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Search Tweets by Date: The Easiest Way To Find Lost Posts

Ochai Emmanuel

June 5, 2023 | 9 min read

What if you’re looking for a specific tweet you made a few years ago? Many Twitter users have inquired about this same issue. Well, it is easy for you to lose tweets into the maze of time, especially if you’re an active tweep. So, in some instances, the best way to recover them is to search tweets by date. This process allows you to narrow your search into a definite time frame, increasing your probability of getting your result. 

For instance, you may be searching for a specific tweet you made between March and June 2021. Would you have to scroll down your timeline until you find your tweet of interest? This entire process would be more straightforward if you understood how to search tweets by date. Therefore, this guide vividly explains how to do that and even covers a broader area.

A photograph of someone typing keywords into the Google search bar on a Macbook.

How To Search Tweets by Date

For some reason, you may be looking for an old tweet you made within a particular period. Other times, you may be curious about your first posts on the platform. Either way, the concern would be how to search tweets by date. Luckily, there are several methods for completing this activity. Read on as the guide takes you through all of them.

Using Twitter’s Advanced Search Feature To Search Tweets by Date

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Twitter’s advanced search feature is the easiest way to look up your old tweets based on date. This desktop feature exceeds the general search bar, allowing users to carry out highly specific searches. Besides allowing users to search tweets by date, the Twitter advanced search offers customizable search metrics. First, visit the Twitter advanced search page on your personal computer.

To access the advanced search feature on Twitter, open the website on your computer. From there, head to the search bar on the top right corner of your screen. Input any keyword into the bar and click enter. From the search result screen, click on the three dots by your search entry in the search bar, and three options will appear. Click the second option that reads “Advanced search.” 

The advanced search dialog box will appear on your screen. This dialog lets you search tweets by date, keywords, accounts, and engagement. The option to find tweets by date appears at the bottom of the dialog box. But to find specific posts, you must combine these search parameters. For instance, using this feature, you could find tweets from a specific date containing a particular word or phrase.

A photograph of a black iPhone displaying an applications folder carrying Twitter and other apps.

In addition, you can find tweets someone made from an account within a period. You can do this by inputting their usernames in the accounts section of the advanced search and choosing the dates. In the dates section, Twitter allows you to choose the search’s opening and closing month, day, and year. When you’ve finished, click the black search button in the top right corner of the advanced search dialog box.

From here, Twitter will display your search results containing all the tweets that fall within that period. Still, you should understand that using the Twitter advanced search feature is straightforward.

Using Inline Twitter Searches To Search Tweets by Date

Twitter searches are another simple but effective feature for tweets by date. The platform allows you to search through your tweets from a date range with specific inline parameters. This is an excellent option if you cannot access Twitter’s advanced search. Fortunately, this method also works on the mobile Twitter application.

To use this, you’ll have to consider three key elements: “From,” “Since,” and “Until.” These elements are the inline parameters that place your results within a defined period and from your user of interest. The “From” element involves the account from which you want results. The “Since” element highlights the starting date, while the “Until” element chooses the sending date of your search. 

For instance, if you’re interested in seeing TweetEraser’s tweets between January 2, 2023, and March 5, 2023, search for:

from:tweeteraser since:2023-01-02 until:2023-03-05

Once you understand the entire format of this kind of search, you can quickly find tweets from a specific date. This is advantageous because it allows users to find their old embarrassing tweets and remove them easily. It is one of the easiest ways to search tweets by date. This method is also convenient because it works on all devices.

How To Search Tweets by Date on Twitter App

The Twitter app itself allows users to search tweets by date. Now, if you’re concerned about how to search tweets by date on Twitter app, here’s what you should know. Twitter’s inline search uses a particular search format in the app that allows users to find tweets from specific past dates. On the other hand, web applications like the Wayback Machine also permit tweeps to find past tweets based on dates.

Using the Twitter App To Search Tweets by Date

The Twitter app is useful when you’re looking to search for tweets by date. The search feature permits users to add some elements to their search parameters to filter them by dates. You can use this feature on your Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices, as well as the Twitter website. The inline search works on the Twitter app when you perform it correctly. 

