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Apps To Delete All Tweets: Best Tools to Clear Your Timeline

Ochai Emmanuel

September 25, 2023 | 10 min read

Times change, as do people, even Twitter users. So you may have once cherished and promoted an idea through tweets on Twitter, now X. However, it’s understandable if you no longer share that view and want no traces of it on your account. Unfortunately, Twitter keeps your last 3200 tweets live. So, ignoring your previous tweets can make you look hypocritical in promoting another idea. Tweeps will readily dig up your old tweets to plunge your credibility, a now common form of entertainment on X.  Nevertheless, you can prevent this by using apps to delete all tweets on your timeline.

These apps automate tweet deletion to clear your timeline faster with a single click. Businesses also benefit from using apps to delete all tweets when rebranding. It helps them restart their online journey with their current community, eliminating the need to start growing from scratch. So, this guide discusses the best apps for this purpose.

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Does X Allow Other Apps To Delete All Tweets From Your Timeline?

You can provide read and write permissions to intermediary apps allowing them to modify your account. These permissions allow apps to delete all tweets from your account without Twitter’s inference. Twitter allows you to control your account and tweets fully, so they don’t bother about how you manage them. However, they recommend giving permission only to trusted sites and apps to ensure your safety on the network.

Although X’s app and web version do not facilitate bulk deleting your tweets, the administrators do not frown at it. Unlike mass following and unfollowing, which raises their brows, they do not consider this action suspicious. Twitter regulates how many tweets you can post daily but not how many you can remove. That’s because there’s nothing manipulative about clearing your tweet timeline; it’s only account maintenance practice. 

You can even automate tweet deletion on your account using these intermediary apps. That is the best way to manage your timeline when you post several tweets per week. Tweets, especially promotional tweets, have specific objectives that are usually satisfied within a set period. Therefore, you can use these apps to delete all tweets periodically after they must have achieved their objectives.

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How To Delete All Tweets on Twitter App: Using the Traditional Process

Bulk delete past tweets with one click

Many people shy away from using intermediary apps to manage their X accounts. Most times, these users misunderstand Twitter’s third-party policies. So, because they fear Twitter blocking their accounts, they refrain from using any third-party software to manage Twitter. These users usually search “How to delete all tweets on Twitter app” to clear their timelines. Therefore, this section will answer this search query, highlighting everything you need to know.

Unfortunately, while you can delete tweets from the Twitter app, you cannot use it to mass-delete tweets. So, you can only use apps to delete all tweets at once. However, since Twitter does not limit how many tweets you can delete daily, you can keep deleting them singly. Although this is time and stress inefficient, it is the only way to avoid using intermediary apps. Even if you protect your tweets, your followers can still see them. Should you abandon your account, your tweets will remain live on the network, and anyone can see them.

However, if you don’t have many tweets, follow these three steps to delete them individually on the Twitter app:

  1. Go to the tweet tab on your profile page. 
  2. Tap the “More” (ellipse) icon to reveal more options.
  3. Select “Delete tweet.”
  4. Confirm your action to erase the tweet from your account.
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2 Best Mobile Apps To Delete All Tweets From Your Account

There are many web applications for deleting all tweets, even free ones. Unfortunately, most Twitter users access and manage Twitter from their mobile devices. So these apps benefit only a few users. Moreover, an earlier section shows that you cannot mass-delete tweets from the Twitter app. However, if you’re searching for reliable mobile apps to delete all tweets, the search ends here. This section highlights two of the best mobile apps for mass-deleting tweets.

Use Easy Tweet Deleter to Clear Your Twitter, aka X Timeline on Android

Easy Tweet Deleter is a free Android application that helps you manage your X account. Although free, this app will easily clear your tweet timeline at a glance. You can also use it to delete likes, retweets, replies and more. This app is popular among tweeps using mobile apps to delete all tweets. It also has a high rating in the app store. Unfortunately, you can not view your tweets from this application, and you cannot filter tweets. So, you must be sure you want to clear your tweets permanently before employing this app.

If you’re sure of your decision, follow these three steps to get and use the app:

  1. Go to Google Play Store and install the Delete Tweet app.
  2. Once installed, open the app and sign in with your X credentials.
  3. Grant the necessary permissions to begin using the app.

Using Tweeticide To Delete All Tweets on iPhone

Tweeticide is popular among iOS users seeking mobile delete all tweets apps.. You’ll find thousands of reviews about this application on the web with good testaments. Although this is a paid application, users attest that it gives you value for every dollar spent. Tweeticide costs $0.99 on the App Store and currently has a 4-star rating out of 5.

