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Download Twitter Archive: Saving All Your Twitter Data


June 6, 2023 | 10 min read

Saving your Twitter data may be excellent if you consider exiting the platform. This is also correct if you’re concerned about losing your account or information on the platform. An excellent way to do this is to download Twitter archive. Downloading your Twitter archive involves requesting and saving your Twitter information. This includes your tweets, replies, direct messages, moments, history, and media.

Downloading this archive would involve going into your profile and requesting it. Afterward, Twitter prepares it and sends it to you in multiple formats. Well, the Twitter archive is helpful for several reasons. Apart from being safe for your information on that platform, it carries a print of your persona on the space. Due to its importance, this guide covers retrieving this archive and even more.

How To Download Twitter Archive: Understanding the Entire Process

Due to certain limitations, Twitter can only display the last 3200 tweets you made. However, many Twitter users have made tweets that exceed that limit. So, the only way for them to view older tweets is to retrieve their archive. Users also save their Twitter information when there’s a risk of account loss or when trying to see deleted tweets. Now, the issue remains how to download Twitter archive; let’s lunge into that. 

A photograph of an iPhone displaying several social media apps, including Twitter and Instagram.

How To Download Twitter Archive on Your Mobile App

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A vast majority of tweeps use the platform through their mobile applications. For this reason, the company has now allowed users to download Twitter archives on their mobile devices. This activity is straightforward on the app and doesn’t take long to complete. Before you begin, verify your email address on the platform. 

You can do this by going to the sidebar, tapping “Settings and Support,” and heading to “Settings and Privacy.” Next, choose “Your account” and visit your “Account information.” Here you will see an option that allows you to update your email. From here, you can return and request your archive. 

Once you have updated your email, relaunch your Twitter and head to the left sidebar. Choose “Settings and Support” and “Settings and Privacy.” Next, go to “Your account,” several options will appear on your screen. Choose the fourth option to “Download an archive of your data.” Twitter will require you to confirm your identity by re-entering your password. You must also enter a verification code from your email or phone number. 

Tap the “Request archive” option on your mobile phone screen. Twitter has relayed that receiving your Twitter archive takes up to 24 hours. However, users have observed that it takes a little longer due to the massive number of user requests. Eventually, you will receive a link in your email to download Twitter archives. On the other hand, you would also receive a push notification when your archive is ready for download. This notification will lead you to a download page where you can visit your account and download the archive file. 

How To Download Twitter Archive on Your Personal Computer

Obtaining your Twitter archive using your personal computer is similar to doing the same on your mobile application. You can use the Mac application, Windows application, or any browser to download Twitter archive. To do this, ensure you’ve logged into the computer with your Twitter credentials. Once you’re on your homepage, click “More” from the options on the left side of your screen. 

Next, click “Settings and Support,” then go to “Settings and Privacy.” Several options will appear on your screen, highlighting “Your account.” Five options will appear on the right side of your computer screen. Choose the fourth that says, “Download an archive of your data.”  You’ll have to re-enter your password and verify the account using a code from your email or phone number. 

After requesting your Twitter archive, you’ll have to wait for a while to receive a link to the archive. Twitter will send you an email indicating that your archive is ready. Returning to your account, you will see a button to download the Twitter archive. This archive comes in a zip which contains an index html document allowing you access in a web browser. It also includes a CSV document that is accessible on a spreadsheet program.

Download Twitter Archive Not Working: All the Working Solutions

Many Twitter users have decried their inability to download their Twitter archives. The trouble users have with downloading their archives could stem from various problems. However, there are several helpful ways to deal with this problem. So, if you can download a Twitter archive that is not working, try these fixes.

Complete Your Email Verification To Download Twitter Archive

Before you even request your archive, you should add a valid email to your account and verify it. This is for a good reason. When Twitter makes your archive ready, it sends the download link to the mail you linked to that account. So, even when you do not receive an in-app notification about this file, you can still access it. 

Therefore, if you’re having issues downloading the Twitter archive, sort this out. Even if you’ve already completed the request, you can do it again after you’ve added the email. You can visit your account settings to add an email to your account. Do this before trying other options if you do not get results. 

Download Your Twitter Archive on the Browser Instead of the App 

Browsers on personal computers are sometimes more effective with specific tasks. If you’re having difficulties trying to download Twitter archive on your mobile device, you should give this option a shot. Sometimes, the user may have already requested the archive, but the download button would remain dormant. Log your Twitter account into your computer browser, preferably Google Chrome, and attempt the action. 

