What are Twitter Likes?

On X, a ”like” refers to a positive interaction a user performs on tweets they come across. It’s represented by a small heart-shaped icon found underneath each tweet. When users like a tweet, they express their approval or appreciation for the tweet or post.

Other than acknowledging tweet content, likes serve a few other purposes. Users often like tweets to bookmark them for later reference. This is particularly useful for saving tweets that contain links to articles, videos, or other content to revisit. Twitter likes also have an algorithmic impact.

The algorithm on X considers the engagement a tweet receives—this includes likes. It uses this information to determine what content to show in a user’s feed. Liked tweets appear more frequently for users who engage with similar content.

X likes are a simple but effective way for users to interact with tweets. However, if you want to maintain a clean digital footprint, it’s wise to learn how to remove Twitter likes.

Find and Delete Twitter Likes

Now that you know what X likes are, let’s discuss how to search and find likes to erase. You might want to delete all your Twitter likes for several reasons. Some users have changing interests or beliefs—others choose to delete them over privacy concerns. Whether you are curating your online image or reducing clutter, there’s no wrong reason for wanting to delete likes.

One way you can delete Twitter likes free is by scrolling through your likes and manually unliking each one. However, there are several ways you can search old tweets and delete all likes on Twitter. The primary way to search for tweets is to use the search function on X. It’s located on your profile page and marked by a magnifying glass. Type in the keyword or phrase you are looking for. If there are too many tweets or the tweet you are searching for doesn’t populate, use X’s advanced search filter. You can search tweets by date, user, and keyword.
Users can manually remove them from their Twitter timelines through the app and the desktop site. Additionally, users can take advantage of third-party apps like TweetEraser to help delete likes in bulk. Either method you decide to choose is effective.

TweetEraser's illustration of a person sitting on a large blue trash can deleting Twitter likes on their computer.

Delete Likes on Twitter Manually

Do you want to start your X feed with a clean slate? If you don’t have too many post likes, consider learning how to remove tweet likes manually. This process is ideal if you aren’t an enthusiastic tweeter. If you have a multitude of tweets to unlike, the process of removing tweet likes manually is time-consuming. Here’s how to remove tweet likes manually:

  • Log into your X, formerly Twitter, account.
  • Go to your timeline by tapping or clicking on your profile picture.
  • Tap or click on the “Likes” tab. X lists all of the posts you have liked under this tab.
  • Scroll through and tap on the red heart to unlike the tweet or post.

As you delete liked tweets, they will disappear from your “Likes” feed. If they don’t go away immediately, refresh your feed. If they are still marked as liked, try unliking them again by tapping the heart.

Delete All Twitter Likes On the App

As of 2023, X has roughly 450 million active users. Many of these people, if not the majority, use X from the app. Are you an avid app user, or if you don’t have access to a computer? If so, you must learn how to delete all Twitter likes on the go. It’s a very similar process to removing likes manually. Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to the X app and log in.
  • Tap on your profile picture to access the sidebar menu.
  • Tap on “Profile.”
  • You will find tabs under your name, handle, caption, and follower count. Tap on the tab labeled “Likes.”
  • This timeline is all the likes you’ve given to other users. Scroll through to locate the tweets you wish to delete.
  • Tap on the heart icon to unlike the tweet. It will instantly disappear from your feed.

The process to delete all your Twitter likes is simple. However, it can take a while if your “Likes” timeline seems neverending.

How to Download Your Twitter Archive to Bulk Delete Twitter Likes

If you have many tweets or likes to delete, request and download your Twitter archive to declutter your account. After you request your archive, upload it to a third-party X management tool to clear all tweets and likes. If you’re unsure how to request your archive data, here’s how.

  • Log into your X account.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Extend the sidebar menu by tapping on “Settings and Support.”
  • Tap on the gear icon labeled “Settings and privacy.”
  • Tap or click on “Your account.”
  • Look for the tab labeled “Download an archive of your data.” If you are on the app, it will redirect you to your browser to verify your password.
  • Re-enter your password.
  • Twitter may verify it’s you by requesting a code to retrieve via email or text.
  • Under “X data,” press the “Request archive” button.
  • A pop-up appears, letting you know that X has received your request. X will deliver a copy of your archive to the email address they have on file.

To protect your account, receiving your archive can take 24 hours or longer. The email will contain instructions on how to download and access your archive. If you’re using it to delete all your tweets or likes, it’s smart to save a copy of it. With a copy, you can save tweets or reference them if needed.


Mass Delete Twitter Likes from Archive

If you’re curious about how to delete X likes from your downloaded archive, you can. However, even with your data file, you cannot delete every single one of your likes. At any given time, the X platform can only display 3,200 tweets and likes associated with them. X sets the tweet cap at 3,200 due to how its API works. Anything over the cap is automatically archived.

Currently, there isn't a built-in feature to mass delete Twitter likes. Unfortunately, even with uploading your data file and deleting your tweets, you cannot erase more than 3,200 likes. Twitter’s API doesn’t allow TweetEraser (or other third-party tools) to delete likes over the 3,200 cap. However, should anything change in the future, we will update our platform to accommodate deleting all likes.

FAQs About How To Remove All Twitter Likes

Do you have any questions about how to delete all X likes? If so, we address users' most common queries and concerns about removing their likes. If you have any other queries about deleting tweets or post likes, feel free to contact our customer support team. They are eager to answer any other frequently asked questions you might have.

If you delete your X account, your tweet likes will also disappear. When you delete your X account, the platform permanently removes all your account data. This includes your tweets, retweets, followers, following list, and likes. Any record of your tweet likes is not accessible to you or anyone else. This may be a quick way to unlike all tweets, but with the risk of losing everything you’ve posted. Also, consider some internet archive sites like the Wayback Machine may have an archive of your Twitter timeline.

There are various reasons why your Twitter or post likes disappear. First, X occasionally experiences technical glitches. These glitches are usually temporary and resolve over time. Next, likes disappear due to privacy settings. If you’ve changed your account’s privacy settings, it might impact how others see your likes. Especially if you change the settings related to your likes, retweets, or engagement visibility. Last, if the original owner deletes tweets you’ve liked, any likes associated with the tweet disappear. Or, perhaps users who like your posts have deleted their accounts or cleaned up their X timelines.

Unfortunately, you cannot hide X post likes if you have a public X account. Anyone, including people who don’t follow you, can see the tweets you have liked. However, you can limit visibility into your X engagement. If you have a private account, only your followers can see the tweets you have liked. If you value privacy or use your X account professionally, consider an alternative account for anonymous browsing.

Aside from bulk deleting tweets, TweetEraser can mass unlike tweets with all of our plans. The quickest way to clean up your Twitter profile is to unlike everything on Twitter, simplifying your digital presence. Here’s how to bulk unlike tweets. It’s super simple!
  • Log into your TweetEraser account using your X or Twitter login credentials.
  • Click on the “Likes” tab in the sidebar menu.
  • Set the date range of the likes you want to erase. You can choose to delete all your likes from the drop-down menu.
  • Double-check your Twitter account handle to ensure you delete Twitter likes from the correct account.
  • Agree to TweetEraser’s terms and conditions.
  • Click on the blue “Delete my Likes” button.

That’s it. TweetEraser has mass unliked your tweets. Be sure to check your X account to ensure your likes are gone. If not, refresh your timeline.