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Mass Delete Tweets: Effectively Cleaning Your X Timeline


August 23, 2023 | 10 min read

At one point or the other, many users have gone on a tweeting spree, sharing posts non-stop. These tweets could often backfire since people put them out without much thought. When this occurs, the most feasible option would be to remove tweets. While you can easily delete a single erring tweet, dealing with multiple posts could be more complicated. For this reason, users often wonder how to mass delete tweets.

Twitter, also known as X, does not provide a way to delete multiple tweets simultaneously. However, several third-party applications are useful for this purpose. While most apps offer this service for a fee, many provide limited free usage. Well, this article provides an in-depth guide on the processes around how to mass delete tweets. It also highlights the tools needed for the purpose.

A closeup photo of an iPhone screen displaying a social media apps folder with X.

How to Mass Delete Tweets: Using Web Apps To Rid Your Account of Troublesome Posts

For most active users of X, also known as Twitter, it is necessary to delete tweets occasionally. This activity helps to wipe out unneeded discussions and potentially offensive conversations. The need to delete these posts in bulk may also arise in these situations. But while the processes may be basic, many users are sure how to mass delete tweets. This process involves linking an account with a third-party deletion app and initiating the process.

How to Mass Delete Tweets From X Using TweetDeleter

TweetDeleter offers a pretty effective way for users to mass delete tweets. This third-party web service provides several metrics for users to filter and remove posts from X, formerly Twitter. This service offers several subscription plans for varying needs. Its paid plans begin at $3.99 monthly and end at $5.99. Again, this web offers several helpful filters that ease the process of post-removal.

Here are eight quick steps for deleting bulk tweets with this web application:

  1. First, launch your web browser on your device. While this also works on your mobile browser, navigating your desktop browser is easier.
  2. Visit the TweetDeleter website on a new tab. 
  3. Click the blue “Sign in with Twitter” button on the homepage. The website will prompt you to authenticate your X account. 
  4. Follow through with your login credentials and provide authorization. TweetDeleter will immediately redirect you to your homepage. 
  5. From the homepage, navigate to the “Pricing” page and purchase an appropriate plan. The $3.99 Standard plan allows users to delete up to 100 tweets per month. On the other hand, the $4.99 Advanced plan deletes up to 3000 tweets monthly. 
  6. Return to your TweetDeleter dashboard and upload your Twitter archive to access your previous tweets. 
  7. Next, search for the tweets you wish to erase. You can use the available filters like tweet type, date, profanities, time of day, media, and day of the week.  
  8. After selecting the tweets to remove, hit the “Delete” option.

TweetDeleter’s website contains a straightforward dashboard and several simple filters that make the tweet deletion process as seamless as possible. While it allows users to remove all their tweets at once, it also has a provision for saving tweets beforehand.

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How to Mass Delete Tweets With the Easy Tweet Deleter

Bulk delete past tweets with one click

The Easy Tweet Deleter is another third-party web service that allows X users to mass delete tweets. This web service which also runs on the Twitter API, optimizes your account’s safety when working to clear your posts. Unlike many others, this web app does not require information like your email, phone number, name, or other personal details. Instead, it allows users to link their accounts, complete the activity, and revoke access when they want to.

To use the Easy Tweet Deleter, follow these six steps:

  1. Launch your desktop browser and open the Easy Tweet Deleter website. 
  2. Click the “Sign in With Twitter” option from the homepage at the top menu. It’ll redirect you to a page, prompting you to log in with your X account credentials. 
  3. Enter your details and authorize the third-party service to access your dashboard. 
  4. But before then, the website will prompt you to purchase a plan. The $7.99 monthly “Mend It” plan permits the deletion of up to 500 tweets. The $9.99 “Bounce Back” plan supports the removal of 3200 tweets, while the $11.99 plan has no restrictions. 
  5. After purchasing a suitable plan, return to your Easy Tweet Deleter dashboard and upload your Twitter archive. 
  6. Finally, filter your tweets and commence deletion.

Again, this third-party application allows users to filter their tweets by date and time. It also permits users to search tweets by keyword before deleting them. Users can also delete their reposts in addition to their media links. The Easy Tweet Delete is a handy Twitter tool and works to the best effect.

How To Delete Multiple Posts From X With TweetDelete

TweetDelete, another third-party option, offers a convenient method for users to mass delete tweets. It is the go-to for users intending to clear their Twitter profiles and start all over. To use this website, you must link your X account and provide authorization before the tweet deletion activity. This website offers three premium plans which carry varying limits. In this case, your choice would depend on the task you wish to perform. It also depends on the number of tweets you wish to remove.

