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Twitter Suspension: Its Reasons and Ways Around It

A picture of a phone displaying a few apps, including Twitter, in a folder.

Like other social media platforms, X, formerly Twitter, has a set of rules and policies in place to maintain order. These policies and rules, which aim at protecting users, stipulate different measures that the platform initiates in case of violations. For one, the platform strikes accounts violating these rules with varying degrees of X or … Read more

How To Promote a Tweet on Twitter and Maximize Its Reach?

An individual trying to delete a promotional tweet from their laptop.

Twitter’s dynamic landscape ensures trends rise and fall quickly. What was a part of every user’s conversation yesterday is no longer a part of any discussion today. X’s, formerly Twitter’s ever-evolving and rapidly changing nature means you must ensure your posts get the attention they need. Promoted tweets are your answer. They give you the … Read more

Link Twitter Accounts: Merging Multiple Accounts on a Device

A silhouette of a person depicting a profile image.

Sometimes, there is the need to create multiple X, formerly Twitter, accounts and manage them from the same device. For instance, you may need to keep separate accounts for your business and personal interactions. In the same way, simultaneously testing different growth strategies may require running different accounts. However, this activity could be tricky for … Read more

How To See Who Unfollowed You on Twitter: All the X Details

A photo of several cameras and a Twitter-themed pillow on a table.

Although X, formerly called Twitter, notifies users when others follow them, it does not send notifications when people unfollow others. Because of this phenomenon, it is quite tricky to know when you are losing followers. While you can sometimes browse your list of followers, this technique becomes increasingly complicated with more followers. Still, you should … Read more

Active Twitter Followers: Get Real Users for More Engagement

A black sign with the words #teammonday.

Followers are the lifeblood of Twitter accounts, now called X accounts. When they engage with tweets, the platform boosts these posts. These tweets appear in the timeline of these users’ followers, increasing visibility. This is why brands and individuals focus on increasing their follower count. However, not every user has the same value on the … Read more

How To Hide Likes on Twitter: Concealing Your Reactions

A picture of the Twitter signup page on a gray laptop

The “Likes” feature on social media platforms indicates when users have found certain content interesting. Many Twitter users prefer this feature to comments. Liking tweets is a way to let the author and others know that the content interests you. It gives the public an insight into individual interests and relevant ideas. However, this feature … Read more