Just as mentioned earlier, using the “From,” “Since,” and “Until” elements during this Twitter search produces the required results. This method is effective and does not require a third-party application. 

To use it, launch your Twitter application and head to the search page by tapping the magnifying glass icon underneath. Click on the search bar and type your search in the following format:

from:[username] since:year-month-day until:year-month-day

Always ensure to enter the dates in their numerical formats. The results would cover the period you’ve highlighted in your search parameters. This method is pretty efficient when you begin to understand how to toggle the instructions.

Using the Twitter Archive To Search Tweets by Date

Your Twitter archive can also be useful if you search for tweets by date. This archive records all the tweets you’ve ever posted on social media. You can access it through the Twitter app by downloading it. To do this, launch the app on your device. Head to your ‘Settings and Privacy” and move to “Your account.” 

From the options on your screen, tap on the third, “Download an archive of your data.” Twitter will take you to another page where you must re-enter your password. Next, it will ask you to verify your identity with a verification code and complete the process. It takes up to a few days for Twitter to prepare your archive. Nonetheless, Twitter sends you an email or a push notification when it’s ready for download.

When that happens, tap the notification to download the archive or to your Twitter account settings. You download a zip file containing all your Twitter activity and old tweets here. From here the zip file, open the archive.html to view a summary of your activity. Under tweets, you’ll see a list of all your tweets in reverse chronological sequence. From there, you can scroll down and search for tweets by date.

You can narrow your search by using a search box and filters on the right side of your screen. Each tweet includes a link to the tweet for easy access.

How To Search Tweets From a Specific User by Date

Curiosity is something that gets the better of many Twitter users. It’d be understandable for one Twitter user to want to browse through another user’s Twitter timeline carefully. They may have just remembered what another user mentioned on a specific day and would want to revisit that tweet. But people are concerned with how to search tweets from a specific user by date for various reasons.

A picture of a smartphone on a brown carton with Twitter's blue screen displaying on its screen.

Using Tweet Hunter To Search for a User’s Tweets by Date

The Tweet Hunter application makes searching for a user’s tweet by date effortless. Although Twitter’s advanced search can always complete the job, this app uncomplicates the process. To search tweets by date with the tool, you must authenticate it with your Twitter account. This does not necessarily require entering your Twitter login details, especially if you’ve already logged into your account. 

Tweet Hunter requires a subscription, offering plans that begin at $49 per month. The higher plan that covers AI writing goes for $99 each month. However, the application offers a seven-day free trial in addition to a 30-day refund period with no asked questions. This indicates that you can effectively use the service for over five weeks without a fee.

When you’re in, visit the “Search” tab on the left side of your screen, and a dialog box will appear. Input the username of the account you’re concerned with and hit enter. Next, you can toggle the filters in your search box to get your desired result. Click the “adjust” icon in the search bar, and another dialog will appear with the name “Advanced filters.”

Tweak the dates and hit enter. The app gives you two date options, the “At least” and the “At most” option. Choose any that fits your needs at this point. Tweet Hunter’s ability to search tweets by date is as powerful as Twitter’s advanced search feature. Just like it, it does not work on private accounts, only working with public accounts.

Using the Wayback Machine To Search Tweets by Date

The Wayback Machine is a web app that archives popular web pages. So, if you’re in luck, this machine might have archived the tweet you’re searching for. Although this web app does not save tweets singly, it takes screenshots of Twitter pages on specific dates. Thus, it allows users to search tweets by dates.

To use the Wayback Machine, visit its website and enter the link to the Twitter profile you’re interested in. Click the “Browse History” button under the text box. The app will show you all the screenshots of that particular Twitter page. It organizes these screenshots into dates by years, dates, and months.

Choose the year you’d like to view tweets from the options on the screen. Next, click on a particular date from the date bubbles on the screen. The machine will show you a screenshot of that page as it appeared that day. Old Twitter screenshots carry about 20 tweets before they run out.

At TweetEraser, we have created a straightforward, simple online application that helps to filter and delete tweets in bulk. This app lets users load and import tweets without drawing promotional content to their timelines. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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