Follow these five steps to delete your tweets with this website:

  1. Launch your web browser, preferably on your computer, and open the TweetDelete website. 
  2. From its homepage, tap “Sign in with Twitter.” The app will take you to the authentication page, where you’ll log into your Twitter account. 
  3. Sign into your account and authorize the app to access your Twitter or X data. 
  4. After signing in, the website will prompt you to purchase a premium plan. The $2.91 Starter plan allows users to delete up to 500 tweets per month. The $3.33 Pro plan allows the deletion of 3200 tweets, while the $3.66 premium plan has no limit. 
  5. After purchasing a premium plan, return to your dashboard and commence the tweet deletion process.

This web application has several features that allow users to filter their posts before removal. These filters permit users to reach even their previous tweets. Again, because tweets resurfacing could be problematic, this web app offers an essential service. TweetDelete also has an Advanced Mode that allows users to delete posts based on their criteria. This mode utilizes their numeric IDs, which you’ll obtain from the archive file you download from Twitter or X.

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How to Mass Delete Tweets Free of Charge: Clearing X Posts Without a Subscription

Most third-party services for deleting bulk tweets require subscriptions for advanced tweet deletion operations. However, questions still arise from the process around how to mass delete tweets free of charge. Well, these web services also offer tightly-limited features for free usage. In this case, free usage is feasible, especially if you do not have many tweets on your timeline. So, here are ways around this need.

How To Delete Bulk Tweets From X With Circleboom

Circleboom, a social media management tool, permits users to mass delete tweets. While this web service provides advanced features for a fee, it also provides some limited features for free. Besides the free tier, this website offers the Pro, Premium, and Business plans. While these paid plans offer better and more usable features, small accounts can still use the free tier. 

Here are four steps in deleting tweets for free with Circleboom:

  1. Open your desktop web browser, preferably Chrome, and visit the Circleboom Twitter management tool. 
  2. Create an account with your details, such as your name and email, and log into the account. 
  3. Click the “Tweets” option from your dashboard, and the website will direct you to another page with several actionable options. 
  4. Pick an action to filter and delete tweets based on your requirements.

Again, Circleboom’s free tier is heavily limited. While it primarily allows users to search their posts, the deletion aspect could be tricky. Also, it only allows a user to manage one profile as opposed to its paid plans. But apart from letting users mass delete tweets, the third-party app provides other modules, including social media publishing. Overall, it is useful for cleaning your cluttered Twitter or X account.

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How to Mass Delete Tweets for Free With TwitLan

TwitLan is another straightforward and useful third-party app allowing users to mass delete tweets for free. You can use this third-party service by linking it to your account, providing authorization, and initiating deletion. While it does not offer the conventional features available on most websites, users can handpick tweets for removal. It also lets users bulk-select posts from a unified display page.

Here are five steps to delete your posts for free with TwitLan:

  1. Open the TwitLan website on your web browser. Again, your desktop browser offers a larger view and works better. 
  2. On the homepage, click the green button that reads “Sign into your Twitter account.” The secure authentication will prompt you to log into your Twitter or X account and provide authorization for your posts. 
  3. After you’ve provided the authorization, TwitLan will redirect you to your dashboard, where you’ll see a list of your posts. 
  4. The website will partition your posts into separate pages, allowing you to select posts individually before deleting them. 
  5. You’ll also be able to select all the posts on that page with a click and delete them.

TwitLan offers a reliable option when it comes to bulk tweet deletion. While it doesn’t have modern features for filtering posts, it is free.

A closeup picture of a mobile phone screen displaying several app icons like the old Twitter icon.

How To Delete All Tweets With TweetEraser: Cleaning Up Your X Timeline

While the buzz may center around how to mass delete tweets, there are other needs around the tweet deletion activity. For instance, there is often the need for users to delete all tweets from their X accounts. Luckily, TweetEraser, a third-party service for deleting bulk tweets, also allows users to wipe their profiles.

Besides allowing users to mass delete tweets, TweetEraser permits X users to delete all their posts. Again, this web service requires a subscription plan for this purpose. That notwithstanding, it offers seamless usability in real-time. For this purpose, users must download their Twitter archives from the platform and upload them to the site.

Here are five steps to clear your profile:

  1. First, open TweetEraser’s website on your desktop or mobile browser. 
  2. Click the “Sign-in with Twitter” button. The website will prompt you to authenticate your account and authorize access. 
  3. Next, you’ll see a prompt to purchase a subscription plan. Only the $3.66 Expert plan supports complete tweet deletion. 
  4. After purchasing the plan, return to the “Tweets” page and upload your archive. 
  5. Initiate the deletion process and allow the app to complete the activity.

While this third-party service allows users to delete their Twitter posts from their archives, it also permits other actions. For instance, users can clear their likes and replies. Users can also set up automatic tweet deletion.

TweetEraser is a straightforward, easy-to-use application for deleting bulk posts from Twitter, also known as X. With this app, users can filter and delete their posts and their complete user archives in a few quick clicks. It is ideal for cleaning profiles because it does not spread promotional content on users’ timelines. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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