

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