Here are the three steps to get and use Tweeticide on your iOS devices:

  1. Search, buy and install Tweeticide from App Store.
  2. Next, launch the app and log in with your X account information to sync your account.
  3. Then, select “Delete All Tweets” and confirm your option.

This action will erase all your tweets from your X timeline.

Tweeticide erases all your tweets. However, a Google search may still grasp some cached elements of your tweets for a little while longer. However, your tweets will immediately disappear from your timeline, and no user will ever find them on the X platform.

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3 Best Websites To Delete All Tweets From Your X Timeline

There are several third-party apps using Twitter’s API for advanced features and management services like mass unfollowing and tweet deletion. You can also use these apps to delete all tweets on your timeline. However, software engineers have flooded the internet and app stores with several apps performing this function. Some even offer the service for free! But are they all effective? This section reviews the three best and most effective apps to delete all tweets from your X timeline.

1. TweetEraser: The Best Web App To Delete All Posts on X

TweetEraser is currently the best website application for deleting all your tweets. This application allows you to import tweets directly from your timeline. You can also filter the tweets if you’d like to retain some. Because of its numerous features, TweetEraser leads the list as users’ favorite app to delete all your tweets.

This app has a simple design and user interface that makes it beginner-friendly. The subscriptions are also very affordable, and you can leverage free accounts offering reasonable value. You can also use a single TweetEraser account on multiple devices to clean your timeline anytime.

More interesting, this app lets you delete unnecessary tweets from multiple accounts with a single click. One of TweetEraser’s advanced features even allows you to keep deleted tweets after removing them from your timeline. You’ll love the customer support they provide if you ever need to contact them. With an expert plan, you can even suggest the development of more features on the app.

For now, follow these steps to delete all your tweets with this app:

  1. First, download your updated Twitter archive and extract the tweets folder. 
  2. Next, go to TweetEraser and sign in with your X account.
  3. Upload your tweet folder on TweetEraser’s upload page. Remember, you can not upload a file with more than 1GB of data. 
  4. After uploading your tweets, proceed to delete all your tweets. You can use the available filter to select tweets you wish to keep.

2. TweetDelete: A Leading Alternative App for Clearing Your Timeline

TweetDelete is another simple and effective Twitter archive eraser. Its popularity continues growing because of its ease of use and automotive features. TweetDelete subscriptions are affordable, and you can do much with the free version.

For example, you can remove ten tweets monthly with a free account without uploading Twitter archives. So, if you’re in search of apps to delete all your tweets, by all means, try this app. However, once you delete your tweets with this application, you cannot get them back.

Below are the six steps to delete all your tweets using the app:

  1. Begin by downloading your Twitter archive and extracting your tweets folder. 
  2. Then go to TweetDelete and sign in with your X credentials. 
  3. Once logged in, go to Twitter’s upload page to upload your tweet folder on the system. TweetDelete will provide an upload instruction describing where to find your tweets in your archive file. 
  4. Use the browser box or drag and drop your tweet folder to upload it. After processing your uploaded file, the system will display some information about its content. 
  5. Next, fill out the tweet deletion form on the “tweets page.” Select the uploaded archive file in this form’s Tweet data source field.
  6. Click “Delete my tweets’ in blue highlight after filling out the form to erase all our tweets.
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3. TwitWipe: The Free App To Delete All Posts With a Single Click 

Despite its limited features as a free Twitter management tool, TwitWipe still ranks top among apps to delete all tweets. That is a testament to its efficiency in delivering the delete-all-tweet feature. Unlike the other apps reviewed above, TwitWipe does not support deleting single or filtered tweets. You can only use it to clear your tweet timeline indiscriminately without leaving anything behind. It is invaluable for clearing your tweet timeline without spending a buck.

Here are the three steps to use TwitWipe to clear your tweet timeline:

  1. Sign in to TwitWipe your X account details.
  2. Click the “TwitWipe this Account” button. 
  3. Then approve the disclaimer and confirm to begin the process.

Remember, TwitWipe does not back up your tweets, and you cannot undo the deletion once completed. After using this app, your tweets will disappear forever, and you’ll no longer see the deleted tweets. The only downside to this app is the possible delay in completely deleting your tweets. That is because of the system’s massive and ever-saturated traffic. However, even when it interrupts, it resumes when the connection improves. So, it’s best to initiate your tweet deletion on this app before bed and allow it to run overnight. That is one way to enjoy a smooth experience with this app.

Nevertheless, as already established, TweetEraser is the best web app for deleting tweets. The packages are affordable, offering real value for your money. Unlike other apps, TweetEraser retains your deleted tweets if you need to access them again. You can also directly import your tweets into your archive with this tool. This way, you’ll clear your timeline while securely preserving your tweets. So, start filtering and cleaning your X timeline today!

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