The reason for this is that browsers are more reliable when making downloads. Thus, this should be your next course of action if you’ve added your email, but the problem persists. 

Wait for the Link To Download Twitter Archive

It takes a while for you to receive the link which you’ll use to download Twitter archive. You shouldn’t be restless if you have just completed the request because this process could take a few days. This is due to mass requests that the system receives every day. Additionally, the size of your archive also affects this period. 

Therefore, users with more tweets, replies, likes, and direct messages would have to wait more extended periods. On the other hand, users with little activity may not have to wait for long. Nonetheless, you should try other options if you do not receive your archive after a long wait.

Use Another Email Address To Download Twitter Archive

Your email address could be why your download Twitter archive feature is not working. In some instances, Twitter could have sent the archive’s download link, but your email might have failed to receive it. Therefore, changing the email you’ve added to your profile is the best option. The recommendation is to create a new email address solely for this purpose. 

After the email change, request the Twitter archive again. You should only come to this action when you’ve exhausted the previous options. Also, you should do this only if you have waited for the recommended period without getting any results. 

Retry Downloading Your Twitter Archive After the Wait Interval

Twitter has placed a seven-day interval between two consecutive requests for a user’s archive. This means you cannot request your Twitter archive within a week of already making another request. Therefore, if you cannot download Twitter archive despite your request, the best option would be to retry after seven days. 

When trying again, you should include the previous recommendations. First, change your Twitter email and verify it. Also, complete the process on a personal computer if it’s available. All of these should be able to provide a working solution to your problem. 

How To Download Someone’s Twitter Archive

Twitter does not offer users access to other users’ archives. However, several users and social media companies seek access to this information by trying to download Twitter archives from others. They do this to analyze competitors, promote social media campaigns, carry out research, and track influencers. All these help you find strategies that help your growth on the platform. Conversely, several third-party applications offer this service. So, if you’re concerned about how to download someone’s Twitter archive, here is how.

A picture of a black iPhone 5 with Twitter’s login page open beside a white ceramic teacup.

Using Followers Analysis To Download Twitter Archives From Others

FollowersAnalysis, a web application, allows users to download data, including tweets from public Twitter accounts. This website does not limit this action, provided you’re trying to download archives from public accounts. The app lets users download these files in JSON, CSV, and Excel formats. 

To download Twitter archives from others using FollowersAnalysis, visit the website and create an account. Next, you’ll have to purchase a plan. The app offers plans for $29 and $39 and custom plans for users with specific requirements. Both plans allow users to download up to 3200 tweets from other users. On the other hand, the custom plan may permit more than 3200 tweets, depending on your needs. 

After paying the subscription fee, click “User Tweet Analysis and Data.” Enter the username of the account from which you’re trying to get the archive. Hit the enter button and add that report to your FollowersAnalysis cart. Enter your cart and place the order. 

After the app processes your order, you can download and browse the archive. These files provide the user’s tweets, retweets, and other valuable information. This app has many other features that offer various services, including downloading URLs and media. It also offers customized reports and tweet patterns and helps to search for influential accounts. 

Using TrackMyHashtag To Download Twitter Archives From Other Accounts

TrackMyHashtag is another web application that helps users download Twitter archives from other accounts. The app’s historical data feature allows users to gather data from accounts, hashtags, keywords, or mentions. This website will enable users to export this archive in Excel, JSON, and CSV formats. 

Although this application offers several subscription plans, these do not include the archive download feature. Instead, each archive has variable prices, beginning at $50. These prices depend on the number of tweets in the archive, and users only incur one-time costs. 

To use this application, visit the TrackMyHashtag website. Next, click the “Historical Data” button on the screen. Once on the next page, click Request Data. The website will take you to the form where you can input the search details. These include the account username, email, search keyword, start date, and end date of your search. After you’ve filled out the form, submit it, and a sales rep will contact you with the price and additional details.

After you’ve paid, TrackMyHashtag will process your request and send the Twitter archive to your email. From there, you can download it to your device. At TweetEraser, we’ve created a straightforward web application that allows users to filter and delete mass tweets. This simple application lets users import and process archives and delete tweets within several clicks. TweetEraser is excellent for tweeps who clean their profiles and remove private information. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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